One thing that makes me feel most proud

On National Day, my father took me and my mother to the home of Wang Shushu’s Zheng Lu Chajiawan Dengshan. My father said that there is a mountain and two holy places in the mountains and the legend of the Holy Land has been given more than 4,200 years of history and culture. Listen to my father and uncle. With the scenery of Lushan, I was particularly looking forward to and happy. I really wanted to fly to Lushan immediately.

Later, when I had lunch at Uncle Wang’s house, he took us to the towering mountain. At that time, my mood changed from sunny to cloudy, and I didn’t want to go hiking. My mother said to me: “Gao Yining is with us. However, the decision must be done, and you can’t retreat before you do it. We can stick to the summit at the top of the hill. We can’t drag the parents’ legs, not only the beauty but also the novelty. “I listened to my mother’s words and flew to the first hilltop. I ran for about two minutes and couldn’t run anymore.” Uncle Wang, they also came up, saying that the second hilltop can see the flower valley, and I immediately flew to the second hilltop. This time, my mother and I ran for a while and then took a rest. Soon we reached the top of the mountain. Looking down from the mountain is a sea of ​​flowers. The colorful flowers are full of enthusiasm. I feel like I have come to the paradise. I feel that I can touch the white clouds and the flowers are at the foot. This feeling is wonderful. Uncle Wang said that we arrived in the middle of Lushan Mountain, and we had to walk halfway to reach the other end of Lushan Mountain. When we came back, we had to take the boardwalk. At this time, I was looking forward to the feeling of taking the boardwalk. I ate oranges with my mother while walking, and I felt that I was not tired at the moment. At this time, I was also very proud and did not drag my parents’ hind legs. Thinking about it, I looked up and found a squirrel cage in the tree. The uncle said that it was a house for the little squirrels. I was afraid that they would freeze in winter. I was looking forward to the little squirrels. My mother asked me to look for it while walking. We arrived at the other end of Lushan in a short time. I didn’t let my father and mother hug the whole process, and I didn’t feel too tired. At this time, I saw a large lawn at the foot of the mountain. I ran to the past and lay on the soft lawn. The white clouds on the sky made me think of marshmallows.

At this time, I only heard that Uncle Wang shouted and started to wake up. My mother pulled me and walked to the boardwalk. I found that the plank road was all made of wood and it felt strange. Walking and walking, I found a big tree coming out of the steps. If I watched it, I would catch these strange trees. At this time, I felt that my calf was a little tired. My mother also felt that I was a little bit unable to move. I wanted to ask my father to come back to me, but I don’t want to continue to hold on for a while. Walking, I saw a grass like a small bug in the bush. It was full of thorns and curling sticks. Mother said that when they were young, they used it to play hot hair games. I also put it in my hair, and it can stick to my hair. It’s hard to get it down. It’s so interesting! I walked to the point where I quickly reached the starting point of climbing. At this time, I dare not imagine that I can go back and forth alone in such a long and long mountain. My mother also rewarded me with a delicious strawberry ice cream, saying that I should be proud to climb a mountain!

It is true that this mountaineering has made me understand. I must try to do things that I have never done before, and I will not shrink when I encounter difficulties. I must persist in the end. I will persist in the same way as the spiders in the Eighth Time. There will always be reward.