Over 1.52 million cases in the United States

The novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in the United States was 1523534 cases and 91570 cases died at 16:32 on 19 July, according to Johns Hopkins University. (CCTV reporter Wang Fengzhi)
367 thousand Losangeles residents or novel coronavirus pneumonia
Novel coronavirus pneumonia is estimated to be 4.65% of the Losangeles population (367000 people), according to an antibody study conducted by University of Southern California and Losangeles county public health department. The results of the first phase of the study were published May 18 local time in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The latest findings confirm earlier findings, when researchers estimated that about 4.1% of Los Angeles residents had been infected.
Los Angeles County currently has at least 38451 confirmed cases and 1839 deaths. But the researchers believe the number of confirmed cases is far lower than the actual number of infected people. “We’re far from group immunization or the end of the epidemic right now, and we have to take a longer-term view when evaluating public policy,” said Niro soud, a professor of public policy at the University of Southern California

Buy 1 ton onion for ex boyfriend

May 17, Shandong, China (correspondent Wang Nan) May 20 is called online Valentine’s day, because “520” is homophonic and I love you. Every year, May 20 has become a festival for netizens to express their love. Just a few days before May 20 this year, Ms. Zhao in Zibo, Shandong Province, was broken up by her boyfriend. Unexpectedly, Xiao Zhao’s ex boyfriend received a gift for Valentine’s Day: a whole truck of onions! The spectacular scene was photographed by the residents of the community.
After contacting the “consignee” for many times, the express delivery boy started to move the onions. He was helpless to say that he had to move more than 50 times, at least 5 or 6 hours
The reporter learned that, two people get along for a year, in order to increase her boyfriend’s guilt, Ms. Zhao bought a ton of onions online and sent them directly to her boyfriend’s home. She also told the businessmen not to contact the recipient after the arrival of the goods and piled them at the door, claiming that they would never return them. In order to make her boyfriend cry, she also entrusted the merchant with a note: ex! I cried for three days. It’s your turn to cry!
The onion merchants wrote the “little note” to denounce the former according to the buyer’s requirements“
The reporter connected the two parties on this matter, and Xiao Zhao, who still couldn’t extricate himself from the shadow of lovelorn, said in agony that their feelings of more than one year had broken up on such a single side, and they were very unwilling to cry at home for three full days. Last thought can’t cheap ex boyfriend, hope to use this car onion choke out his tears, let heartless people conscience found. “Money is not too expensive. It’s not that I can’t afford it. Love is for two people. I can’t only cry! “
Express bill number with special remarks
The reporter contacted Xiaozhao’s ex boyfriend and got such a reply. Xiaozhao’s boyfriend said that he could not bear to break up because his ex girlfriend’s behavior was too excessive. The Frank Shandong man said: “my ex girlfriend said everywhere that I didn’t cry when I broke up. Is it a bad guy if I didn’t cry when I broke up“
When Xiao Zhao’s ex boyfriend came back, he saw a meal of onions at the door, saying he was helpless
Up to the time of publication, they were still in a state of breaking up. Aunt Zhang, a resident of the community, told reporters, “I don’t know whether her boyfriend cried or not. Anyway, I was choked to cry! There is a strong smell of onion in the whole community. ” Finally, due to the special remarks of the next person, the whole ton of onion was piled at the door of the consignee.

