One plus one equals two

One plus one equals two, which we can never forget in our life. And our old class did the same thing.
In order to wake us up in the morning, he had to get up earlier than we did. The temptation of bedding was hard to resist. Didn’t he fall in love with bed? In fact, he forgot himself. Standing under the moon, standing in the wind, our hands were so cold that he bought gloves for us. We named it “True Love Glove”. Since then we have been armed to fight against the cold wind and we will never shrink back. But there were also some people who complained because she did not wear gloves and confessed there. When the old class came to see her red hands, he would not hesitate to take off his gloves for her. The man took the gloves shamefully, and she felt warm with the old class temperature in them.
One by one, one by two, nine by nine is the first teacher in our life – the parents’church. Imagine that childish us, the eyes full of question marks, so that parents can not laugh and cry. Now our thirst for knowledge is stronger. The old class begins to act as our captain. We are passengers. With US roaming in the sea of knowledge.
Explore the mystery of function and the magic of geometry. People in class started fighting because they didn’t have a good rest. Through the anxious eyes of Lao Ban, his heart was warm. So in our old class, his sleep time is beyond our expectation, but he still stands on the platform and tries his best to explain every knowledge point to us. The sunshine and warmth of winter make our class inefficient. He will deliberately give us a wrong point of knowledge, students like the discovery of the new continent, as bright as the eyes of the struggle to correct. Old class, this is really a good way! After class we dragged tired body, the old class will see us put on a light music. He taught us to be time-saving and efficient, and to share with us the articles he saw on his mobile phone after school.
When the flu came, he bought us granules. The night before the exam, he put a post-it note on the yoghurt and wrote down his true words. It was 12 o’clock when these things happened last night. Get up early and greedy all day, just for us.
The old class sprinkled youth on the three-foot platform, and he wrote his life with chalk. His pain and tiredness are not overflowing. He forgot that I just wanted to be better. He’s just for us. Lao Ban, thank you for your company, your concern and education. I wish the old class happy every day.