Rational treatment of mobile phones

I do not know when, the campus began to be full of games and gossip, Langlang book sound gradually buried in the gossip sound. Instead of blushing over the correct answer to a puzzle, students talk about how we can get through that level in the game and kill the monster. It is not uncommon for schools to prohibit the use of mobile phones. Why has an invention originally benefiting mankind become a major obstacle to learning? What are these reasons? I think it is worth thinking slowly.
One aspect of mobile phone’s desire to stop is mainly because of its eye-catching games and gossip news. Various kinds of information have been refreshing our own views. Mobile phones have kidnapped us a lot of time. Especially for students, mobile phones really become a harmful invention for students. They stay up late and play games. They keep brushing their mobile phones in class. These actions not only make them unable to learn more knowledge in school, but also seriously damage the students’mental and physical health. In addition, what’s more, those students cheat their parents for the so-called high-end mobile phones, and they have conflicts with teachers over and over again. These actions are all caused by the popularity of mobile phones, which is really harmful to these people but not beneficial.
In order to be able to accompany with mobile phones all day, some students rack their brains to fight against schools and teachers. They play 36 tricks, all kinds of proficiency, all kinds of tricks. Sometimes both teachers and parents are helpless. If students spend their minds on mobile phones, they will probably be addicted to virtual networks, and eventually become decadent both in study and in life.
The common phenomenon of mobile phone use is becoming younger and younger. From the staff who have entered the society to the students from middle school to junior high school, mobile phones have become the most headache for teachers and parents. Is it not the fault of mobile phones that teachers and schools and you forbid mobile phones to be brought into the campus, they use signal shielding devices to prevent students from playing with mobile phones in class. All this is to prevent students from sinking into mobile phones. But these methods can not fundamentally solve the problem of students playing mobile phones. In order to solve the problem of students playing mobile phones thoroughly, we must cultivate students’self-control and resistance to temptation. Mobile phone is a very good learning aid, it can be used as a reference book, but also after class we can learn some, so that we have better skills. But because some students do not have self-control, they are tempted by mobile phones again and again. The various software and functions on mobile phones make them fall into the trap again and again. Although mobile phones have a serious impact on middle school students, we must look at things rationally. Everything has two sides. We can’t generalize it on the whole. If you don’t have self-control and can’t control yourself, don’t complain about the shortcomings brought by mobile phones. If we want mobile phones to really play their role. We must start from ourselves, from the individual, and improve our self-control and patience. Only a person with strong self-control will not be shaken by the temptation of the outside world. Secondly, we should. Clear their own goals, distinguish primary and secondary, the first priority of students is to learn. Mobile phone should only be used as an entertainment tool in your daily life. Besides mobile phone, there are more beautiful nature, such as blue sky, green land, clear and lovely river. If you give up part of your cell phone, you will be able to appreciate real happiness instead of just using these virtual things to paralyze your nerves. Put down your cell phone and see the new world outside. The world is really beautiful. The world is big. You should go out for a walk.
Mobile phone, it is a double-edged sword, with good words, it can bring us great convenience, otherwise it will only harm but not benefit. Use mobile phones correctly, treat them rationally, and don’t let them become a tool to corrupt you. Mobile phones should be the ladder of your progress, the stepping stone of your success, and should not be the stumbling block to become your burden. At our present age, learning will be a fact, and our future road will be a more relaxed choice. When you can’t control yourself, think about the road ahead is still so long, so far away, there are still many things waiting for you to complete in the future, you still have so many goals to achieve? And there’s a long way to go from your dream. Are you willing to sink? Are you willing to lag behind? And you use mobile phones, using mobile phones to bring us greater benefits. Only in this way can you get closer and closer to your dream, sacrifice the present moment’s comfort, and maybe later you will be so free, a freedom to choose the job you want, a freedom to choose the life you want. In the future, your standard of living may also be improved.
Learn to use mobile phones with me. Instead of drifting with the tide and using mobile phones for recreation with others. You are a big child, you have to learn to be responsible for your own future, you have to learn to restrain yourself, do not let your youth full of regrets, do not let your youth destroyed in the mobile phone, rational view of mobile phones, rational use of mobile phones, from you and me.