That defeat

Since childhood, I hate to hear people say that failure is the mother of success, failure is more, it is about to succeed. Every time, everyone just says that failure is the mother of success. I don’t understand how failure and success are all going in the same direction. Sometimes even if I succeed, things get worse. It’s better for me to succeed than to fail. If a person abandons his family and friends because he wants to succeed and realize his dream, even if he succeeds in the end, what is the significance of such success? What is the difference between 广州桑拿such success and failure? If a person fails at the last moment because he does not give up his family and friends, he succeeds. This is failure but also another level of success. Like me, I was an ordinary girl, but also a careless girl.
No matter what I do, everything will be screwed up by me, never succeeded. Maybe I was too careless. I never cared about these failures. I still lived as usual. But after I entered middle school, I succeeded for the first time and failed completely for the first time. When I entered middle school, I met a very good friend. We are like brothers who grew up together when they were young. We are comparable in learning, which also arouses my desire to win. So I take every exam seriously, because I have a bet with him. Every time I take it very seriously, just to surpass him one day. Only on that occasion did I lose completely.
In that exam, I made a bet with him, and I won. I proudly flaunted in front of him and kept beating him. I watched his face 桑拿广州sink little by little, but there was no sign of convergence. He finally burst out. “Is it great to do well in the exam? Is it really that important for you? Does it feel good to hit others? Why can’t you always worry about other people’s feelings?” I think it was really my fault to be friends with you.” He left without turning back. Since then, he has drifted away from me, and I have to wonder: Did I do anything wrong? Why did I win like I lost? What is the difference between losing friendship and winning? My relationship with him is still so strange that I never feel the same way before. It’s like I’m back before I first met him.
Maybe I was too careless and direct. Maybe in the past, I never carefully understand him, never thought about his feelings, always hurt him, and until this time he broke out, and this time the outbreak said, “Never be a friend again.” Every time I see his cold expression, I want to stop talking. 桑拿佛山Maybe he just wants to say sorry, but I’m too proud. It’s too difficult for me to say “sorry”.
This time, I lost, in fact, I know I have been unable to win him, but the sentence “I’m sorry” I still can’t say. And when I finally can put down my so-called pride and apologize to him, he has left, and finally, my “sorry” has not been said, leaving me here to regret. Every success, there may be a price, but my price is that friendship, if possible, I would rather fail, from the beginning.