The Story of Bear Finding a Job

Once upon a time, in a mysterious forest, there lived three brothers and sisters of Little Bear. Originally, Little Bear was the eldest brother. He had a brother and a sister. The parents of Little Bear died of illness when their three brothers and sisters were very young. All along, Little Bear led his brother and sisters through a difficult life. Although the days are bitter, they are still optimistic and happy.
However, with the passage of time, the three children are growing up and growing taller. At this time, the problem arises. Because Xiaoxiong feels that his brother and sister will become married when they grow up, but they have no specific economic income. How can they let his brother marry his daughter-in-law and his sister marry a good family?
In short, if you want to continue to live in the world, you can’t live without money. What should I do?
Bear began to lose sleep, so to speak, racked his brains to find a way out. Finally, he decided to leave his brothers and sisters at home, and then go out to work alone to make money.
In this way, Little Bear said goodbye to his brothers and sisters, came out of the forest alone, and walked along the main road towards the city.
After nearly a day’s walk, it was getting dark. He walked hungrily into the streets of the city, tired and hungry. Although these things troubled the bear, the bear could only stand stiff because he had no money in his pocket, so these problems could not be solved.
Considering the current situation, Little Bear hopes to find a job as soon as possible and earn money as soon as possible.
Because of his anxieties, Bear would go in and ask if he could find a job in the store, but he had no skills. So he knew that it would be too hard for him to find a job without skills.
He spent almost all his night looking for a job, but he still couldn’t find it.
The next morning, he found some scraps of leftovers in the street. After a few mouthfuls of belly pad, he squatted in a corner and meditated. Finally, after consideration, when he felt he could not find a job, he shook his head when people asked him if he would do it or not. That would be silly and affordable. I’m afraid he would never find it in his life. To work for money.
When I look for another job, people ask me if I can do this, I will. People ask me if I can do that, I will say yes. Then use the two words to retain themselves, as for other things, that’s the time to talk about it.
Yes, that’s it!
When he made up his mind, Bear went to the place where he had information about job recruitment. This time, he entered a barbecue shop. He stood at the counter and said that he would apply for a job. The owner of the barbecue shop asked him, “Would you like to join us?”
“Yes.” Bear nodded his head as he thought ahead.
“Can you cook kebabs?”
“Yes.” The bear nodded again.
In fact, he has no concept of a string of barbecues. How could that be possible? But in order for the boss to keep him working here, the bear seems to have drunk too.
The boss was very happy when he heard that, so he said, “That’s just right. Since you know everything, our store needs people like you, so you can stay here. The salary is good. As long as you do well, I’ll pay you once a month. There’s absolutely no problem of overexpenditure here, and you can eat and sleep. So, you can work here safely.”
Bear listens, the condition is so good, he is almost mad, for food, sleep and extra money, it is very good.
But just as he was enjoying himself, a group of guests came up to the barbecue shop and said they wanted to eat roast sheep kidney or something.
At this time, the boss immediately ordered Little Bear to say, “Go ahead, go to the back cook and bake all these things, and then bring the guests to the table!”
“Ah!” When the bear listened, he couldn’t help but put away his smile and thought uneasily, “I really can’t do anything. What can I do about it?”
Despite this thought, Bear walked back to the kitchen with a hard scalp. Ouch! _. In order to survive, we can only take one step at a time. He thought at this moment. Then he went to the back kitchen and looked at the big oven. First he lit the fire, then sprinkled some spices on the food that needed to be barbecued, and then he roasted it. Gradually, he smelled the aroma of the barbecue meat. After a long time of not having a good meal, he immediately became greedy. Finally, his saliva flowed down and he simply put the food on the table. Forget about it, and then bite the barbecue, especially when he finds that everything in the kitchen is available, and even honey he likes, so that he can eat all the delicious things in the kitchen in a twinkling of an eye, and then wipe his mouth with satisfaction. Because of the urgent voice from the front desk, the bear realized that he shouldn’t eat these things. What can we do now that everything has been eaten up?
In frustration and urgency, he had to run away from the open rear window.
He fled to the street and was full of food and drink. He was determined to stop talking nonsense when he looked for another job. In the long run, sooner or later, he would be beaten by a fat punch. He would come home without knowing his brothers and sisters. He decided to find a suitable job for himself.
After thinking about it, he finally felt that the security guard was the best one for him, because he had thick arms and paws, and it was just right for him to be a security guard.
So he came to the door of a hotel. The hotel receptionist thought he was a VIP and was quite polite to him. But when he heard that he was looking for a job, he immediately changed his face and said solemnly, “We don’t lack security here, we need laundrymen. I think you are in good health. If you want, you should be a laundryman.”
“Yes, as long as money is given.” Bear nodded his head, and then he was assigned to the hotel laundry in the next few minutes.
Drink, to the laundry, the bear found that the laundry workers here are female bears, only he is a male bear, the bear came here, immediately received the warm welcome of these female bears, the bear is also willing to work here.
Finally, after a month of hard work, the bear finally grabbed the money, and then happily took it back to his home in the big forest, not only that, but also two little bears, a brother married to the bear, and a brother married to the bear himself.
Finally, Xiaoxiong said satisfactorily, “I am satisfied this time. Next year, I will find another object for my sister to marry a good family. My eldest brother is at ease.”
Later, Bear brought his brothers and sisters to work in the city, and they all worked as laundrymen. Their brothers and sisters felt the comfort of labor, and their days became richer. Life is on the right track, so the story of Bear looking for a job is over.