Grandma’s funeral

Grandma struggled with the disease for many years, and finally did not escape the magic of death. From then on, so hard-working hands will no longer have temperature, numbness and cold forever. I’ve written about my grandmother before. Although I don’t get along with her very much, I always feel sorry and miss her because I didn’t attend her funeral. And I remember many things about her. Although many of them were told by my mother, I still admire my grandmother.
When she was young, she and her grandfather had six children in the village. My mother was the youngest daughter. At that time, the family conditions were very poor. It was even more difficult to raise six children. Fortunately, both of them were strong. Grandpa depended on farming to support the whole family. Grandma worked at home all day to take care of their mothers and children. In addition, they also had to raise livestock and take care of all the small and large things in the family. When my mother grew up, they could have enjoyed the joyment of family, but the death of my grandfather brought a heavy blow to my grandmother, and the children also had to work outside, rarely go home. In order not to drag their children, she could only stay alone in the familiar village, until my second aunt gave her the children, she was full of joy, even if not with them. The child has broken her heart, and she is very happy, her life is such a continuous hard cycle.
I would go to my grandmother’s house for a few days on vacation. I always quarreled with my brother, but none of her participated in the quarrel. She always acted as if she had nothing to do with her time. When our quarrel stopped, she would bring us two candies from the jar. My brother and I smiled instantly.
The last time I saw my grandmother was after the college entrance examination. It was the Dragon Boat Festival. When my mother came to pick me up from school, she went directly to my grandmother’s house. At that time, my grandmother’s condition was very unoptimistic. She always felt dizzy. Every day she relied on expensive drugs to temporarily stop the pain. She still wrapped the dumplings happily. We all knew that she was afraid that we would not be able to eat the dumplings she handbagged. Zheng didn’t like rice dumplings very much, but I still ate seven with tears, so I didn’t eat anything else. Grandma thought I liked it very much, and she was going to pack some more for us to take home. I finally failed to control myself and cried out. My mother knew I was crying because of my grandmother, but she didn’t want to destroy her good mood and comfort. “It doesn’t matter if you don’t do well in the exam. It won’t take another year to study. How can we all support you?” I cried and didn’t give any answer. Then my grandmother took me to her not very bright room and took out a string of wood-carved beads with me. These beads were from her management of a small temple when she was young. Now they can smell the scent of incense wood. She helps. I smiled and said to me, “How can my great grandson do badly in the exam? If you wear this string of pearls and Bodhisattvas to protect you from going to college, Grandma will also follow you to enjoy happiness.” I smiled at Grandma and looked at the string of pearls and thought, how can Grandma be so simple, how can this string of pearls protect me? If this string of pearls really will protect me, I must. My grandmother is healthy and healthy to accompany me, she is so simple, I hope that time will always stay at that moment, the next day I took her bag of zongzi and beads home, she still like to send us to the fish pond below the home, I walked a few broken roads and can see her looking at us, until I could not see her, then neither I nor she thought that this was a farewell. !
After a few months, I went to college as I wished, and the beads that my grandmother gave me came to light, but my wish didn’t come true. My mother called me and told me that my grandmother had died and that the funeral would be held immediately because I was too far away. My mother told me not to go back. Anyway, there was no room left. I was numb and could not shed tears, but it was more painful. She had been hospitalized before. Two days before her death, she had difficulty breathing, stopped eating and began to speak vaguely. But she still insisted on returning to her hometown. The doctor also said that she might not be able to stand up and everyone could not find her, so she had to be sent back to her hometown. She had to leave us forever in the rush of the country road.
My uncle had a grand funeral for my grandmother. He came to mourn her great life and carved dishes as a memorial, which became the only way for me to watch her funeral. I didn’t expect that I would attend my grandmother’s funeral in this way. When I saw the dishes and some pictures, I felt sad for a long time and couldn’t calm down. Memories seem to return to childhood holidays, the pond under Grandma’s house and small fish are moving, warning that it’s going to rain, and we and Grandma gathered together to pack up the food in front of the door. In spring, Grandma will take us to grow melons and order beans, and then we will make trouble specially and follow Grandma home in the drizzle; in summer, Grandma will pick watermelons in the field to cool us and quench our thirst in the hot sun; in autumn, she will always give me a lot of fruits and vegetables to bring home; in winter, Grandma is not busy outside, but she is preparing food for the New Year. I always cook delicious sausages and bacon for me to eat; now, only familiar villages and I, but less amiable grandmother, I hope I am still a child, no relatives leave the trouble, grandmother is still that grandmother, there is no pain that can not escape.