I’m a health commissioner.

The new semester began, after a fierce class cadre election, and then combined with the selection of teacher Liu, the head teacher, because I usually work conscientiously and responsibly, I became a class health committee. I am so happy, because as a class cadre, I can help Mr. Liu do more things.
But just one day on duty, I’m not happy. This health commissioner is too bad! Because most of the cleaning in the first grade is done with the help of parents, but now in the second grade, Mr. Liu said that parents are not allowed to help, so when doing sanitation, everyone is not very good at sweeping the floor, and some students do not finish sanitation and do not talk to me, they run away, and there is also a second grade, Mr. Liu said that parents are not allowed to help. The first time my classmate did not clean up, when I asked him to do the second time, he was not happy, but also angry at me. After more than an hour of cleaning, the on-duty student ran to the head of the day’s health team, but the classroom was still in a mess: there was a mass of paper, there was a pile of rubbish, tables and chairs were crooked, not at all neat.
No way, I can only retain the head of the health team and I to clean all the hygiene again, and then put the tables and chairs in order, clean up the trash can, change the trash bag, I and the head of the health team together carry the trash bag downstairs, and throw the trash bag into the garbage station.
By the time I got home, it was more than two hours away from school. Mother asked me, “Honey, why did you come back so late today? How did you feel when you were a health commissioner on the first day?” “That’s terrible!” I answered tiredly. “What’s wrong?” Mother asked again. I said, “Today’s cleaning children are not very good, some are not very good at sweeping the floor, some run away before they finish cleaning, and some are angry at me.” My mother listened to me and said, “What you said reflects two problems. First, you teach your classmate who can’t sweep the floor. Think about it. When you start to learn sweeping, your mother also taught you many times. Second, the runners and the students who are angry with you, you will tell Mr. Liu tomorrow to see what happened to Mr. Liu. Handle. Of course, you should also pay attention to the way you speak and be gentle.
The next day, I took advantage of the break to tell Mr. Liu about yesterday. Mr. Liu listened and said, “In this way, you write the names of the classmates who ran away yesterday and those who were angry with you on the blackboard, and I will punish them to copy the text.” In Chinese class, Mr. Liu said what he said to my classmates again. Sure enough, the children who cleaned the room the next day were much better, but they were still not very clean. But we worked together to clean the classroom in a decent way.
Now, I’ve been a health commissioner for more than half a semester. Although I get home later than before, sometimes when I’m on duty, I yell at them. Students will say that I’m on duty when I’m particularly fierce. Although I need to do some cleaning work every day, we still have to do it. Class 2, Grade 2, has been awarded the “Health Mobile Red Flag” for six consecutive weeks. Here is my credit.
I am a member of the health committee. Although I am only an official in charge of sweeping the floor, I feel very honored!