Wang Yibo sues the defamator

Wang Yibo, a well-known actor and host in China, attracted a lot of netizens’ attention in 2019 because of the petition. However, there are many popular people, and Wang Yibo has also been abused and rumored by many netizens after becoming popular. Recently, Wang Yibo finally sued these rumor makers. Let’s see what’s going on.
On November 7, Beijing Xingquan law firm issued a brief report on Wang Yibo’s reputation right case, saying that six Internet users involved in insulting and slandering Wang Yibo had been sued to Beijing Internet Court on October 30, requesting the court to order all defendants to publicly apologize to Wang Yibo and compensate for relevant economic losses and mental damages. Many netizens expressed their support for Wang’s decision, hoping that the rumor maker would be severely punished.
On October 30, 2019, our law firm entrusted Sina Weibo users with ① “Liyuan Jiangzhao” (uid: 5575822988), ② “want to kick the group leader out of group chat” (uid: 1711424053), ③ “handsome old mother” (uid: 5757999209), ④ “Xixi loves eating rabbit” (uid: 64700) in response to the insults and slanders on the Internet suspected of infringing Mr. Wang Yibo’s reputation 32761), ⑤ “- Demon zero – (uid: 6196126055), ⑥” just like 1 “(uid: 5505365974) sued to Beijing Internet court, requesting the court to order Beijing micro dream Network Technology Co., Ltd. to disclose the real name authentication information of the above-mentioned six micro blog users, and will be lazy to terminate the infringement or have other serious problems against the above-mentioned six micro blog users after the information disclosure The real name certification subject of the case sued, and asked the court to order the defendants to publicly apologize to Mr. Wang Yibo and compensate Mr. Wang Yibo for relevant economic losses, spiritual damages, etc.
Beijing Xingquan law firm has accepted the special entrustment of Beijing Lehua Yuanyu Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and will pay close attention to the Internet public opinion. Our law firm will continue to pay attention to, collect evidence and pursue legal responsibilities for the relevant subjects suspected of infringing the legitimate rights and interests of Mr. Wang Yibo, and will never tolerate.
The Internet is not a place outside the law, and it is not advisable to spread rumors. Wang Yibo’s practice is not only to protect his legitimate rights and interests, but also to give a powerful deterrent to those who want to spread rumors. It is normal for an artist to be disputed by the outside world, but this kind of dispute cannot be reflected in the personal insults and slanders to others, or he will be legally punished Severe punishment.
I also remind all netizens here that even if they have a big prejudice against a star, they should not choose the way of rumor. At the same time, I hope netizens can understand the artists in the circle more, so that everyone can understand each other and no unpleasant things will happen.

Zhang Xinyu is called sister-in-law

Zhang Xinyu was called “sister-in-law of the army” in the publicity of the new play, which caused heated discussion. Later, she wrote: “it’s my honor to join this glorious team, but I never dare to be a military sister-in-law.”
On January 3, Zhang Xinyu was called “military sister-in-law” in the publicity of the new play, which caused heated discussion. Later, she wrote, “it’s a great honor for me to join this glorious team, but I never dare to be a military sister-in-law.” And pay homage to the military sister-in-law.
Zhang Xinyu’s full text: “the country, the people and the people are all at war because the soldiers of the Republic are defending the frontier, and behind them there is a woman who pays silently. It’s a great honor for me to join this glorious team, but I never dare to be a military sister-in-law. Their hard work and perseverance is the best spur for me. I will keep working hard and studying. I would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to every sister-in-law. “

