Opening time announced by 17 provinces

Listen to the story of war “epidemic” and learn the knowledge of epidemic prevention On March 25, senior three students of Ningxia junior high school sat in the classroom to welcome the special “the first class”. On this day, teachers and students of grade three in Shanxi returned to campus after more than two months’ absence.
With the relief of the epidemic situation and the smooth progress of resumption of work and production, school opening has been put on the agenda. Recently, many places have made clear the opening time.
According to the statistics of the reporter, up to the time of publication, 17 provinces in the mainland have made clear the opening time, of which, some students in 6 provinces have stepped into the campus and returned to their desks. Other provinces are also preparing for the start of school, and students will be back soon.
More than ten provinces open “soon”
At 7:10, the students of Baita campus of kunshizhong entered the campus one by one through temperature monitoring. They have been in school for a week. Since March 23, the third grade of senior high school and the third grade of junior high school in Yunnan Province have officially started.
At present, six provinces (mainland) have started school. In addition to the Ningxia, Shanxi and Yunnan mentioned above, on February 27, Guizhou Province decided to officially open school on March 16 for senior three and junior three students (other grades to be determined). Then Xinjiang also announced that senior three, junior three, secondary vocational school graduation grade is scheduled to open on March 16. Tibet has made it clear that schools of all kinds and at all levels will open in late March 2020.
According to statistics, as of the morning of March 27, there are 17 provinces in the mainland that have determined the opening time. In addition to the above six provinces / autonomous regions, 11 other provinces / autonomous regions are about to open school, including Liaoning, Jiangsu, Anhui, Fujian, Jiangxi, Hainan, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Qinghai, Guangxi and Inner Mongolia.
The reporter learned that many provinces are actively preparing for the opening of the school. For example, on March 19, Jilin Province issued a notice requiring all localities to make preparations for the start of primary and secondary schools before March 31, while many areas in Shandong Province have been carrying out the verification of school opening conditions, for example, Dezhou City clearly will complete the verification before March 31.
There are also areas that have been slow to open school. The relevant departments in Beijing, Shandong, Chongqing and other places have also refuted the rumors about the opening time spread on the Internet. It is reported that at present, Hubei, Tianjin, Beijing and Hebei still maintain the level of first-class emergency response.
Open the credit batch and the university is about to open
On the evening of March 13, Wang Dengfeng, director of the office of the leading group of the Ministry of education in response to the epidemic, said that we should first solve the problem of opening primary and secondary schools nearby, and then consider the opening of Universities on the premise that primary and secondary schools are basically open, or that the epidemic situation is further controlled.
The reporter noted that all places started school in accordance with the suggestions put forward by the Ministry of education, in order to ensure the safety of the back to school process.
At present, most of the provinces that determine the starting time are junior and senior three; only three provinces are clear about the starting time of other grades of primary and secondary schools, namely Jiangsu, Yunnan and Qinghai; in addition, only one province in Jiangsu determines the starting time of kindergarten as April 13.
In terms of colleges and universities, at present, Jiangsu, Qinghai, Ningxia, Xinjiang and other places have a clear opening time. Jiangsu requires colleges and universities to start school on April 13 in six batches; in principle, colleges and universities in Qinghai Province will start school from April 1 to April 15 in succession; colleges and universities in Xinjiang will start school in batches from April 8, 2020 spring semester.
In addition, many colleges and universities have also issued a notice requiring teachers and workers to rework and conduct school opening exercises. Wuhan University issued a notice that required foreign teachers and workers to return to Wuhan before March 31.
In terms of the start date, Jiangsu junior high school, Shaanxi senior high school and other primary and secondary schools in Yunnan Province set the start date at March 30, which will be a small “wave peak”. More provinces set the start date of all kinds of schools at all levels on April 7 and April 13. At present, April will usher in the start peak.

