Summer is coming

In the scent of flowers, in the cool air-conditioned room, in the desire for shade, quietly, summer comes.
Summer comes with footprints of water everywhere: bathing, mopping, swimming pool, sprinkler… You see, after the sprinkler, the children ran and jumped, sometimes turning a somersault and fighting water battles. They had a very good time. The whole blue sky is full of children’s laughter and singing, the whole small block is echoed with the carefree playfulness of children.
Summer, what a happy scene!
Summer rain is not as delicate as spring rain, not as gentle as autumn rain, not as merciful as winter rain. There was a heavy downpour. Look! Suddenly the sky was overcast with dark clouds, bent down its huge waist, sounded “rumbling” sound, and then lightning and thunder, indicating that the storm was coming. If you are enjoying your reading time or playing basketball in the park at this time, you must fly home at the speed of light, otherwise you will be soaked into a pitiful “drowned chicken”. If you don’t believe it, look at their fate: Father Tree was ruthlessly pushed to the ground, morning glory was beaten well several times, and even worse, the newborn baby, listening to a terrible and loud thunder, cried so pitiful. Therefore, do not provoke the “high above” rain.
In summer, a lot of novel fruits and food have quietly entered supermarket (supermarket), but the most popular is the watermelon which is both refreshing and refreshing.
Go into every household to see, which household will not eat a watermelon after dinner or make a beautiful fruit platter while watching TV and sharing with family, enjoy the leisurely entertainment time, cherish the happy family reunion time.
Summer, what a cool and refreshing season!
The arrival of summer brings fresh food, but it also welcomes disgusting mosquitoes. Not only is the barking annoying, but the mouth is even more annoying.
“Buzzing… Buzzing…” To sting the delicate skin of an ignorant child, to bite the rough skin of an old man over half a century, and to suck the blood of a middle-aged aunt is pure: harmful to the victim but harmless to oneself. And it’s a very unconscious little fellow who really makes everyone hate him! _
Summer, what a disgusting sight!
Look! Summer is like this: it has heat different from winter, things different from spring, and scenery different from autumn.
Summer is summer!