Girl abuse couple arrested

On May 5, 2020, the people’s Procuratorate of Jiansanjiang approved the arrest of Qu Tingting and Yu Chuanlong, the suspects in the case of intentional injury and abuse of girls in Jiansanjiang venture farm, Heilongjiang Province, on suspicion of intentional injury and abuse. The case is under further processing.
At the same time, the people’s Procuratorate of Jiansanjiang supports Zhang Mou, the mother of the injured girl, to file a civil lawsuit to change the custody relationship, and the case is under trial in the court.
Earlier reports: abuse of a 4-year-old girl in Heilongjiang Province: neighbors heard beating and scolding for four or five hours in a row, and her father called her “disobedient”
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The implication of scars
Recently, all this happened to Han Han, a 4-year-old girl in Heilongjiang Province, which caused everyone’s anger. The perpetrator of these wounds is the closest person around her.
When the child abuse incident was exposed, Yu Chuanlong, Han’s father, in an interview with his girlfriend Qu Tingting, once blamed all the blame. But in the subsequent investigation by the police, Yu Chuanlong was also detained as a suspect of violence. According to reports, in addition to Qu Tingting hitting Han’s head against the door frame, Yu Chuanlong has also beaten his daughter with data lines and brooms.
A neighbor said he had come forward to remind Yu Chuanlong and Qu Tingting of beating and scolding their children for hours, but the answer was “the child is not obedient”. Local community workers also said that they wanted to intervene in mediation, but because of the lack of evidence of child abuse, “there is not much that can be done.”.
Qu Tingting and Yu Chuanlong
The girl is still in a coma
On April 28, a 4-year-old girl from Jiansanjiang venture farm in Heilongjiang Province was beaten to intracranial hemorrhage by her biological father and her cohabiting girlfriend, which was exposed on Weibo by netizens. According to the photos released by the netizen, the injured girl has many obvious scars from her mouth and nose to her whole body.
According to netizens, the girl was sent to ICU ward for craniotomy due to intracranial hemorrhage. His father, Yu Chuanlong, and his girlfriend, Qu Tingting, were summoned by police on April 26 for investigation. Qu Tingting confessed to the fact that she abused the girl, and was escorted to Jiamusi detention center on April 27 for detention. Jiansanjiang procuratorate intervened in the investigation in advance.
In an interview with the media, the netizen said that he was very angry to learn about it from his doctor friend, so he entrusted his doctor friend to take a picture and expose it on Weibo. Han Han is still comatose, with symptoms such as organ failure, malnutrition and tachycardia, according to a hospital insider.
On April 29, Jiansanjiang branch of Heilongjiang reclamation Public Security Bureau issued a police report. At about 6:00 a.m. on April 23, Han Han pulled the stool into the diapers she was wearing, which caused Qu Tingting’s dissatisfaction. She tugged the girl’s collar and hit her head hard on the door frame and door plate of the toilet, causing the girl to shiver and roll her eyes.
Han Han, four, had been living with her grandparents in Huachuan County before. On January 10, Yu Chuanlong received her to the venture farm. According to a police investigation, Yu Chuanlong also used his hands, data lines and brooms to beat up girls while living together. Qu Tingting and Yu Chuanlong have been detained by the police on suspicion of intentional injury.
According to the preliminary identification of forensic medicine, the culvert caused by mechanical external force is of the second grade of serious injury, with subdural hematoma accompanied by brain compression symptoms and signs; the culvert caused by mechanical external force is of the second grade of minor injury, with bilateral nasal bone fractures; the culvert caused by mechanical external force is of the second grade of minor injury; the culvert caused by mechanical external force is of the second grade of skin injury, body surface scald, left lower middle incisor crown fracture of facial soft tissue wound, which is of the minor injury.
At present, in order to make girls receive better treatment, their families have transferred them to other hospitals in the province for treatment, accompanied by their own mother and grandparents. In an interview with the media, Han’s biological mother said that when she divorced Yu Chuanlong, the court awarded the child to the man. The most recent meeting with the child was at her grandparents’ home in December 2019. “I don’t want my daughter to suffer such serious injuries again, and I will fight for custody. Those who hurt my girl should be accounted for. “
Yu Chuanlong argued for himself in wechat group
The natural father who was detained after leaving himself
At the beginning of the child abuse incident, Yu Chuanlong repeatedly cleared his relationship with himself in his explanation. On the evening of April 27, in the wechat group of his martial arts class, Yu Chuanlong announced that his girlfriend Qu Tingting abused her daughter. “It has been reported to the police. The police has investigated the truth and directly sentenced her. She will be sent to prison tomorrow.”
In an interview with a deep-seated reporter, Yu Chuanlong said that on the night of April 22, he received a phone call from Qu Tingting saying that the child had “smoked”, so he rushed home and saw Han Han lying in bed with convulsions in his limbs, who was diagnosed with intracranial hemorrhage after being sent to the hospital.
As for her daughter’s condition, Qu Tingting explained that she got up and danced well in the morning, and suddenly fell to the ground and began to twitch. But the doctor told Yu Chuanlong that it was caused by the impact of an external force, and had already called the police, “I agree to do the same.” Yu Chuanlong said.
According to Yu Chuanlong, in May 2019, he met Qu Tingting at a dinner party with friends, and the two quickly developed into a relationship and lived together with their former children. Yu Chuanlong once thought that 30-year-old Qu Tingting took Han as her own and often bought more than ten sets of clothes, shoes and socks for her daughter at one go, which moved him very much. “I’m also very good to her son, and we two single parent families can be in this group