The deepest point of the earth’s Continent

The deepest point on the earth’s continent was discovered in Antarctica under the Denman glacier on December 15, according to foreign media. The ice filled Canyon can reach a depth of 3.5km below sea level, and only the ocean has a deeper Canyon, BBC website reported Thursday. The discovery was marked on a newly drawn map of Antarctica that revealed the shape of the bedrock beneath the ice sheet in unprecedented detail, the report said. The landscape will be crucial for understanding the future changes in Antarctica. By contrast, the lowest point of bare land on earth – the dead coast – is only 413 meters below sea level.
The new findings reveal previously unknown ice ridges that slow the retreat of glaciers under global warming, as well as many flat slopes that may accelerate the retreat, the report said. “It’s certainly the most accurate picture of what’s beneath the ice sheet in Antarctica so far,” said Dr. Mathieu moligham, a researcher at the University of California, Irvine, who worked on the study for six years The study is published in the British journal Nature Geoscience. According to the report, the new map fundamentally fills all the gaps in the aerial mapping of Antarctica. Over the past decades, radar equipment has scanned Antarctica and sent out microwave pulses that can penetrate the ice and depict bedrock landforms, but there are still large areas with little or no data, the report said.