20000 monthly salary for pig breeding

Some time ago, there was a saying in the circle of friends: pork is 60 kilos. How about the coming winter? Where is the sausage? Where is bacon? Who do you want the radish stewed with? What do you think of cabbage and vermicelli? Potatoes are too annoying. Where is the pickled dried vegetables? Where to buckle?
In 2018, a large number of pigs have been culled since the outbreak of African swine fever in China.
Pork prices keep refreshing, one a day. From 10 yuan a Jin soared to 30-40 yuan a Jin, can not afford to eat pork netizens have ridiculed themselves. “Now think about the time when the teacher asked me to go home and raise pigs for my good”, “today I go to buy pork, the boss asked me whether I should pay in full or in down payment”, “have you realized the freedom of pork”
The imbalance between supply and demand has led to a sharp rise in pork prices, and pig enterprises have made a lot of profits. No, today, a recruitment advertisement released by a listed company has become a hot topic#
Salary: 20000 yuan / month for undergraduate, 22000 yuan / month for master, 24000 yuan / month for doctor, which is quite attractive
The teacher used to say that he could only go home and raise pigs if he didn’t study hard. Now he understands the teacher’s good intentions, but he may not have dreamed of it. Now he has a doctor’s degree in pig farming
In line with the purpose of a stall, I read this recruitment ad (in advance, I am not interested in this position, um, not interested. Ah, it’s sour.)
So, where to see this company recruitment is pig!
At present, the development of all walks of life is becoming more and more refined, and more attention is paid to quality. That’s especially true for our catering related industries. High-end technical talents have become the focus of competition in various industries. Therefore, they should also want to better promote the development of enterprises through the power of technology.
Of course, the phenomenon of constantly improving the requirements of the industry is everywhere.
Just like the coming of the second child era, the whole Yuesao industry is booming. Our previous cognition is that these groups are generally young and middle-aged people with low education background. Now it is reported that the average monthly salary of sister-in-law is 9795 yuan, and more and more people with bachelor’s degree. Of course, the current moon sister-in-law is not as single as the previous needs, cooking and cleaning children. Know some basic nursing knowledge, medical knowledge and other professional skills will be more popular.
In the face of more and more fierce industry competition, only to improve their own strength will not be lost. This problem, huluwa group has not been able to relax. After all, it has always been adhering to the “mission of making the Internet more secure and credible”, providing all-round Internet security solutions such as Internet security authentication, electronic contract, network security, SSL certificate, level protection evaluation, etc. it has also been using leading technology, and constantly hiring industry-leading talents, that is to It can provide better services for users and contribute to the development of Internet Security and credibility.

Reporters were threatened to report the illegal production of mysterious people called after the report.

Journalists are sometimes a dangerous job. When they expose some kind of insider, they are often threatened by personal safety. Recently, a reporter reported illegal production but received threatening phone calls within 10 minutes. How was the reporter’s telephone leaked? What’s the inside story?
There is an open pit illegally discharged five or six hundred meters south of Baoluo Village, Tianzhuang Town, Pingdu City, Qingdao. Tailings are discharged without pipeline, which has caused certain damage to the main dam. Reporters reported the situation to the Tianzhuang Town Security Supervision Office in Pingdu City. About 10 minutes later, the reporter received a phone call from the accused, who said, “You don’t need to care how I know, but I already know your phone!”
In the broadcast of Shandong Inquiry into Politics on September 12, the mayor of Pingdu, Li Hucheng, responded, “It may be our national staff, who colluded with people who illegally mined mines and suspected of threatening whistleblowers.” He said that he would immediately integrate law enforcement departments and public security and judicial departments to intervene, resolutely deal with suspected criminal offences, transfer to law enforcement agencies, top punishment.
At present, the identity of the factory owner suspected of threatening journalists and the emergency staff who leaked information has been determined. They are Qin Xinde, General Manager of Qingdao Zhengrunlai Building Materials Co., Ltd., and Yu Ping, Director of Emergency Response Office of Tianzhuang Town. Yuping, director of Tianzhuang Town Emergency Response Office, told Qin Chengde, Secretary of village branch of Nansu village where the tailings reservoir is located, after receiving the reporter’s report telephone, Qin Chengde disclosed it to Qin Xinde, the owner of the tailings reservoir, and then Qin Xinde dialed the reporter’s telephone.
It is understood that Qin Chengde and Qin Xinde are brothers and relatives. At present, all three are under the control of the police, and the police and the Disciplinary Commission have jointly intervened in the investigation.