Wuhan screening percentage

Xinhua news agency, Wuhan, Feb. 10 (reporter Guo Xiaoying) at present, 10.59 million people have been screened in Wuhan, and all suspected patients will be “cleared” on Feb. 11. This is the information released by Ma Guoqiang, deputy secretary of the Hubei provincial Party committee and Secretary of the Wuhan municipal Party committee, on the evening of 10 evening at the news conference of the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work in the province.
Ma Guoqiang said that as of September 9, Wuhan had investigated 3371 communities and villages, 4.21 million households and 10.59 million people, with 98.6% of households and 99% of people. By noon on the 10th, 1499 patients who had not been hospitalized before were all hospitalized. For the suspected severe patients who have not been admitted before, they have been arranged to non designated hospitals for treatment and isolation, and speed up the detection and diagnosis as soon as possible.
When asked whether the suspected patients have been tested, Ma Guoqiang said that although he has tried his best to speed up the efficiency of the test, he has not yet completely achieved the “zero” of the suspected patients’ test. “Our goal is to” clear “all suspected patients by tomorrow (11th).” He said.
Zhang Hongxing, director of Wuhan Health Committee, said that the primary task of all designated medical institutions at present is to collect and treat the confirmed severe cases and critical cases, as well as suspected critical cases. For patients with mild to severe disease, the referral mechanism will be activated quickly.
With regard to clinical treatment, Zhang Dingyu, President of Wuhan Jinyintan hospital, said that at present, the hospital has admitted more than 1500 confirmed cases. Most of the patients, including severe and critical patients, can be discharged smoothly after various oxygen therapy, symptomatic treatment and immunomodulatory treatment without excessive panic.
“At present, there are no cases of relapse and reinfection among discharged patients in our hospital, including patients with severe and critical diseases.” Zhang Dingyu said that after all patients are cured and discharged from hospital, antibodies will be produced in the body for a period of time. Whether lifelong immunity can be achieved remains to be further studied.

Quantum wave speed reading checked

Never mind, quantum mechanics. I can’t explain. I’m going through time and space. “
Science fiction movies usually use the above two sentences to cover up the things that cannot be explained, and the beautiful name is “pay homage to the myth”
However, in real life, some organizations take this nonsense as a magic weapon, and set up a set of teaching system, with the reputation of “whole brain training”, teach children “quantum wave speed reading”, and attract a large number of unknown parents “devout inquiry” to send their children to the past.
On January 16, the Ministry of Education announced the investigation and treatment of several off campus training institutions that had violated the regulations, and shut down several institutions that had violated the regulations in Shenzhen, Taiyuan and Chengdu to carry out similar off campus training, including Shenzhen Branch of Beijing smart brain development Co., Ltd., Zhuolun education, Sichuan pilot Vance Education Technology Co., Ltd., Jinjiang Branch of Chengdu xuezhihai Education Consulting Co., Ltd., and Sichuan Qiqi Avis Education Technology Co., Ltd.
These institutions, which do not even have business licenses or school permits, claim that “the faster they read 100000 words in 1-5 minutes”, the closer they are to the universe. These are the words of netizens that “businessmen just rub my IQ on the ground” are believed by some people, and there are many people.
In the secret interview video of people’s on October 23, 2019, a potential training camp held by our excellent education technology Co., Ltd. in Hebei Province announced that after learning, students can read with blindfold eyes, recognize colors with blindfold eyes, sense words with arms, and even carry objects, break steel spoon with open eyes, see through envelope with open eyes, and read with ears.
In the video, some students with black cloth on their eyes perform badly under the instruction of the organization teacher.
Tianyan inspection shows that Hebei meiben excellent education technology Co., Ltd. was founded on October 30, 2017, and its legal representative is Zhang Xiujuan. The company has been listed in the list of business exceptions twice in 2019 due to “the registered residence or business site cannot be contacted”. In fact, if the company is listed in the list of business exceptions and fails to perform relevant obligations for 3 years, it will be listed in the list of serious illegal and dishonest enterprises for management.
However, Tianyan inspection shows that the business status of the enterprise is currently showing survival, that is, “the enterprise exists and continues to operate normally in accordance with the law”. The city called the company, but it was not connected up to the time of publication.
In fact, before being informed by the Ministry of education, the legend of quantum wave speed reading had been circulating for a long time in the primary school community. In their performance, even if the children take the book down, it does not affect them to finish a book in 5 minutes and repeat it completely. Back in 1979, Tang Yu, a young man who read with his ears, reported by Sichuan Daily, has been proved to have achieved the goal of so-called ear literacy by changing notes, stealing and cheating. Because of being caught, the scene was extremely embarrassing.
Quantum speed, super perception, full brain potential development… There is a lesson in the past, parents really don’t know this is a trick?
In the communication with a nearly victimized parent, the city circle learned that she sent her child to a fluctuating speed reading training institution. When the child was in the institution, he could read with his eyes covered. But when he got home, the child told her that the black cloth covered with his eyes was transparent. Fortunately, it is still in the audition stage, and the parents are not cheated.
The parent told the city community that they were also college students, and knew it was impossible in their hearts, but they always had a fluke mentality: “there are other parents in the organization who also sent their children, in case it is true, my children will lose the opportunity if they don’t go?” This parent is quite embarrassed to tell the city, sometimes it is impossible to take the children, this is the urgent medical treatment.
The thinking of Chinese parents is really magical. A 20 yuan parenting book is too expensive for him, but he is eager to spend tens of thousands of yuan to try a sand sculpture training.
Xiong Bingqi, vice president of the College of education and research in the 21st century, told the city circle that this reflected a phenomenon that exists in our society in pursuit of success, opportunism and even obsession. Some people prefer to abandon basic common sense in order to get rich.
Some time ago, an article “I took drugs, mom fed” was swiped on the screen. In order to improve the children’s performance in a short period of time, parents fed them smart drugs, which led to their children suffering from drug addiction. It sounds creepy.
In order not to let their children lose in the starting line, parents believe in the other side of the road, trying to take a shortcut in the process of jumping off, so that they are reaped by the fraud organization.
Li Hong, a netizen, once told the story of attending the quick reading lecture of quantum wave when she was a child. She was selected by the master and completely retelled 400 pages of English books. The master in her ear to say an enlightening words: “you just make up.”
Fortunately, tianwanghuihui is careless without omission.

