Putin calendar Japan out of stock

In recent years, Putin calendar is out of stock in Japan. The calendar on the cover of Russian President Vladimir Putin is very popular in Japan. Why? Many people are interested in this issue. Apart from Putin’s handsome appearance, what’s the reason? Take a look at the details. Putin Putin
In 2016, Japanese businesses began to sell calendars with pictures of President Putin on the occasion of his visit to Japan, the Japanese Economic News reported Tuesday. In the coming 2020, Japanese businesses plan to produce another 5500 copies. It is reported that the annual sales volume of the calendar is basically the same, and some stores will be sold out before the first ten days of December. According to the report, pictures of Putin playing with small animals are mainly loved by women. A Japanese woman in her 20s said Mr Putin’s powerful image was “in contrast to the smile he showed when touching animals.”. For this reason, Japanese businesses also mainly choose pictures of Putin with animals in the 2020 calendar. In addition, Putin’s calendar is also loved by some middle-aged men. I didn’t expect that Putin’s beauty and temperament are all men and women. Do Japanese businesses pay for Putin’s portrait? Maybe it needs to be paid. However, now it seems that beauty itself is a scarce resource.