Thoughts on Teacher’s Day

The only feeling of this festival is nostalgia. Those who give us knowledge and guide us to grow up become ladders and marks in everyone’s life.
In the golden autumn of September, Dangui is fragrant and breezy, and hard gardeners are bathed in the glory of their careers. September 10 “Teacher’s Day” is so loud, China’s land of etiquette, across time and space, passionate reverberation. From the coast of the East China Sea to the snow-covered Tibet, from the South Treasure Island to the frontier outside the fortress, from the three-foot platform to the palace of knowledge, all are immersed in the joyous sea. “Teacher, you have worked hard!” A sincere greeting condensed all expectations; “Teacher, happy festival!” A sentence of affectionate blessings contains countless auspicious! The strong voice of the times constantly hit the hearts of preachers and professors, respecting teachers and emphasizing teaching has become fashionable, science and education to flourish the country blossoms fragrance, teachers are like the old peasants working to provoke. With the basket, the heavy harvest bends the backbone, but it writes happiness on the face. This is the portrait of Chinese teachers, the measurement of Chinese teachers! __
Some people say that teachers are candlelight, burning their own light; some say that teachers are wings, allowing students to fly in space; some say that teachers are the foundation, building a talent building is huge;
But I think that teachers are the spiritual masters who really promote social progress. They use their weak shoulders to carry the hope of national takeoff and spread the accumulated energy of social progress: science and technology, ideas and beliefs. For the sake of peach and plum fragrance, they work hard and worry about their hearts and minds. In order to cultivate pillars, they forget to eat and sleep and persevere. How many nights have they turned on lights to dawn? How many sweats have they sprayed in the classroom? Lead students to climb the palace of books and mountains and sail in the sea of knowledge through the wind and waves.
From the common people of Li to the military generals of Wenchen, from one move to one gallop, from stumbling to soaring, from babbling to singing, from standing up to literary grace, from adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing to fluent operation, who has not realized the teacher’s nourishment? Who has not experienced the teacher’s hearts? Who has not tasted the teacher’s good wine? Teachers have an inexhaustible treasure, from Confucianism to quality guidance, from flying dust to browsing the Internet, from “stinky old nine” to “teaching artisans”. Teachers have traveled a long and arduous road, but the more brave and frustrated they are, the longer they have come from generation to generation, because they have passed it on. It’s the relay stick, the spiritual food left behind, and the strong fighting injected into it that makes the descendants of Yan and Huang stand high in the east of the world.
From the vigorous awakening of the sleeping lion to the giant dragon flying to catch up with the great powers, from the thousand-year dream of Shenzhou flying into the sky, to the submarine exploring the century treasures, from the return of Hong Kong and Austria to the wandering homeland, to the world admiration of Athens, which has no power of behind-the-scenes heroes? But people always like to dedicate praise to the “carp leaping into the Dragon gate” and “arrogant son shooting into the sky”. Wolf”. In fact, the teacher is the hero of the times and the model of the society. The clever lark should sing for the teacher heartily. The teacher can make the desert no longer desolate and breed oasis streams. The teacher has a magic formula, which can make the foolish become full of intelligence quotient. Even if the Yangtze River is the ink, it can not draw the teacher’s light. Even if the earth is made of paper, it can not write the teacher’s chapter.
A drop of water can reflect the light of the sun. Countless drops of inspired water converge into an ocean of wisdom. The engineers of the soul always start from a little bit and lift the sun of tomorrow with their hard work and sweat.

