Former NBA president dies

Former NBA President David Stern has died at the age of 77, NBA officials reported. NBA stars and active players mourn stern on social media. Stern passed away, but he left behind a brilliant NBA career, left behind a scene of unforgettable star shots, left the basketball sports league to the global market business myth.
Jordan: “without you, there would be no me now.”
James: “I will never forget the moment when you called my name and I came on stage to shake hands with you. You make my dream come true. “
Kobe Bryant: “the NBA has made great progress and changes under your leadership. Thank you. R.I.P “
Curry: “I will always remember when you called my name at the draft convention, it changed my life“
Wade: “I shook hands with you on June 26, 2003, when my dream came true.”
Lillard: “I’m very sad that you have made basketball more international.”
Iverson: “sincere condolences to your family”
O’Neill: “r.ip, my David.”
Can’t count David Stern’s promotion and influence on NBA! How many young people’s lives have been changed, and the healthy ecosystem in which the alliance has been growing has been ignited with vision and ambition. What is greater than that as a leader and propaganda Ambassador? In order to let China watch the NBA, he waited for a long time downstairs on CCTV. He made basketball fans have idols and dreams. The old man went all the way! Thank you for your vision and memories for generations.