Female teacher receives geography love letter

Some chemistry teachers make the periodic table of elements into songs, and some mathematics teachers make the last question of the sprint test paper into poems Every time I see such news, I have to sigh: it’s not easy to be a teacher these days, not only to strive for strength, but also to strive for creativity.
These days, a geography teacher in Jinhua Binhong senior high school became angry. Because she received 700 love letters in just four days.
More than 200 students
I wrote 700 love letters in two days
The teacher who received the love letter is Ding Xiaohan, the geography teacher of Binhong senior high school. The love letter comes from her senior one (9), (10), (11) and (12) classes.
In fact, “love letter” is written by Mr. Ding and requires “geographic edition”. The reason why I have this idea is that I just learned the content of geography compulsory one, and I want to combine it with interest, let the students “change from passive to active”, and read the textbook again.
At the beginning of the arrangement, Mr. Ding was not at the bottom of his mind. He was so busy with his studies. He was afraid that the students would conflict with this form of homework.
Unexpectedly, in just four days, more than 200 students have submitted 700 works, basically every student has submitted them, the most is Lin Ranran of class 10, who wrote 15 works by himself.
These “love letters” cover a wide range of knowledge, involving geography compulsory one, compulsory two, compulsory three, regional geography, and even the contents of elective modules, which are far beyond Mr. Ding’s expectation.
Take a look at some of the love letters. I don’t know anything about geography. I really can’t understand them.
You are the cold port of Vladivostok
I’m the port of Murmansk that never freezes
I keep my heart forever
Waiting for you to enter my world
This “love letter” was written by Luo Linxiang, a freshman in Grade 9, who likes geography silently. Occasionally, he comes to Mr. Ding’s office to ask some questions. The geographical knowledge covered by “love poems” is two famous ports in Russia: Vladivostok port (Vladivostok), which is affected by the cold current of thousand islands and has a long freezing period. Affected by the North Atlantic warm current, the port of Murmansk is not frozen all year round.
I was a gray limestone
One day I will be transformed into
A fine marble
Shi tianxinyu, a senior 1 (9) student with a good geographical record, handed in 10 articles in total, including the transformation among the three major rocks. Limestone metamorphism became the knowledge point of marble.
Like how you can be dignified
I want to cross like a cold front
Cloudy, windy, snowy
This song, written by Jiang Gang, a senior one (10) class, is a favorite of Mr. Ding. It is rainy, snowy and windy when cold front passes through the country, showing the feeling of “bullying” when he likes it.
Students call teachers “super baby”
Teachers are only seven years older than students
To receive so many homework, Mr. Ding himself did not expect. One of the reasons is that she is popular among her classmates.
Born in 1996, Mr. Ding graduated from Zhejiang Normal University and studied geography. He took part in the work in September this year. Now, most of these senior one students were born in 2003. In other words, Mr. Ding is only seven years older than them.
Mr. Ding has a nickname – “super baby”. This is the name of teacher Ding’s U disk. Once it was discovered by her classmates. Everyone thought it was very close to her with the head of the ball tied. Slowly the nickname spread.
“Every student is a warm individual. When they like school and geography from the heart, they will feel the joy of active learning.” In order to improve the students’ enthusiasm for learning, Mr. Ding has not spared no effort. In addition to this “love letter”, she once printed out a black-and-white world map for students to fill in colors. “At that time,” secret garden “color filling was very popular. Imitate it and remember the world climate distribution while playing.”
This time, the students wrote “love letters”, and Mr. Ding could not be idle. She specially bought many blank postcards from the Internet, and was going to choose some “love letters” to make pictures and print them. These star postcards will be presented to her classmates as New Year gifts.