Birthday banquet

I entered the hotel early with my mother, and it was very noisy. The voice, the singing in the recorder and the friction between the stool and the ground made me nervous.

My mother helped me find a place to sit down and watched a large group of strangers be a little afraid. And my mother pointed to those people who told me how to call them, I listened, and said hello one by one. This feeling is very uncomfortable, like being manipulated. What “uncle, aunt, uncle, sister…” is like a recognition meeting, I am already bored, but my mother’s life is hard for me. After that, my mother went to play cards with them, and I sat quietly, waiting for the dishes. Although there are some children, but I don’t know, it’s not easy to talk, and I generally don’t like to talk to people. I have been sitting quietly there, no one is coming to disturb, I am also happy. Nothing can be done, I began to regret to go with my mother to participate in this broken banquet, is it for the eight-dollar red envelope? Or to eat a meal? I am suffering from this crime, it is better to sit at the computer Before playing the game is free. Although it is quite boring, it is much better than staying in this completely strange area.

I can’t stand my own feelings and walked to the window to breathe. The splendid curtains swayed in the wind, and the small floral flowers on it were lovable, flowing like ripples, pulling my heart. The sound of the car outside the window was even more harsh, and I hurriedly tied the window. The transparent and smooth glass reflects a strange landscape. The green leaves nodded frequently outside the window, and the passing vehicles traversed at the crossroads. The slogan “Red light stopped, green light line” rang in my ear. Looking at a thing in a daze is my strength, this is not my big eyes and looked at the road out of God. The thoughts don’t know where it is, and fly aimlessly. Suddenly someone took my shoulder and said, “Baby, have dinner.” I only returned to God, it turned out that my mother called me. Unhurriedly rushed to the table, hurriedly ate the meal, did not taste any taste. Because I really can’t stay, I want to leave this place. But my mother hasn’t finished eating yet, so I have to wait.

I felt more and more depressed on the table. The glass of the chopsticks was placed on the tablecloth, and the wine was spilled out. I accidentally splashed on my body. A wine smelled straight into the nostrils. I didn’t know how to describe it. Everyone is holding a glass of wine, and it’s a pleasure. From time to time, I have a cup of laughter, and I talk about it from time to time. Look at the mother next to me, like those people, ignoring my existence and pleading eyes. I feel very terrible, but I have no way to succeed in escaping (I feel bad, but can’t escape). Can only sit quietly, waiting for the end of the banquet. I want to go home, I want to slip away, I am afraid that my mother will rebuke me, so I dare not. And it is far from home, I don’t know how to go home, what should I do? I will continue. I don’t understand why, whether it’s a banquet or a meal, its theme is always big and big? I don’t understand why a small birthday, a move to eat at a time?

At this time a tender voice was introduced into the ear. I looked at the stage in the hotel lobby. Several children were singing to a middle-aged man about 40 years old: “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you… “I can’t get inside and feel the joy of birthday.” The inexplicable depression is alive, and the wait is long and anxious.