Summer Night Symphony

If someone wants to ask me what is the most attractive thing in summer? Apart from the cool and refreshing watermelon, I’m sure I’ll answer, there’s also a charming summer night.
There is no hot sun, no cloudless sky and no rush to go out on a summer night. So, summer nights are relaxing and relaxing. If you are lucky and meet frequent gusts of breeze, then summer nights are cool. Such a beautiful summer night, in addition to human will like, all living things of nature like it, so, the summer night is still lively, as long as you listen carefully, you will find symphonies everywhere.
Our dinner usually starts when the sun sets, because the yard is already shady. My mother will order me to move out of the table, set up the bench and start serving when I cook the last dish. In summer, besides mother’s classic four dishes and one soup, there will be an extra iced watermelon or tomato with sugar on the table. After eating and drinking, we wash away the heat and fatigue of the day with a shower, remove the bamboo chair and lie quietly in the courtyard waiting for the summer night to come.
When the frogs in the pond began to wake up one after another, the summer night officially began. Soon, the cricket’s voice will also come into the ear. It seems that it is competing with the frog whose voice is louder.
A gentle breeze blew, and a few leaves fell from the sycamore trees in the courtyard, whirling along the ground with the wind. Dry leaves gently rubbed against the cement floor in the breeze, and the leaves that did not fall from the trees were clapping their hands and making loud noises to celebrate their luck that they had not been blown down by the wind.
Accompanied by these soft voices, I began to feel drowsy lying on a bamboo chair. Suddenly, a “squeaky” sound fell into my ear from mid-air, and my intuition told me that it was a bat call again. I suddenly wake up, afraid not to close my eyes, afraid that after falling asleep in the courtyard, bats will come and pick me up. Seeing me tossing and turning on the bamboo chair, my father asked me if I was afraid of the dark. I spoke of my fear. Dad laughed and said, “Silly girl, the bat is so small, how can you pick you up so easily? Besides, don’t you still like Batman?
“Yes, I like Batman very much. Why are you afraid of bats?” After listening to my father’s words, my heart was instantly relieved and I felt no fear at all. I decided to lie in a bamboo chair and have a good dream under the beautiful symphony of this summer night.
Once again, when I was drowsy, the bomber army, mosquitoes, came out. One by one they hovered in my ears, ran over to kiss me at the right time, made me itchy and irritable, and again tossed and turned in a bamboo chair. Mama probably realized the power of the bomber. She got up and took out a mosquito-repellent incense from the room and set it on fire around the bamboo chair. Soon the bombers went out, leaving only some of the more powerful moths fluttering their wings.
At this time, after eating dried fish, the fat cat swayed out of the kitchen. He seemed to have found his growing body. He decided to do a good exercise on this wonderful summer night. It rolled a few times on the hot concrete floor and made a few happy meows. Soon, it found the moths fluttering their wings. It rushed up to eat the dried fish and caught one. After holding the moth with its paw, the cat shouted, let’s see the results of its work. Dogs in the neighbourhood seemed to understand the cat’s barking and cooperated with a couple of barking sounds. A few dogs not far away heard the neighbor’s barking, and they all cooperated in barking a few times.
Now, the voice of summer night is richer. The sound of frogs in the distance, the barking of dogs in the vicinity, the rustle and clatter of leaves… All interwoven together to form the most beautiful symphony of summer night. And our sleepiness, accompanied by the symphony of summer night, is gradually coming.