Greenland responds to the report of executives

Recently, Chen Jun, a senior executive of Greenland holding group, was reported to have an improper relationship with his wife by the real name of a microblog user who claimed to be Shi Ruisheng.
On May 16, the official wechat of Greenland Group published the statement signed by the discipline inspection and Supervision Office of Greenland holding group (below), “the statement said,” recently our group received a letter signed by Shi Ruisheng, reflecting the relevant situation of Chen Jun. After preliminary verification, Chen Jun mentioned in the letter is not Chen Jun, a senior executive of Greenland Group, but the head of marketing department of Beijing Tianjin Hebei business department under Greenland Group. According to the internal regulations, the relevant information reflected in the letter is under investigation and verification by the discipline inspection and supervision department of Beijing Tianjin Hebei business division of our group. It is hereby declared. “
The reporter has called Greenland holding group headquarters and Greenland Holding Group Beijing Tianjin Hebei real estate business department for many times, but the call has been in the state of no answer.
The reporter’s wife is said to like simple dressing and life
Shi Ruisheng, who claims to be “green”, reported that he had been studying in Australia since 2009, using his micro blog account “vs is endless”. In 2016, he and Zhang met in Beijing. In the same year, they established a relationship of male and female friends, and began to communicate with each other with the permission of their parents.
According to Shi Ruisheng, with the permission of Zhang’s parents, in July 2017, when Zhang graduated from Beijing Union University, she went to Australia to live with Shi Ruisheng. At the same time, she studied at Macquarie University as a graduate student. On October 25, 2018, he and Zhang got a marriage certificate in Australia.
According to the report, in November 2019, after Zhang completed her last course, she came up with the idea of returning to China to find a job. On December 3, 2019, she participated in the interview of Greenland holding group and entered Greenland internship on December 23. On February 3, 2020, Greenland holding group returned to work, and his wife Zhang Yuting went to Greenland holding group to work. During this period, Shi Ruisheng and Zhang Yuting got their marriage license in China.
However, Zhang has not yet obtained the graduate diploma and diploma certification, “should not be able to handle the entry formalities”, but soon became a regular employee of Greenland holding group.
In May, Shi found out that his wife Zhang has been pregnant for two months. In public videos and recordings, Zhang admitted that the baby was the boss of Chen Jun, a member of Greenland Group.
It is said that Zhang served as the Secretary of Chen Jun, a manager of Greenland holding group. Chen Jun reimbursed Zhang with two luxury goods worth about 10000 yuan each month by using 200000 yuan of Greenland holding group’s activity funds.
In the report, Shi Ruisheng also mentioned that his wife, Zhang Yuting, had to pay for his re-study and the tuition for his homework because he was unable to graduate due to several examinations. He also mentioned his wife’s “vanity and extravagance” life, stressing that “economically, she is totally dependent on my work.”. According to the video, Zhang didn’t take it seriously, and frankly talked about her pregnancy with others.
According to Shi Ruisheng’s microblog, the Red Star News reporter privately sent a request for further verification and interview, but as of the press release, he never replied.
According to a search conducted by Red Star News reporters, Zhang was a student at Beijing Union University. During her stay in the University, she was also a graphic model. She was beautiful and was claimed as “school flower” by many campus media. Its hobby is sports: swimming, fitness, like simple dress and life.

Zhong Nanshan denies commercial endorsement

Recently, Internet Celebrities reported that Zhong Nanshan, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, had made commercial advertisements for the products of enterprises such as anmuxi and Lianhua Qingwen. On the afternoon of May 14, the Red Star News reporter informed academician Zhong Nanshan of the message on the Internet, and asked him if he knew about it and how to think about it?
“I don’t know what you told me. Thank you for telling me.” At about 9:00 p.m. on May 16, academician Zhong Nanshan called the Red Star News reporter and said, “there are too many similar rumors, so I won’t care about it, and I don’t care about it at all.”
Academician Zhong Nanshan
When the Red Star News reporter mentioned the online products such as anmuxi, academician Zhong Nanshan clearly told Red Star News: “I have never been a spokesperson for any enterprise or product, how can I do those things? What does that have to do with my business? Thank you for telling me these news.”

Two cases of local diagnosis in Jilin Province

At 0-24 o’clock on May 15, there were no newly imported confirmed cases in the whole province. As of 24:00 on May 15, the province has reported 19 confirmed cases imported from abroad, 16 cases cured and discharged (9 cases in Jilin City, 2 cases in Yanbian Prefecture, 4 cases in Changchun City, 1 case in Meihekou city), and 3 cases isolated in hospital (3 cases in Jilin City). 307 close contacts of the above-mentioned confirmed cases have been imported from abroad, 282 have been removed from medical observation, and 25 are undergoing isolation medical observation at designated places. At 0-24 o’clock on May 15, two newly confirmed local cases (Jilin City) in the province were all diagnosed by active screening within the control range.
As of 24:00 on May 15, 121 local confirmed cases were reported in the whole province, 92 cases were cured and discharged, 28 cases were treated in hospital isolation (28 cases in Jilin City), and 1 case died. There are 3 severe cases (Jilin City). There are 911 close contacts of the confirmed cases in the local area, all of whom are under isolation medical observation at designated places. At 0-24 o’clock on May 15, there was no new asymptomatic infection in the province. As of 24:00 on May 15, 9 cases of asymptomatic infection (6 cases of input) have been reported in the whole province, of which 4 cases have been revised as confirmed cases, 1 case has been removed from isolation medical observation, and 4 cases have been asymptomatic infection.
Case 1, female, born in 1998, is a close contact of the confirmed case 2 in Chuanying District of Jilin City reported by Jilin Province on May 15. Through the active screening of close contacts positive nucleic acid test, May 15 through the provincial and municipal expert group consultation, diagnosed as a confirmed case.
Case 2, female, born in 1980, was associated with case 10 of Shulan City, which was reported by Jilin Province on May 10. Through the active screening of nucleic acid test in fever clinic, it was diagnosed as a confirmed case through the consultation of provincial and municipal expert groups on May 15.
Remind the masses that the current situation of “external defense input, internal defense rebound” is still severe. We should further improve the awareness of prevention, do a good job in personal protection, and protect the health of ourselves and their families. In case of acute respiratory symptoms such as fever and cough, it is necessary to go to the fever clinic of the local designated medical institution in time.