New drugs for Alzheimer’s disease

A new drug for Alzheimer’s disease developed by Ocean University of China, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shanghai Green Valley Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has been approved by the State Drug Administration, which can be used for mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease and improve cognitive function of patients, the reporter learned from Shanghai Institute of medicine of Chinese Academy of Sciences on Tuesday. The drug is the first time in the world and will provide new treatment options for patients.
Geng Meiyu, a researcher from Shanghai Institute of medicine, Chinese Academy of Sciences, led the team to develop the original new drug named “nine phase one” (mannose sodium, code name gv-971) for 22 years, which was successfully developed under the continuous efforts of China Ocean University, Shanghai Institute of medicine, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shanghai Green Valley pharmaceutical.
Alzheimer’s disease is commonly known as Alzheimer’s disease, once the disease, people’s memory, thinking and judgment ability will be like the “eraser” in the mind slowly wiped away. According to the international Alzheimer’s Association, there are about 48 million patients in the world, and one new case will be added every three seconds. With the aging of the population, the harm of Alzheimer’s disease is more and more obvious.
Geng Meiyu (third from left), the main inventor of the new drug and researcher of Shanghai Institute of medicine, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the research and development team are discussing their work (photo taken on January 2, 2019) Xinhua social development (picture provided by Shanghai Institute of medicine, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
There are only a few drugs for clinical treatment of Alzheimer’s disease in the world. Over the past 20 years, major pharmaceutical companies have invested heavily in the research and development of new drugs, most of which have failed. No new drugs have been launched in this field for 17 years.
It is understood that 1199 subjects participated in the phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3 clinical trials. Among them, the third phase of clinical practice was organized by the mental health center affiliated to the Medical College of Shanghai Jiaotong University and Beijing Union Medical College, and carried out in 34 third-class first-class hospitals across the country, with 818 subjects’ medication observation completed. The whole clinical trial is managed by AI kunwei, a global famous outsourcing service organization for new drug research and development.
A new drug for Alzheimer’s disease, “nine phase one” (ganlute sodium) (photo taken on November 2, 2019) Xinhua social development (picture provided by Shanghai Institute of medicine, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
The results of a 36 week three-phase clinical study showed that “nine phases one” can significantly improve cognitive impairment in patients with mild and moderate Alzheimer’s disease. Compared with the placebo group, the main efficacy index cognitive function improved significantly, cognitive function scale score improved by 2.54 points (P < 0.0001). The incidence of adverse events was similar to that of placebo group.
According to Geng Meiyu, the preclinical mechanism of action shows that “nine phases one” can improve cognitive dysfunction by reshaping the balance of intestinal flora, inhibiting the abnormal increase of specific metabolites of intestinal flora, reducing peripheral and central inflammation, reducing β – amyloid protein deposition and tau protein hyperphosphorylation. The unique mechanism of targeting brain gut axis provides an important scientific basis for deep understanding of the clinical effect of “nine phases one”.

Bangkok or flooded

Recently, Thai media quoted the U.S. non-profit organization “climate central” as saying that in the next 31 years, more than one tenth of the Thai people will live in cities that are likely to be flooded, and Bangkok, the political and economic center of Thailand, will bear the brunt.
According to a recent report released by climate central, by 2050, nearly 300 million people are expected to face the threat of sea level rise, and about 150 million people living in the world will probably be submerged by sea water. The report is based on artificial intelligence technology and data. Among them, Asian countries are the most affected, with 237 million people under threat, mainly concentrated in India, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia and other countries. In addition, Asian cities such as Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore also face the threat of being submerged due to rising sea level.
Bangkok, Thailand, is also the fifth fastest sinking major city in the world, according to the international sea level organization. In 2018, a World Bank report predicted that by 2030, 40% of Bangkok’s land area will not reach sea level!
Recently, Thai Prime Minister Bayu even said that he would consider moving his capital from Bangkok due to population, pollution and traffic problems. This means that Thailand may become another Southeast Asian country considering moving capital after Burma and Indonesia.
If these coastal cities do not have enough coastal protection, they will face the possibility of being completely submerged, which will force millions of people to migrate, so it is urgent to formulate more stringent climate protection measures.

CCTV host competition

“CCTV 2019 host competition” is being broadcasted on CCTV comprehensive channel. On October 31, a reporter from Beijing News interviewed Lu Jian, the judge of the competition. In Lu Jian’s opinion, compared with the previous host competition, the present host selection pays more attention to the personality of the contestants. “I hope that the personality of the contestants can be combined with their own ability and professional quality.”
In the top 60 candidates of this competition, the proportion of master’s graduates is more than 40%, including graduates from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Cambridge University, University of Pennsylvania and other famous universities; “post-90s” and “post-95” players are more than 50%, becoming the main new force, and there are not a few cross-border players such as financial elite and senior programmers. The host, Jing Yidan, said that he would like to see players from all directions with different professional backgrounds and life experiences. “When competing, I also tend to pay more attention to different professionals. Because if we have different professional backgrounds and achieve different professional cross, our host team will be rich and multi-level. I think it’s a very benign phenomenon. “
The competition will recruit composite talents with excellent guidance and control ability, news live interaction ability, multimedia application ability and personalized communication ability as the new standard. Lu Jian said that the current media environment has changed a lot compared with that before. Before, the host would pay more attention to knowledge, elite talents, thinking power, knowledge reserve, and integrity. “Now the communication environment is different, everyone can become a communicator, knowledge communication is only one aspect, we would like to see personalized players in a certain aspect It’s outstanding and extreme. ” But the so-called “personality” is not just the appearance of external personality. Lu Jian said, “the personality of players depends on knowledge, emotional ability and talent. It is a personality combined with ability and specialty, which can fully show the characteristics different from other people.”

