My 61. I’m in charge.

In order to leave a good memory for our childhood and an unforgettable childhood, our creative head teacher, Mr. Wang, decided that we should make joint efforts to subscribe an eight-tier birthday cake. And here’s our cheer. For this small grass class “birthday party”, we have prepared elaborate programs. And I love this performance of the grass must be in this last June 1 children’s day to cash in a good!
Laughter accompanies the last festival; the clear sky breeds a refreshing mood; white clouds echo the joy of grass; the hot sun shines on the heartbeat of our grass. On Friday afternoon, we took our dry food, snacks and drinks, and we couldn’t wait to come to our multimedia classroom, where we performed.
As soon as I came to the multimedia classroom, I grabbed the second row of out-of-print position and got the favor of the camera.
When I came to multimedia, I began to beg. Not only did I get drinks, but I also exchanged snacks with my classmates, killing two birds with one stone, which was good! And give me five! Time ticks by, and soon, the multimedia classroom has gathered the whole class, and the teachers have entered this place.
Everything is ready and the program begins. The first part is the host’s speech, the host with beautiful words, appropriate speed of speech and we share the final happiness and fate.
The second part is the speech given by the teacher present. The first, of course, is our most creative teacher, Mr. Wang, to give a speech. The second one is our headmaster and our excellent music teacher, Mr. Li, to give a speech. Next, our math teacher, Mr. Cui, gave a speech. Finally, it is our English teacher’s speech. She came and went in a hurry.
The third part is the exchange of gifts between us and our good friends, and I sent my sincere gift to my colleagues at the table – a small rice pot. Ha-ha, the gift is light and the affection is heavy, and they also gave me a small snack.
The fourth link is the time to perform! The first one was Liu Yu’s “Childhood” song. The memory of childhood is accompanied by our life, and the memory of childhood is forever in our mind. The joy of childhood is over, as is our last Children’s Day. Next came the magic performance of Wuyuntao, the magic is unpredictable; magic is difficult to penetrate; Magic also blossoms in this magic. Landong’s Friends. As the saying goes, “Depend on parents at home, depend on friends at home.” Friends are part of the world. It’s indispensable, but I also have a friend + girlfriend + classmate = Hongrui who has been meticulous for six years. When Landong students sang, many of them left tears for their childhood breakup. Guo Rong in the row behind me cried like a rabbit, with red eyes and clear tears. Our program has not started yet. I am sorry for that. Because our program is the finale and the last one. We have no chance to show it to our classmates. A week’s work has been wasted like this. But childhood always has a little suspense, and most of them are happy and smiling faces.
Every one of us wears a birthday cap that we can only have on our own birthday. Teachers are no exception. Our 104 classmates surrounded the magnificent eight-tier cake, and made a long-cherished wish, as well as a sincere wish for their parents. Everyone’s face was filled with an unprecedented smile when eating the cake, and the window of the soul was opened at this moment. Hong Rui and I put cream on each other’s faces. Cakes and cream were on my feet, clothes, face and hair. The teacher also took the first grade children to share our happiness at this moment, giving them cakes and happiness. The group of children held out their hands for the cake. I think if it were me, it would be so naive.
Finally, we all returned to the classroom happily with snacks and drinks, the “trophies” we had gotten from our classmates. And I chose to stay and clean the windows of the multimedia classroom.
I have 99 in this June 1 children’s day. 9% of the joy, and 0. 90% of the loss of 1 is about the loss and sadness of the last Children’s Day, and 10% is because we carefully prepared funny sketches but did not meet you. But joy is always more than loss and sadness. That’s the way people are. They have both joy and sadness. They have both sadness and happiness.
Graduates’last Children’s Day is over…
Laughter and laughter accompanied by the last festival; the bright sky always breeds a refreshing mood; white clouds echo in the grass’s happiness every moment; the hot sun still shines on our grass’s hot heartbeat.
Unforgettable Children’s Day Composition 1500 Words 2
For me, this is my penultimate Children’s Day. Dreams of schools will be different today: slogans such as “happy children’s Day” and “Celebrating children’s Day” are everywhere. At the very least, a banner should be hung at the school gate, with a large number of words: “Celebrating June 1 children’s Day”. I have made an appointment with some good classmates to have a good time this afternoon. But the situation greatly disappointed me. The school atmosphere was normal. It was just a simple meeting, then some candy was sent out, and then school was over. What a boring afternoon! This is our penultimate Children’s Day. This Children’s Day has passed, leaving only the last Children’s Day. I wish I wasn’t sure. The mood is not good, lying in bed, unconsciously sleeping, made a very beautiful dream.
Happy Children’s Day! Wearing the most proud clothes and new sandals, we walked to the school with confidence and laughter in the sunshine. My good classmates and I are no exception, talking about the layout of the school together.
At the entrance of the school, a line of big characters greeted us with “Happy Children’s Day on June 1st!” A red carpet leads to the school.
“Go on! Go in and have a look.” Qile said excitedly.
We walked on the red carpet, soft and comfortable. Look around, ah! The walls were covered with paintings, and these words all revolved around a theme “happy children’s day on June 1”.
At the end of the red carpet, we looked around and were fresh-eyed. Campus, playing a beautiful song “Happy Holiday to You”, surrounded by bonsai, smell, a fragrance floating. Looking around the doors of each classroom, we found that there were “Happy Children’s Day on June 1st” on the doors.
Entering the classroom, the students are sending each other holiday cards, I arrived a lot, very happy. After the festival greeting cards were sent, everybody talked as usual, but the content changed to “What’s your wish?” Everywhere is full of laughter and laughter…
“Xanthotrexate…” As the crisp bell rang, we began to hold the “61” celebration. Line up and rush to the meeting place. When we got there, we were surprised. Decorations were hung everywhere and bows were attached. After we sat down, the teacher sent a wish note to each of us. Let’s write down our wishes on the wish note. After that, we posted the wish note on the wall. We read, “I hope I can have a princess skirt”, “I hope I get the first place in every exam”, “I hope I have a lot of pocket money and snacks every day” and so on. It’s very interesting.
The celebration officially began. We performed a lot of dances, many of which I have never seen before: Swan Lake, Little Butterfly, Childhood, Make Yourself Smile and so on, which made my eyes full. There are many other sketches: Your Home and My Home, Good Friends, Brothers and so on, which almost broke my belly with laughter.
By the end, it was over 11 a.m. When we returned to the classroom, the teacher brought more than a dozen bags of sugar, which tasted different. Each person has 29, you can choose which type you want. After the candy, it’s time to go home.
After a full meal, he began his afternoon life.
All my classmates have come in succession. We started to play the game. We all circled around and played Frog Diving first. Many people made mistakes, which made us feel very interesting. Then, we played Dad and Son. Many people said “Dad is my son” in the last sentence, which made us laugh.
Time passed quickly and it was evening. I went to the “61” party with my partners, and the program lasted until 9:30. Because of too many sketches, we could not stand up laughing, but still supported us to go home and sleep.
Late at night, everyone entered into a sweet dream. Month…
When I wake up, it is daybreak, wipe my eyes, and awake my mind, I realize that today is June 2, and a very bitter feeling is pouring into my heart.
It’s a dream. Next year, I will be in charge. Have a good time and have a good time!