Wu Yanzu meets trump

“You can’t speak for us.” Chinese actor Wu Yanzu refuted a tweet by US President trump on social media ins Tuesday. The latter has pushed that Chinese Americans are angry with China.
On May 12 local time, trump tweeted: “Asian Americans are very angry about what China has done to our country and the world. And Chinese Americans are the most angry of all Asians. I don’t blame them! ” A kind of
On the 13th, Wu Yanzu posted Trump’s tweet on his INS, saying, “you don’t speak for us.”. It’s worth noting that Wu’s words are all capitalized.
Up to the time of publication, Wu Yanzu has won more praise than Three point one Ten thousand times.
Although some netizens pointed out that Wu Yanzu didn’t represent them, many netizens expressed their support for Wu Yanzu. Thank him for coming out to talk ↓
“Well said Daniel”
“Well said Daniel”
“You’re great”
“Thank you for standing up and talking”
Some netizens think that Trump’s saying “absurd and stupid” does not mean that most Americans ↓
“He doesn’t represent the majority of Americans.”
“It is absurd and foolish to say so! I still can’t believe that man was elected president of the United States. “
In fact, in addition to Wu Yanzu, Trump’s provocation was also opposed by other Chinese Americans and even Asian Americans.
Meng Zhaowen, a Chinese woman Congresswoman and vice chairman of the Democratic National Committee, said bluntly, “we are very angry with you.”. Meng accused trump of using racist rhetoric to distract people from his ineffective response to the epidemic. Others say that the president of the United States does not represent Asian Americans.
While the new U.S. crown epidemic situation is still grim, NBC said Meng Zhaowen has repeatedly criticized some Republicans, including trump, for using China or Asian Americans as “scapegoats” in recent weeks, “rather than tackling immediate problems.”.
“What we are angry about is that people are losing their lives, and our country has the highest number of confirmed cases and deaths in the world, because of the confusion and lack of coordinated response,” said Yang Anze, a Chinese entrepreneur who participated in the Democratic primary in the 2020 presidential election
A day before the release of the controversial tweet, Trump’s “confrontation” with Jiang Weijia, a CBS Chinese born female journalist, at the White House press conference on the 11th attracted public attention (previously reported that it was invalid to push China, trump cut off the press conference and left!). According to the business insider website, there is criticism that Trump’s comments on that day were racist.
At that time, Jiang Weijia asked trump, “Americans are losing their lives every day. We can see more cases every day. Why is testing a global competition for you?” Trump replied, “people are losing their lives all over the world. Maybe you should ask China this question, don’t ask me, ask China, OK?” Then Jiang Weijia continued to ask, perhaps because the question “to the point”, trump became angry, then left the scene angrily, curtly ended the press conference.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia has intensified since the outbreak of the epidemic in China, and some senior officials of Trump and his government have repeatedly tried to throw the pot that has not been able to cope with the domestic epidemic to China. In addition to the previous stigmatization of the new crown virus as “China virus”, under groundless circumstances, many American politicians, including U.S. Secretary of state Peng Peio, constantly claimed that the new crown “the source of the epidemic is in Wuhan, China”, accusing “China did not share information in time”.
In response, Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for China’s foreign ministry, said at a regular press conference on May 11 that it was clear that pompeio was merely repeating lies. However, no matter how many times he repeats it, it will not change the nature of his lies, nor hinder the Chinese people’s continuous progress along the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics. “We advise American politicians to put aside this deceptive trick and leave a little face for themselves,” Zhao said.