81 days without rain in Jiangxi


Since the second half of July this year, the temperature of Jiangxi Province has been abnormally high, with an average temperature of 27.3 ℃, 1.7 ℃ higher than that of the whole year, ranking the first high in the same period since the complete meteorological record was made in 1961, among which 60 counties (cities, districts) have set a record high in the same period. The average maximum temperature in the province is 33.2 ℃, 2.5 ℃ higher, which is the highest in the same period since 1961. 73 counties (cities, districts) have broken the record for the same period. The number of high temperature days reached 42.6 days, 21.9 days more than the same period of the year, ranking the first high in the same period.
The number of days without rain is the most in the same period of each year, and the precipitation has reached a new low in the same period of history. From July 16 to October 21, the average precipitation of the whole province was only 110.9mm, 6.70% less than the same period of the whole year, a new low in the same period of history. The precipitation of 41 counties (cities and districts) in the whole province has reached a new low in the same period of history, mainly distributed in the north of Jiangxi Province. The average number of rainy days in the whole province is 81 days, 16.8 days more than the same period of the whole year, a record high in the same period of history. The number of rainless days in most areas of the province is 70-90 days, 15-25 days more than that in most areas.
On October 21, the comprehensive monitoring map of national meteorological drought showed that the central and eastern part of Jiangxi Province is still in the level of severe drought or above, and the range of drought is the widest in the country. The Meteorological Department reminded that all regions should seize all favorable weather opportunities, vigorously implement artificial precipitation increase operation, improve soil moisture, slow down the development of drought; implement technical measures of agricultural response to drought according to time and place, and strengthen forest fire monitoring and fire source control.

Fierce ancient birds millions of years ago


On October 30th, a team of Chinese and foreign scientists announced that a very special fossil of ancient birds was found in Burmese amber. The details are important for understanding the diversity of ancient birds and the evolution of feathers. The research was led by Xing Lida, an associate professor at China University of Geosciences (Beijing). Niu Kecheng, executive director of the Yingliang World Natural History Museum, and Zou Jingmei, an American researcher at the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and other scholars. The paper was published in the Science Report of the Nature Group.

The specimens of the study were from the famous amber producing area, the Hukang Valley in Kachin State in northern Myanmar. The amber here is about 100 million years old and provides a unique record of forest ecosystems.

The newly discovered ancient bird amber is collected by the Yingliang World Stone Natural History Museum in Quanzhou, Fujian Province. The Yingliang specimen does not store many bones of the foot, but the outline of the bird’s foot is recorded by the detailed skin, and the surface of the remaining ancient bird’s foot has a large amount of hair on the surface. In addition, the specimen is also preserved very much. A rare feather-dominant feather.

“Specifically, the Yingliang specimen has large, curved claws, flattened paws, and similar cross-sectional morphology to existing arboreal birds, unlike terrestrial species; secondly, the distal toe section of the specimen is relatively long. This is a characteristic of arboreal birds, while terrestrial birds have longer toe nodes,” Xing Lida explained.

The most interesting part of the new specimen is that its toes are very thick, unlike all the bird fossils previously found in the area. The outer toe, the fourth toe, has a laterally elongated toe pad that is very thick relative to the two inner toes (second and third toes). The strong toes with claws are similar to the current raptors, which may indicate that the Yingliang specimen is a small aerial insectivorous bird.

Paleontologists currently believe that the feather-dominant plume is a tool for information exchange within ancient birds. The main functions are courtship, species identification and visual communication. “The bone material was not found near the feather-dominant feathers we found earlier. The specimens found this time are the first evidence that the feather-dominant feathers directly correspond to the anti-bird remains.” Zou Jingmei told the reporter.

