National table tennis women qualify for top 4

The 2019 table tennis team World Cup continues in Tokyo, Japan, with China’s women’s team competing against the United States in the quarter finals. Chen Meng / sun yingsha wins the doubles first, Liu Shiwen wins the singles, sun yingsha loses one game first and then pulls three games to lock in the victory. The total score of China team is 3-0, taking the United States team to the top four.
In the semi-finals, the Chinese team will compete between Hong Kong and Taipei.
Competition review
The defending champion Chinese women’s team beat Egypt and Ukraine 3-0 in two group matches. They won the first place in the group in a row and played the weak team America in the quarter finals. In the first doubles, Chen Meng / sun yingsha play Wang Amy / Zhang an. In the first game, both sides competed for the fierce score. Chen Meng / sun yingsha lost 2 points after 10-8, but they won 12-10 with 2 points in a row after 10 draws. In the second set, Chen Meng / sun yingsha once drew a gap in the middle game, but was overtaken by the opponent to get the point. After 9-10, they scored 3 points in a row to win another game 12-10. Chen Meng / sun yingsha took the lead in the third game, winning 11-7 and beating the opponent in three games in a row.
The second single, Liu Shiwen against Wu Yue. In the first round, Liu Shiwen quickly entered the stage. The first three boards were of high quality. He quickly gained an advantage while the opponent was not stable. He easily took the first sentence with 11-3. Liu Shiwen made more mistakes in the second set, playing a bit impatient. He fell behind 5-7 at one time in the middle, but he still resisted the opponent’s attack, took the initiative in the field with consecutive scores, and played the next set 11-8. Liu Shiwen took advantage of the victory in the third set and soon opened the difference. He won 11-4 and went straight to the third set to add another point for the Chinese team.
In the third singles, sun yingsha meets Zhang an. Sun yingsha had a bad start in the first game. Zhang an took the initiative to make more mistakes and lost the first game 8-11. In the second set, sun yingsha steadied the situation, resisted the gluing stage in the first half, and scored continuously in the second set, pulling back one set with 11-8. In the third set, sun yingsha completely took the initiative on the field, winning 2-1 by 11-5. In the fourth set, sun yingsha established an advantage in the middle game stage, winning again by 11-5 points in a row, and ended the battle by pulling three consecutive reversals.