Xiao Zhan speaks again

Netease Entertainment reported on May 13 that on the evening of May 13, Xiao Zhan forwarded the people’s Daily’s commentary on the suspension of teachers who organized students to support idols, saying that “the bottom line of the profession cannot be broken, the rational circle cannot be broken, and the rice circle cannot be everything.”
Recently, after several videos of primary school teachers organizing the whole class to dance in support of Xiao Zhan were exposed, the school suspended the teachers concerned. The Education Bureau had a admonitory talk with the principal of the school where the teacher was, which caused heated discussion and discussion. On the evening of the 13th, the people’s Daily published a review article, saying that the school is a hall of knowledge, a place for preaching and dispelling doubts, not a fan processing factory for stars. The education of young children is related to the future of the country, and the cultivation of young people’s values is related to the hope of the nation. It must not become a tool for star seeking. Organizing students to help their idols not only breaks the professional norms, but also damages teachers’ professional ethics, reflecting the loopholes of education and training management. The cross-border pursuit of stars not only overdraw the flow of stars, but also may backfire on the idols themselves, eroding the positive value of the circle culture. The “line” of professional background cannot be broken, the “circle” of reason cannot be out, and the rice circle cannot circle everything, especially the children’s classroom. Only by pursuing the stars with civilization and rationality can the positive energy of fans be aroused.

Full time closing of Beijing and Tianjin

Beijing News (reporter Zhang Xiaorong) was taken over by Shanhai blueprints or will face another crisis. In May 11th, Beijing full-time convenience store issued a notice of closure through the official WeChat official account. It said that all the stores in the Beijing convenience store will be closed at 24 o’clock in May 20th because of the strategic adjustment of the company’s strategy. But then, the message was deleted by the publisher. It is worth noting that Tianjin is also closing its stores on a large scale.
According to the official account of WeChat public, which has been deleted all the time, all stores in the Beijing convenience store will be adjusted at 24. 0 minutes in May 20, 2020. Before that, stores will normally shut down and the whole market will be sold at 40 percent off (excluding cigarettes and card products). For the customers who still have balance in the stored value card and membership card of the full-time convenience store, they need to go to the direct store for consumption or refund before May 21. If you have any questions, you can call the service number, but the reporter of the new Beijing news can’t get through with the reserved number.
It is worth noting that full-time Tianjin is also closing its stores on a large scale. Public comments show that many stores are in a “resting” state, while “Tianjin ourhours full-time convenience store” has not been searched. According to media reports on May 11, the full-time convenience store has informed several major suppliers that have cooperated before, and suspended the supply to them. However, the full-time convenience store has not settled the payment for the suppliers whose cooperation has not yet reached the payment period. At the same time, a staff revealed that due to the break of the parent company’s capital chain, all full-time stores in Beijing and Tianjin will be withdrawn.
In response to the reasons for Tianjin’s full-time withdrawal and Beijing’s issuance of the notice of suspension of business and capital problems, the reporter of Beijing News contacted the full-time aspect, but no response was received as of the time of publication. It is worth noting that this is the second full-time crisis. According to the public information, in November 2018, the business capital chain of Fuhua, the full-time parent company, broke, and part of the stores of the full-time convenience store and its brother brand earth port and full-time life were forced to close. In February 2019, stores in different regions were “split up”, among which 500 stores in Beijing, Tianjin, Langfang and Chengdu were taken over by Dongshan hailantu. According to previous media reports, in the second half of 2019, full-time was restarted under the new shareholders’ trading. In April this year, full-time small programs were also launched, and it was indicated that it would vigorously develop e-commerce.

Miraculous spring in meteorite crater

Yilan meteorite crater is located near XIAOYINGPAN village, Yinglan Township, Yilan County, Heilongjiang Province. It is called “Huanshan” by the local people. Xie Zhongya, a 75 year old villager, said there is also a magical spring near the “Huanshan” where water flows all the year round. On May 11, Chen Ming, a researcher of Guangzhou Institute of geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, made a field investigation and gave the following explanation.