Spring Festival Life

If you ask what day is the busiest, your answer must be the Spring Festival. I like the Spring Festival. Why? Please listen to me carefully.
On the eve of Spring Festival, adults will prepare a lot of beef, mutton, vegetables and fruits. We can stick couplets, Spring Festival couplets.
According to legend, this festival existed in Yao and Shun dynasties in China. The oracle bone inscriptions in Yin and Shang dynasties also recorded the Spring Festival. There was a custom of celebrating 桑拿佛山the first Spring Festival. However, it was difficult to determine whether the calendar was accurate or not. In 104 BC, the first year of Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty, the people of China created the “Taichu Calendar”. It is clearly stipulated that the first month of the lunar calendar shall be the first year of the year. From then on, the custom of the lunar new year has spread for more than 2000 years. Until the founding of New China and the change to AD, the festival will be changed to the Spring Festival.
In our country’s oldest written records, there are many stories about the first year of the year. The month of December and the new spring are just the leisure seasons after the “harvest in autumn and harvest in桑拿广州 winter”. Zheng Xuan of the Han Dynasty also said that at the beginning of the first year of the year, “labouring farmers to rest”. Take our words today, it means the combination of work and leisure.
So how did the Spring Festival come about? Legend has it that long ago, a young man named Wannian saw that the festivals were chaotic and wanted to set the time. One day, he went up to the mountains to cut firewood, sat down under the shade of trees and rested. The movement of the shadows inspired him. He designed a sundial for measuring the sun’s shadow. However, it was cloudy, rainy and foggy, which affected the measurement. Later, the dripping springs on the cliffs aroused his interest. He started to make five leaking pots. Over the years, he found that every 360 days, the length of the day would be repeated.
At that time, the emperor was Zuyi. The unexpected weather made him very distressed. A minister named Aheng, in order to please the emperor, said to set up a roof to worship the gods. Zuyi thought it was reasonable to lead hundreds of officials to worship the gods, but it was no use. After thousands of years of knowing, he could not help but bring a sundial and a leaky pot to the emperor, and told Zuyi the truth about the operation of the sun and the moon. After Zu Yi listened to Longyan Dayue, he felt reasonable. So he left the ten thousand years behind and built the Sun and Moon Pavilion in front of the Temple of Heaven, built the sundial platform and the leaky pot pavilion, and sent twelve children to wait for ten thousand years. Zu Yi said to Wannian, “I hope you can measure the law of 广州桑拿the sun and the moon, calculate the exact time of morning and evening, and create a calendar for the benefit of the people of Li under the world.”
On one occasion, Zu Yi ordered Aheng to know the progress of the ten thousand year test calendar. When he climbed the Temple of Sun and Moon, he saw some words written on the stone wall beside the Temple of Heaven. When Aheng saw them, he knew that the calendar had been studied successfully. He was afraid that the emperor would reuse him and assassinate him in Japan for ten thousand years. As a result, the assassin was caught by the guards and Zu knew that. Afterwards, Aheng was punished and went to the Sun and Moon Pavilion to visit Wannian in person. Wannian pointed to the sky and said to Zuyi, “Now it is 12 months old, the old age is over, the new spring starts again, and pray for the king to set a festival.” Zu Yi said, “Spring is the way of the year. It’s called the Spring Festival.”
Winter went to spring, year after year, and later, after long-term observation and careful calculation, an accurate solar calendar was formulated. Later, in order to commemorate the achievements of the ten thousand years, the solar day was named “the ten thousand year calendar” and sealed as the sun, moon and longevity star. Later, people put up the map of longevity star in the New Year, according to legend, in order to commemorate the ten thousand years.

I’m a health commissioner.

