Zhang Ziyi celebrates her stepdaughter’s birthday

November 25 is the 14th birthday of “little apple”, the daughter of Wang Feng and his ex-wife. The 14-year-old girl has lost her childishness and become a big girl. As a father, Wang Feng is full of feelings and regrets about the wonder of the years. Wang Feng has published a long article about what he wants to say to his daughter, and let his daughter not think of him as nagging, as if he saw a kind old father’s advice to her daughter.
Wang Feng shows some growing pictures of the little apple. From the little apple with red scarf and childishness to the big girl today, it can be seen that Wang Feng is a very careful father who carefully keeps the little apple of her daughter. The little apple in childhood is really super cute, and the round face is really like her name, like a “little apple”.
During the tooth changing period of little apple, Zhang Ziyi integrated into her life. The little apple in the picture is 8 years old, holding Kitty Cat cake in her hand, snuggling up in the arms of her father and Zhang Ziyi’s mother. This is Zhang Ziyi’s first birthday with little apple.
Then, new members of the family “wake up”, Zhang Ziyi did not wake up because of the arrival of neglect of small apple, mother and daughter get along very well. Often can see Zhang Ziyi takes the small apple to go shopping or play the picture.
Wang Feng, Zhang Ziyi, celebrated Apple’s 11th birthday at home.
Now, Apple has cut off the long straight hair that is fast to his waist, replaced it with a ragged hair over his shoulder, which is more mature and more beautiful.
Small apple in the “Star II” is definitely a high beauty value.
Zhang Ziyi follows Wang Feng’s blessing to Xiao apple and calls himself “mother”. It can be seen that although the two are not related by blood, the intimacy between mother and daughter is a little bit more. Zhang Ziyi, the stepmother, should be absolutely qualified.
Zhang Ziyi attached a photo of herself and the little apple. The little apple tied the head of the ball, the cheeks faded away from the baby’s fat, and the water became more and more beautiful. The mother and daughter were very close together. Now Zhang Ziyi is in the late stage of pregnancy. She is wearing a white sweater, and there is a handful of roses in front of her, which cleverly blocked the pregnant belly.
Compared with the appearance of traveling with her daughter some time ago, Zhang Ziyi’s face seems to be a little puffy at the end of her pregnancy. Her chin is not so tight. As an old pregnant mother, it’s really not easy. Once again, I wish her baby a safe birth and happy birthday of little apple.