Joint Rental with Beauty Head Teacher

A few days ago, my beautiful head teacher Lin Yuwei and her boyfriend moved to the next door of my rental room.
Our bedroom is only one wall apart. Every night she works with her boyfriend, I can hear her clearly, especially her voice, which is in sharp contrast to her cold appearance in school. It makes my mind full of her!
This makes me crazy to think, we usually very cold beautiful head teacher, when what is like, so I took advantage of the weekend when Lin Yuwei is not at home, punched a hole in the wall to see her.
Although I was afraid of being discovered by her and her boyfriend, I couldn’t resist my inner thoughts at all!
On the first day of digging, more than nine o’clock in the evening, I heard a vague voice: “Honey, let’s start!”
I knew immediately that Lin Yuwei and her boyfriend were going to start. Without thinking about it, I swallowed hard and ran to my bed. I opened the poster I used to cover the hole. My eyes were pointed at the hole I dug. My heart was beating wildly.
As soon as I saw it, the sight that came into my eyes shocked my heart.
Lin Yuwei wore a stewardess dress with a short skirt and low chest. She knelt half in front of her boyfriend, twisted her slender waist, and then licked her fingers, begging her boyfriend to move quickly.
That’s a far cry from her cold look at school!
This is really Lin Yuwei, the cold head teacher in our class?!
I stared straight in the eye, staring dead in it, never wanting to move away.
Her boyfriend was still sitting on the bed playing with his mobile phone, facing such a beautiful woman as Lin Yuwei, he took the initiative, where can he refuse, said a sentence, I will come immediately, he came forward and hugged Lin Yuwei. The hands were not honest, so she acted on her, which caused Lin Yuwei to cry.
Her voice seemed to excite her boyfriend and began to pull Linyuwei’s clothes. Lin Yuwei seems to like this strong tone very much. Her face is full of happiness!
Her stewardess dress was pulled down by her boyfriend one by one.
Soon, there were three things left on her, long thighs, raised buttocks, tender white skin, and the guys who were agitating and looking like they were about to jump out of it, all of which were clearly seen by me, and made my saliva come out soon.
It’s more beautiful than you think!
Before her boyfriend started, Lin Yuwei took the initiative, put her hands behind her back, unraveled the mask, and as she gently pulled it down, that thing appeared in front of me.
Big, bigger than ever!
I was shocked!
This is Lin Yuwei’s body!!!
Without waiting for me to think more, she pulled down all her clothes.
My body, which I thought about at night, is now exposed to my eyes without any cover.
I stared at all parts of her, and I felt like breathing was suffocating. No matter how I swallowed, I couldn’t calm down. My whole body was burning like a fire.
This is what all the boys in our class want, Lin Yuwei, the head teacher of Gao Leng Beauty Class. That’s how I saw her.
I was so excited that I almost screamed!
And then, I can see her and her boyfriend do that! Think about it, I was shocked all over!
Soon they realized my wish!
Lin Yuwei was very active. She said something in her voice: “Honey, hurry up, don’t dally.”
“Yuwei, you are a goblin!” Her boyfriend gave her a cruel pinch and directly pressed her down.
“Family is a goblin, husband, please! Come on! ” Lin Yuwei, who was overwhelmed under her, said without concealing her emotions.
“Okay, I’ll be right away!” Faced with Lin Yuwei’s initiative, his boyfriend could no longer control it. The two men soon started that kind of thing.
That scene, are particularly clear in front of my eyes, I look at the feeling of nosebleeds are coming out!
What was Lin Yuwei and her boyfriend like?
Moreover, Lin Yuwei really enjoyed herself very much. She kept changing all kinds of knowledge when she did it. Even after doing it for a while, Lin Yuwei took out her mobile phone and began to take pictures of her and her boyfriend. She not only took self-portraits, but also posed in various postures and took detailed pictures.
Of course, these details are also clear to me…
I’m just a beginner. Where I can stand this, it’s going to stretch.
Later, they had been her boyfriend for more than twenty minutes, but they couldn’t. Just when I thought they were going to finish soon, I found out that her boyfriend didn’t satisfy Lin Yuwei!! _
She still wanted to go on, see her boyfriend can’t, she kept twisting her body, charming, let her boyfriend go on, but his boyfriend was unwilling to say too many times, he has been unable to eat, shaking his head, and went to the bathroom to take a bath alone.
Lin Yuwei hummed and scolded him uselessly, but her boyfriend did not respond. She had to take her cell phone and lie in bed.
At this moment, I look at lying in bed, there is right in front of my Lin Yuwei, thinking that she wants to continue, my whole blood is boiling!
I really want to run over and do that to her boyfriend like that. I haven’t done it yet, but her boyfriend has just done it. If I go back, it will definitely satisfy her!
Unfortunately, she is my head teacher. I have a natural fear of her. I have no courage at all.
But also because she is my head teacher, let me that kind of mind more and more heavy, originally intended to read and go, now I do not want to go at all, looking at the lying Lin Yuwei, I started up!
And then, let me even more unbearable is that after a while, his boyfriend took a bath, but also want to continue to Linyuwei entangled again, his boyfriend is really no good, Lin Yuwei had no way, had to lie in bed, her finger trimmed, stretched out to her there…