Dong Mingzhu takes 300 million goods in 3 hours

Tiktok in April 24th was first featured in Dong Mingzhu’s voice, because the Internet problem was “overturned”. On the evening of May 10th, Dong Mingzhu, the former queen of sales, decided to make a comeback. This time, she chose to deliver goods with Kwai live.
Unlike Kwai tiktok, which last time was expensive, the high-end product line was different. The price of the upper shelves was more “down to earth” in this quick live broadcast.
It is worth noting that Dong Mingzhu only showed up for half an hour in the live broadcast that night, and then left the live broadcast because of other interview arrangements.
Photo source: Sina Weibo @ Gree Electric
Although the time of appearance is short, Dong Mingzhu’s achievements in carrying goods live are very outstanding. In 30 minutes, the sales volume of three products broke 100 million yuan! 60 minutes, sales of single products exceed 100 million! 3 hours, sales volume reached 310 million!
Dong Mingzhu Kwai Shou live the first show
On the evening of May 10th, GREE chairman Dong Mingzhu appeared in China’s “entrepreneur China” magazine, GREE and Kwai Fu jointly launched the “let the world love China made” live room, opened her first live show.
It’s totally different from the shouting promotion of “buy him, buy him” in the previous studio. In Kwai Tai’s live broadcast room, Dong Mingzhu, wearing a light grey skirt, guided by Dong Mingzhu’s first live air show, first introduced GREE’s new crown air purifier. “I used five purifiers in my own house.” Said Dong Mingzhu.
Kwai Kwai has been known to sell Dong Mingzhu and GREE appliances to the fastest selling platform, and has also specially configured two Kwai donkey, donkey sister, Ping Rong, Li Xin and other influential sprinter in the fast track platform for Dong Mingzhu to sell live products on the same stage.
Source: Sina micro-blog @ Kwai Fu
The first show of live music before the tiktok platform is introduced, and Dong Mingzhu introduces the different forms of GREE’s household appliances in the exhibition hall of GREE headquarters. In the Kwai Tai platform, Dong Mingzhu has been showing live direct selling products. “Tonight’s sales target is 100 million.” “I think this goal can be achieved.” Dong Mingzhu immediately replied.
In this live broadcast, the first product Dong Mingzhu brought with him was a portable juice cup, which cost 199 yuan, but after Kwai Fu’s subsidy of 30 yuan, the price dropped to 169 yuan. Dong Mingzhu demonstrated the operation and squeezed a cup of watermelon juice.
But less than half an hour after the introduction, Dong Mingzhu left the live broadcast because of other interview arrangements.
Photo source: Sina Weibo @ Gree Electric
Tiktok Kwai live with the last time, unlike the last live broadcast, the price of the shelves is more “down to earth”.
Take air conditioning as an example, including Kwai Yuk’s 1.5 single cooling, fixed frequency of 1949 yuan, 1899 yuan for a large and one cold and warm, 2099 yuan for heating and cooling, 2349 yuan for heating and cooling, and 2099 for different products.
As of 22:00, 67181 sets of 1.5-piece Pingyue single cooling constant frequency air conditioners with a price of 1949 yuan had been sold, 28702 sets of 1.5-piece Pingyue variable frequency air conditioners with a price of 2349 yuan had been sold, and 17729 sets of large Pingyue variable frequency air conditioners with a price of 2099 yuan had been sold.
Roughly estimated, only three of these air conditioners, Dong Mingzhu Kwai live broadcast sales of more than 200 million.
In addition to air conditioning, other household appliances were also put on the shelves for the live broadcast, such as 1648 yuan for Jinghong 198l two door refrigerator, 155 yuan for DASONG electric hot pot, 579 yuan for DASONG 2lih intelligent electric rice cooker, etc.
Good morning, folks! Welcome a new day full of vitality, follow “fortune Gym” for one minute, teach you a move, quickly tighten your arms, farewell to the meat. Click the picture below to jump to the teaching video.
Dong Mingzhu: the purpose of the live broadcast is not to bring goods
On the evening of the 10th, when the news of sales exceeding 100 million yuan was delivered to the live room, a reporter asked, “will there be any pressure from the board of directors, because the goal of the next live broadcast will be higher?”
Dong Mingzhu smiled: “I won’t have any pressure, because I want to share it with you. The purpose of my live broadcast is not to bring goods.”
After the live broadcast sales exceeded 200 million yuan, Dong Mingzhu went back to the live broadcast room and said that he would continue in the future. Instead of selling at a low price, he hoped fans and consumers would learn more about made in China through live broadcast.
Dong Mingzhu photo source: visual China
Dong Mingzhu also said that he fully felt the importance of interaction with consumers through live broadcast, “everyone has participated, from close distance to zero distance, and can fully understand everyone’s demands.”. She said that she plans to open a live room for Dong Mingzhu next “to normalize live broadcasting”.
“Dong Mingzhu’s live room is not purely for carrying goods. I want to share with you some of my views, including the development of Gree. Through these things, we can let you know that this is Gree. You are the best,” Dong said.
For the live broadcast, Dong Mingzhu confessed that his original intention was: “there are more than 30000 dealers offline of Gree, and I hope to combine them online and offline. I started to explore the way for them and gradually experience the online feeling. “
Gree earned tens of billions less in the first quarter!
Dong Mingzhu responds in this way
Affected by the epidemic, Gree’s net profit in the first quarter of this year was 1.558 billion yuan, down 72.53% year on year.
Gree Electric appliances in the first quarter performance forecast