Bill Gates guest star in American TV series

It home December 12 news today the sixth season of the American drama “Silicon Valley” ushered in the finale. Bill Gates guest starred in one of the important roles is himself. As the founder and former CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates expressed his confusion about the reasons for the failure of Piper’s entrepreneurship.
Silicon Valley describes four unsociable but brilliant computer programmers who are specially cared for by millionaires who depend on Internet sites to make their fortune. They can live in his home for free, but if their project is successful in the future, he will take a 10% stake. At first, these people failed to persuade a billionaire to invest in their project, so they returned to their original jobs. The billionaire and one of the company’s computer programmers soon realized that their new file compression algorithm had immeasurable business potential, and a heated battle began.
In November, Bill Gates recommended Silicon Valley in his blog. If you want to understand how Silicon Valley works, you should watch the HBO TV series, he said.
Silicon Valley tells the story of pied piper, an Internet start-up company, and how a group of people who are not good at working with others try to make their ideas come true and compete with technology giant Hooli. The venture touched gates.
“It’s satirical, so it exaggerates, but like all great satires, it captures a lot of substance.” “I feel familiar with most of the different personalities in the TV series,” Gates wrote
What gates felt the most was Richard Hendricks, the founder of pied piper. He was a first-class programmer, but he learned some painful lessons in management.
Of course, Gates also tucking aside one aspect of the play: Pied Piper is described with extraordinary ability, while Hooli, such as Google and Microsoft, has been described as incompetent.