In short, the toe of Yingliang specimens is wider than any anti-birds previously observed in Burmese amber. This unique foot pattern reflects the difference in the way birds catch prey. This type of foot has not been found in local fossil records, indicating the diversity of birds in the dinosaur era. There is growing evidence that the Hugang bird fauna is unique compared to other Cretaceous fauna.

It is reported that the research of this subject has been funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and the National Geographic Society.

California fire


The California mountain fire continued to wreak havoc, nearly 200,000 people evacuated and the state entered a state of emergency. Those who were forced to evacuate include many stars, such as NBA star LeBron James, Hollywood legend Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Marvel Craig, the actor of Marvel Shield.

living hell! 94 buildings in California fire were burned and nearly 200,000 people were forced to evacuate
According to CNN, the Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James sighed in the early hours of the 28th local time that “the Los Angeles fire is really noisy.” He said he had to evacuate to find another place to live, but The progress is not going well. ↓

living hell! 94 buildings in California fire were burned and nearly 200,000 people were forced to evacuate
“Man, the Los Angeles fire is really noisy. I have to evacuate from home, drive my family around to find a house, unfortunately I haven’t found it yet!”

But not long after, he updated a tweet to “report peace,” saying that he had found a place to live. ↓

living hell! 94 buildings in California fire were burned and nearly 200,000 people were forced to evacuate
“Finally found a place where we can stay, it was a crazy night, guys!”

In addition, many Hollywood star luxury homes are also located within the scope of emergency evacuation, they also had to evacuate their residence with the help and assistance of firefighters.

According to Fox News, Hollywood legend and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger also pushed on the 28th to inform fans that he had evacuated safely and reminded fans not to stay in danger and evacuate as soon as possible. ↓

living hell! 94 buildings in California fire were burned and nearly 200,000 people were forced to evacuate
“We evacuated safely at 3.30am today. If you are in the evacuation area, don’t mess around and leave as soon as possible.” In the tweet, he also thanked the firefighters for praising them as the true heroes of the Californians.

Coincidentally, Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife and actor Maria Schlevo also said on the same day that he had safely evacuated from his family. ↓

living hell! 94 buildings in California fire were burned and nearly 200,000 people were forced to evacuate

“Thank you very much for the firefighters who have made a life for all of us. We have already evacuated, but we are safe and pray for our neighbors.”

Marvel movie star “Lucentine” Clark Greg also told fans on Twitter on the 28th that he and his family have safely evacuated. ↓

living hell! 94 buildings in California fire were burned and nearly 200,000 people were forced to evacuate
“And my family and dogs are safely in the hotel room, and the magical alarm system reminds us to evacuate.”

A number of large mountain fires have occurred in various parts of California in recent years, causing serious human and property damage. At least 86 people were killed and 14,000 buildings were destroyed in the Campo fire in California last November. The California mountain fire disaster that occurred on October 24 this year continued to spread. On the 27th, California Governor Newson said in a statement that the California government is using “all possible resources” to deal with wildfires.

Giant Royal cat in the Forbidden City


On October 27, 2019, in front of the Taobao Experience Hall of the Forbidden City near the Shenwu gate of the Imperial Palace in Beijing, the giant Royal cat statue is vivid and attractive. Attract tourists from nearby to take photos. To this end, some netizens sent out a friendly reminder: scientific cat, please do not climb!
Netizens commentary
Nine nine is me: it’s really a lovely wife. Everyone is very lifelike. I really want to take a picture with these kittens
Don’t get emotional Yuan Yuan: it’s estimated that it will be polished in a few days
Chongqing Normal University: it’s so dry and numb!
Time xingxu: how lovely! Can I buy it?
5go front: the expression is really cute and creative. There should be more art in the scenic spot to bring better experience to the tourists. What do you say?
FM walking and singing: you’re still wearing the Royal vest. Have a look
Scholar Lao Yang: well received by royal guards cat

Xinjiang Wushi 5 earthquake


According to the official determination of the China Seismological Network, a magnitude 5.0 earthquake occurred in Wushi County, Aksu Prefecture, Xinjiang at 13:29 on October 27, with a focal depth of 11 kilometers. The epicenter was located at 41.21 degrees north latitude and 78.82 degrees east longitude. At the time of the earthquake, Wushi County had a distinct earthquake, and some areas around Aksu and Alar had slight earthquakes. At present, the local government has not received a report on the impact of earthquake disasters. The reporter is closely monitoring the progress of the follow-up.