Remember the most memorable day

April 22 this year is my 10th birthday. On the night before my birthday, my mother first accompanied me to the barber shop in the alley to manage a “children’s style” and took me to the children’s clothing store on the park road to buy clothes. I started to say that I only bought one set. I was ready to walk out of the store with new clothes, but I didn’t see my mother coming back. Looking back, my mother’s eyes were fixed on a white casual shirt hanging on the wall. The white casual suit is really beautiful. There are a few big five-pointed stars on the chest with black edges. There is also a casual hat behind the clothes, which is also black-edged. The left sleeve is also very chic. A silver ring. I am busy pulling her out and going out: “Mom, this one is enough, let’s go home!” Mom glanced at me lovingly, hesitated, said to the owner: “I want this one!” “When I took these new clothes out of the store, I was very happy, and I was filled with gratitude to my mother. I was thinking about which clothes I would wear tomorrow to go to school.

My birthday is finally here! This is a bright sunny day. The teachers and classmates saw my new clothes and boasted that I was beautiful today. Teacher Yi said: “Chenno is very cute and especially pure today.” I don’t want to mention how beautiful it is.

When I was at work, I was called out by Mr. Ping (the class teacher at the time was Yi teacher, and Mr. Ping taught us English) and said that there was something to do. When I returned to the classroom, I couldn’t help but be shocked: the classroom was beautifully arranged, and Yi and the classmates said in unison: I wish Chennuo a happy birthday!

I was so excited that I stood there stupidly. Teacher Yi smiled and asked me to sit back. At this time, Song Yifei, who was sitting in the first row, walked to the podium and lit two colorful candles. Who knows that this colored candle will ignite a beautiful fireworks when it is ignited, and it will fly into the sky! The classmates cheered! I was even moved by tears in my eyes. I don’t know whose parents sent a big birthday cake at this time. In the happy atmosphere, the whole class and Yi teacher shared this beautiful and delicious cake with me. I think this is my happiest day.

And who knows this is the prelude to happiness! Next, Mr. Yi asked everyone to send me a gift. I can’t help but be surprised: Do you still have a birthday present for me? I can’t let me think about it. The classmates lined up in a group and sent the gift to me in an orderly manner: Zhao Yingyi sent a beautiful pen holder set and sent a beautiful diary to Hong Lei. Wu Hao sent a The little cake, Lu Yifan sent a very handsome jeans, Su Shi took the most beloved little pendant on her bag and gave it to me. Lu Dingyi knew that I liked the pig most, and sent a “QQ pig”. Ragdoll; Yi teacher also gave me a gift, a very expensive brand-name sportswear; Ping teacher gave me a beautiful foreign watch… and practice books, pencils, pencil sharpeners, etc. I can’t remember who sent it. I only saw the three tables full of gifts surrounding me. The smiles and friendships of the teachers and classmates surrounded me. I only knew that in our fourth year of special unity and special friendship. The big family in the class surrounded me with unlimited happiness.

I learned later that for my birthday, the teachers and classmates had quietly prepared for several days, and they carefully prepared the biggest surprise. They hope to bring me joy and take away the shortcomings —— Dear teacher, dear classmates, life, study among you, I am happy and healthy every day, there will be no regrets !

On April 22, 2005, teachers, mothers, and classmates, let me spend all my unforgettable days with all my love.