Little fox catches thieves wisely

Huang Xiaohu attends the Forest Experimental Primary School. It’s an animal school. There are animals in class: weasel, rabbit, fox, tiger, elephant, hedgehog and so on. Huang Xiaohu is a cute tiger. He is the monitor of the class. Teacher Giraffe is their head teacher. They study and live happily.
One day, Little Rabbit White Belt went to school to give Giraffe teacher the 90 yuan meal money unexpectedly disappeared, she burst into tears. You know, the little rabbit’s family is not rich. If her father knows about the money stolen, it’s terrible. A beating is inevitable. As a monitor, Huang Xiaohu was also anxious, so he asked the whole class, “Who stole the rabbit’s money? If you honestly admit it, you still have a chance to forgive. Quickly, take the money out! “But he didn’t think that the person who stole the money would admit it himself? Isn’t that the reputation of a thief in the future?
At that moment, Xiao XiangCongCongCongCongCong suddenly said, “Today I saw the little fox beans move the rabbit’s table!” Huang Xiaohu listened and quickly grabbed the little fox beans and shouted, “Did you take the rabbit’s money? Get it out!” The little fox beans’tears immediately flowed out of his eyes. He cried and said, “I didn’t steal, I helped the little rabbit to tidy up the table, she.” But Huang Xiaohu wanted to show his ability to solve a case. He didn’t listen to the explanation of little fox at all. He pulled out the bag of little fox beans and looked it up. But nothing was found. He was unwilling to search for the clothes of the little fox. But everybody said it was illegal to do so, so Huang Xiaohu let the fox go. Little Fox Bean was so wronged that he burst into tears when he ran out of the classroom. Several of his good friends went out to comfort him. The little fox cried and thought, “I must catch this heinous thief and make me clean!”
The next day, when Little Fox Bean came to school, he said to his classmates, “I’m sorry to you all. I stole the rabbit’s money. Now I give it back to the rabbit.” Huang Xiaohu was delighted to hear that he was finally able to solve the case. But the good friends of Little Fox Bean opened their eyes. They never believed that Little Fox would do such a thing. In fact, the little fox beans is to give the thieves a “ecstasy” to relax his vigilance, then there is a chance to catch the real thieves. Where did the 90 yuan come from? Tell you, it was the New Year’s money given by relatives on Little Fox Bean’s birthday last month.
These days, little fox beans have a very difficult time. Because everyone regarded him as a thief, nobody looked down upon him, and even some of his good friends alienated him. But the little fox felt that the task on his shoulders was more important. If he could not catch the thief, he would become a real thief. These days, the little fox has been staring at some of the “ex-convicted” guys in the class. One day, he suddenly found that weasel skin bought a very expensive toy, you know, weasel skin family is not very good, how can he buy such expensive things? Doudou asked. So he focused more on Pippi.
This morning, the little fox brought 20 yuan, he specially “smelly show” up in the classroom. In order to have more evidence, Little Fox Bean grew a heart and marked the money. He told his good friend Little Hedgehog Yuanyuan about it. This is the first way to “lead the snake out of the hole”. The first lesson in the afternoon was physical education. Little Fox Bean decided that it was the best time for thieves to commit crimes. While attending the class, the little fox looked at several key suspects with his eyes.
During free time, he saw weasel skin running towards the classroom alone. The little fox knew that the opportunity was coming, so he called the little hedgehog Yuanyuan to follow behind secretly. When Pipi entered the classroom, Doudou and Yuanyuan hid behind the window outside the classroom and peered secretly. Sure enough, the burglar is weasel skin! He reaches the burglar’s hand into Little Fox Bean’s schoolbag. When weasel came back to the playground just before he left the classroom door, he found that little fox beans and little hedgehog circles were blocking him at the door of the classroom.
All the students knew about it and came to see the excitement. The weasel skin also denies it! The little hedgehog found the 20 yuan from his pocket and gave evidence. Now the weasel has nothing to say. He had to admit that he had stolen the money. Then Doudou asked, “Did you steal the money from the rabbit last time?” “No, no, really not!” The weasel could not see the coffin without tears. The monitor, Huang Xiaohu, immediately understood what was going on, and then asked him, “Whose money did you buy that expensive toy? We’re going to come to your house to investigate it!” Seeing that the weasel skin could not hide, he admitted a “theft case”. The students came to ask the weasel skin: “Did you take the money I lost?” “And my 10 yuan?” “Was the class fee 13 yuan and 5 yuan yours?” The weasel skin was forced to admit the mistake one by one. Everyone scolded weasel skin in succession.
After class, Huang Xiaohu went to Little Fox Bean and said, “Sorry, I wronged you last time, I want to apologize to you!” Xiao Xiangcong also apologized. Little Fox Bean had an unspeakable joy in his heart. He said, “It’s all right. Everyone’s in a hurry. I don’t blame you.”
On the way home, Little Fox Bean shouted at the sky and the river, “I’m finally innocent!”