The new semester began, after a fierce class cadre election, and then combined with the selection of teacher Liu, the head teacher, because I usually work conscientiously and responsibly, I became a class health committee. I am so happy, because as a class cadre, I can help Mr. Liu do more things.
But just one day on duty, I’m not happy. This health commissioner is too bad! Because most of the cleaning in the first grade is done with the help of parents, but now in the second grade, Mr. Liu said that parents are not allowed to help, so when doing sanitation, everyone is not very good at sweeping the floor, and some students do not finish sanitation and do not talk to me, they run away, and there is also a second grade, Mr. Liu said that parents are not allowed to help. The first time my classmate did not clean up, when I asked him to do the second time, he was not happy, but also angry at me. After more than an hour of cleaning, the on-duty student ran to the head of the day’s health team, but the classroom was still in a mess: there was a mass of paper, there was a pile of rubbish, tables and chairs were crooked, not at all neat.
No way, I can only retain the head of the health team and I to clean all the hygiene again, and then put the tables and chairs in order, clean up the trash can, change the trash bag, I and the head of the health team together carry the trash bag downstairs, and throw the trash bag into the garbage station.
By the time I got home, it was more than two hours away from school. Mother asked me, “Honey, why did you come back so late today? How did you feel when you were a health commissioner on the first day?” “That’s terrible!” I answered tiredly. “What’s wrong?” Mother asked again. I said, “Today’s cleaning children are not very good, some are not very good at sweeping the floor, some run away before they finish cleaning, and some are angry at me.” My mother listened to me and said, “What you said reflects two problems. First, you teach your classmate who can’t sweep the floor. Think about it. When you start to learn sweeping, your mother also taught you many times. Second, the runners and the students who are angry with you, you will tell Mr. Liu tomorrow to see what happened to Mr. Liu. Handle. Of course, you should also pay attention to the way you speak and be gentle.
The next day, I took advantage of the break to tell Mr. Liu about yesterday. Mr. Liu listened and said, “In this way, you write the names of the classmates who ran away yesterday and those who were angry with you on the blackboard, and I will punish them to copy the text.” In Chinese class, Mr. Liu said what he said to my classmates again. Sure enough, the children who cleaned the room the next day were much better, but they were still not very clean. But we worked together to clean the classroom in a decent way.
Now, I’ve been a health commissioner for more than half a semester. Although I get home later than before, sometimes when I’m on duty, I yell at them. Students will say that I’m on duty when I’m particularly fierce. Although I need to do some cleaning work every day, we still have to do it. Class 2, Grade 2, has been awarded the “Health Mobile Red Flag” for six consecutive weeks. Here is my credit.
I am a member of the health committee. Although I am only an official in charge of sweeping the floor, I feel very honored!

Mother’s love

I wandered alone in Japan. I did not care about the provocative or disdainful eyes of others for a long time. I thought I was really carefree. I could put aside what others could not put aside and reach another realm. Now I found myself really silly.
She is a nagging woman.
Always doing endless work and nagging at the same time. But the content will never change, and with a little bit of alarm.
“It’s cold today, wear more! Add some thick ones!” She wiped her red hands.
“There’s a lot of traffic today. It’s dangerous on the road! Be careful!” She unfastened her apron on her waist.
“Don’t let the cold get worse! Remember to take medicine.” She tucked up her untidy hair.
I don’t remember how many times I’ve heard such a thing, but for the first time that day I didn’t think I heard enough…
“Has everything been taken with you?”
“Don’t lose the money!”
“Is there anything else missing?”
“Listen carefully, you know?”

With her chattering all the way, we finally shook to the station. Today, I’m going to school. She came to see me off.
Seeing the students uniformed with me in front of me, I like to find a savior, regardless of the difficulties behind her carrying bags, ran to her, laughing and talking about the fun of the holiday.
It was not until I turned around that I realized I had neglected her. She raised her head, and in the instant that she lifted her eyelids slightly, I suddenly found something in her eyes that I had never thought of. Probably helpless or disappointed, because I did not give her the first smile after going out.
I smiled embarrassingly and said, “Mom, go back! I’m leaving soon too! Come to see you next month, go! You still have to go to work!” I quickly took the bag in her hand. Suddenly found that in the bleak autumn wind, her withered hands had been strangled red and swollen by heavy bags.
“It’s all right, you go!” My eyes were covered with a layer of humidity, and I don’t know when the autumn wind bleak, sour.
I turned and walked, without her footsteps behind me. Looking back! Her eyes are still looking for infinite love and compassion, while her swollen hands are constantly rubbing and comforting each other.
I turned around, waved my hand and said, “Mom, go! You go!”
Mother turned and walked slowly. I continued walking towards the car. Turn around! Mom stopped under a hidden license plate, still looking for eyes, still rubbing red and swollen hands, still disorderly hair in the autumn wind, rickets back.
The eyes began to ache.
The moment our eyes met, she shunned in panic. Then he shook his hand and turned away. I turned around and walked away. We were back-to-back, but our hearts seemed closer. Come back!
She’s still there! She’s just standing at the gate.
I finally couldn’t control myself. Tears flowed out with the shout.
“Mom! Go on! Go on!”
Mom was stunned, and finally after hesitating for a while, she came out of my sight…
Suddenly, I was lost. The answer to her question in the car became a needle in an instant, a needle in my conscience.
Suddenly, I felt that my mother’s nagging was a kind of love, almost the voice of nature, I have not heard enough all my life…
Just remember, at the moment when the car was out of the station, I saw the figure in the autumn wind: red and swollen hands, unkempt hair, looking for eyes, back of rickets…