Female teacher receives geography love letter

Some chemistry teachers make the periodic table of elements into songs, and some mathematics teachers make the last question of the sprint test paper into poems Every time I see such news, I have to sigh: it’s not easy to be a teacher these days, not only to strive for strength, but also to strive for creativity.
These days, a geography teacher in Jinhua Binhong senior high school became angry. Because she received 700 love letters in just four days.
More than 200 students
I wrote 700 love letters in two days
The teacher who received the love letter is Ding Xiaohan, the geography teacher of Binhong senior high school. The love letter comes from her senior one (9), (10), (11) and (12) classes.
In fact, “love letter” is written by Mr. Ding and requires “geographic edition”. The reason why I have this idea is that I just learned the content of geography compulsory one, and I want to combine it with interest, let the students “change from passive to active”, and read the textbook again.
At the beginning of the arrangement, Mr. Ding was not at the bottom of his mind. He was so busy with his studies. He was afraid that the students would conflict with this form of homework.
Unexpectedly, in just four days, more than 200 students have submitted 700 works, basically every student has submitted them, the most is Lin Ranran of class 10, who wrote 15 works by himself.
These “love letters” cover a wide range of knowledge, involving geography compulsory one, compulsory two, compulsory three, regional geography, and even the contents of elective modules, which are far beyond Mr. Ding’s expectation.
Take a look at some of the love letters. I don’t know anything about geography. I really can’t understand them.
You are the cold port of Vladivostok
I’m the port of Murmansk that never freezes
I keep my heart forever
Waiting for you to enter my world
This “love letter” was written by Luo Linxiang, a freshman in Grade 9, who likes geography silently. Occasionally, he comes to Mr. Ding’s office to ask some questions. The geographical knowledge covered by “love poems” is two famous ports in Russia: Vladivostok port (Vladivostok), which is affected by the cold current of thousand islands and has a long freezing period. Affected by the North Atlantic warm current, the port of Murmansk is not frozen all year round.
I was a gray limestone
One day I will be transformed into
A fine marble
Shi tianxinyu, a senior 1 (9) student with a good geographical record, handed in 10 articles in total, including the transformation among the three major rocks. Limestone metamorphism became the knowledge point of marble.
Like how you can be dignified
I want to cross like a cold front
Cloudy, windy, snowy
This song, written by Jiang Gang, a senior one (10) class, is a favorite of Mr. Ding. It is rainy, snowy and windy when cold front passes through the country, showing the feeling of “bullying” when he likes it.
Students call teachers “super baby”
Teachers are only seven years older than students
To receive so many homework, Mr. Ding himself did not expect. One of the reasons is that she is popular among her classmates.
Born in 1996, Mr. Ding graduated from Zhejiang Normal University and studied geography. He took part in the work in September this year. Now, most of these senior one students were born in 2003. In other words, Mr. Ding is only seven years older than them.
Mr. Ding has a nickname – “super baby”. This is the name of teacher Ding’s U disk. Once it was discovered by her classmates. Everyone thought it was very close to her with the head of the ball tied. Slowly the nickname spread.
“Every student is a warm individual. When they like school and geography from the heart, they will feel the joy of active learning.” In order to improve the students’ enthusiasm for learning, Mr. Ding has not spared no effort. In addition to this “love letter”, she once printed out a black-and-white world map for students to fill in colors. “At that time,” secret garden “color filling was very popular. Imitate it and remember the world climate distribution while playing.”
This time, the students wrote “love letters”, and Mr. Ding could not be idle. She specially bought many blank postcards from the Internet, and was going to choose some “love letters” to make pictures and print them. These star postcards will be presented to her classmates as New Year gifts.