It took three days for Little Wish to break the billion mark.

Before the release of Little Wishes, the renaming and shifting of its name, together with the “battle for positions” before the release, have really attracted a lot of attention, but this concern has not been translated into box office. On the first day of release, the box office topped 30 million, and on the third day, it topped 100 million, while the current forecast for the film is 267 million.
“Little Wish” is adapted from the Korean film “Great Wish”, but compared with the original score of 7.4, “Little Wish” 5.1 Douban score, can only fail. And “Little Wish” also made some adaptations on the basis of the original, so to compare the differences between the two films.
Different roles
When they reach the age of 18, they face death, which is a bit heavy for them. Zhang Zhengyang and Xu Hao suffered a lot in order to fulfill their lofty wishes. Even the two men went to ask their female classmates in various ways, and in the end they all got a beating. On the basis of the original work, Sima Tank was added to Little Wishes.
Sima Tan likes Xu Hao, so he follows Gaoyuan all day, which makes Zhang Zhengyang and others misunderstand. But the eighteenth National Women’s University changed, Sima Tan also changed a lot. In order to reflect their brotherhood, Xu Hao also asked Sima Tan whether he would like to be a lofty girlfriend, and the result is naturally conceivable.
Actor Wang Yuwen plays Sima Tan, and Deng Xiaoqi, who she plays in “Junior School” this year, has attracted a lot of attention. In Little Wish, she has only two scenes. Her main function is to show Xu Hao’s lofty feelings.
Different plot
The plot of Little Wish has been restored a lot, but there are still some changes. Xu Hao saw the beggar’s father and son on the street, who were very disgusted with their behavior, and asked them why they could stand and lie down. In the original book Great Wish, Nan Jun mocked his classmates with frostbite.
Zhang Zhengyang and Xu Hao took Gaoyuan to see the sea and fulfilled the so-called dream of youth, but the reality and dream are still very big. There is also a shampoo scene in the middle, which is not in the original work, but also for the emergence of “Miss Wish” to pave the way.
In the original work Great Wish, Miss and Sister only have the scene of hospital. In Little Wish, besides shampooing and hospital scenes, she was also given a funeral scene. At the same time, in her memory, she explained the little secret between her and Gaoyuan, which is also for the need of trial.
Brotherhood is the main focus of the film, and in order to reflect this point, the director added some real brotherhood pictures at the end of the film, originally intended to sublimate the theme of “brotherhood” better, but also in order to make the audience feel the same. The idea is good, but the sense of substitution is still lacking.
“Little Wish” premiered one day earlier than Xiao Zhan, Meng Meiqi and Li Qin’s “Xiaoxian 1”, but the box office of “Xiaoxian 1” has reached 160 million at present, while the forecast box office is 345 million, and there will be movies to eat up the market share of “Little Wish”. If there were not so many storms before the film was released, do you think the box office of the film would be a little higher?