Paper dragonfly

In my long teenage years, there was a chapter that belonged only to the balcony of my family, which was 5 square meters long.
The hot sun baked the city like a hot potato. I didn’t stay in the classroom depressed like other girls and let the fans blow all over the place. The bone injury of the left ankle is the most grand reason for truancy.
Hiding on the balcony of my home, looking at the clouds through the dense and unusual ornamental plants, I have only one pastime for the whole summer. Living on the top floor nearest to the sky, but without a pair of wings to fly, is a waste of resources. Naturally, the mood will not be as bright as the sunshine. When a girl begins to learn to observe the world with her own eyes, her sensitive mind is always the first to experience sadness.
The little bamboo basket tied to the rope was thrown out of the balcony by me. Put it down, pull it up, toss and turn again and again, killing a lot of empty and lonely time. You can’t catch fish in the air, but I found a basket of paper dragonflies. A small card, with the smell of tobacco on it, and the elegant and neat handwriting of a man: When you are in a bad mood, let them go!
The unexpected gains are always gratifying. I immediately picked a rose I planted from the pot, and I was eager to give back this strange gift.
“Thank you. It’s the first time I’ve received someone else’s flowers. How beautiful!
That afternoon, the sky was blue and clear, there was no cicada crying obscurely, there was no wind.
For a long time afterwards, I communicated with the men downstairs in such a strange and interesting way as to convey messages to each other. I often put the basket down slowly with a feeling of uneasiness. Every time, I can recover a few warm and interesting words and all kinds of paper dragonflies. He was an ordinary night-old teacher who lived downstairs with his family; he was 14 years older than me and called me “little children” kindly like his own children; he said that paper dragonflies were his favorite toys in childhood, and told me how to make them….
Sometimes downstairs came the harsh voice of women, which I could not understand in Wenzhou dialect. He never mentioned these private topics to me, nor did he ask me why I played truant, nor did he invite me downstairs to sit down. We all carefully reserve the last inch of space for each other.
I don’t know how long this kind of life will last. Five square meters of balcony, small paper dragonflies give me too much happiness and secrets. The melancholy and sadness inherent in the teenage years were offset by the tolerance and patience of the strange man downstairs.
Turning in the hot night, the noise downstairs disturbs my mood at all times. Hysterical women swear loudly, children cry hoarsely, and heavy objects hit the floor countless times. I pricked up my ears, but I couldn’t find the man’s voice. His silence made the night extremely frightening.
The next morning, standing on the balcony, I saw a large piece of paper dragonflies flying through the grass downstairs.
Before long, the man downstairs moved away. The small basket tied to the rope drifted solitary outside the balcony on the top floor, and nothing was salvaged.