Spring Festival Life

If you ask what day is the busiest, your answer must be the Spring Festival. I like the Spring Festival. Why? Please listen to me carefully.
On the eve of Spring Festival, adults will prepare a lot of beef, mutton, vegetables and fruits. We can stick couplets, Spring Festival couplets.
According to legend, this festival existed in Yao and Shun dynasties in China. The oracle bone inscriptions in Yin and Shang dynasties also recorded the Spring Festival. There was a custom of celebrating 桑拿佛山the first Spring Festival. However, it was difficult to determine whether the calendar was accurate or not. In 104 BC, the first year of Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty, the people of China created the “Taichu Calendar”. It is clearly stipulated that the first month of the lunar calendar shall be the first year of the year. From then on, the custom of the lunar new year has spread for more than 2000 years. Until the founding of New China and the change to AD, the festival will be changed to the Spring Festival.
In our country’s oldest written records, there are many stories about the first year of the year. The month of December and the new spring are just the leisure seasons after the “harvest in autumn and harvest in桑拿广州 winter”. Zheng Xuan of the Han Dynasty also said that at the beginning of the first year of the year, “labouring farmers to rest”. Take our words today, it means the combination of work and leisure.
So how did the Spring Festival come about? Legend has it that long ago, a young man named Wannian saw that the festivals were chaotic and wanted to set the time. One day, he went up to the mountains to cut firewood, sat down under the shade of trees and rested. The movement of the shadows inspired him. He designed a sundial for measuring the sun’s shadow. However, it was cloudy, rainy and foggy, which affected the measurement. Later, the dripping springs on the cliffs aroused his interest. He started to make five leaking pots. Over the years, he found that every 360 days, the length of the day would be repeated.
At that time, the emperor was Zuyi. The unexpected weather made him very distressed. A minister named Aheng, in order to please the emperor, said to set up a roof to worship the gods. Zuyi thought it was reasonable to lead hundreds of officials to worship the gods, but it was no use. After thousands of years of knowing, he could not help but bring a sundial and a leaky pot to the emperor, and told Zuyi the truth about the operation of the sun and the moon. After Zu Yi listened to Longyan Dayue, he felt reasonable. So he left the ten thousand years behind and built the Sun and Moon Pavilion in front of the Temple of Heaven, built the sundial platform and the leaky pot pavilion, and sent twelve children to wait for ten thousand years. Zu Yi said to Wannian, “I hope you can measure the law of 广州桑拿the sun and the moon, calculate the exact time of morning and evening, and create a calendar for the benefit of the people of Li under the world.”
On one occasion, Zu Yi ordered Aheng to know the progress of the ten thousand year test calendar. When he climbed the Temple of Sun and Moon, he saw some words written on the stone wall beside the Temple of Heaven. When Aheng saw them, he knew that the calendar had been studied successfully. He was afraid that the emperor would reuse him and assassinate him in Japan for ten thousand years. As a result, the assassin was caught by the guards and Zu knew that. Afterwards, Aheng was punished and went to the Sun and Moon Pavilion to visit Wannian in person. Wannian pointed to the sky and said to Zuyi, “Now it is 12 months old, the old age is over, the new spring starts again, and pray for the king to set a festival.” Zu Yi said, “Spring is the way of the year. It’s called the Spring Festival.”
Winter went to spring, year after year, and later, after long-term observation and careful calculation, an accurate solar calendar was formulated. Later, in order to commemorate the achievements of the ten thousand years, the solar day was named “the ten thousand year calendar” and sealed as the sun, moon and longevity star. Later, people put up the map of longevity star in the New Year, according to legend, in order to commemorate the ten thousand years.