My favorite teacher

“The stars are shining in the quiet night, and the teacher’s window is bright all night… My dear good teacher… Whenever I hear this song, I think of my beloved teacher Wang.
Mr. Wang is a teacher in the composition tutorial class. His round face had big, shining eyes, and a black plate was particularly noticeable. He’s fat. He weighs about 80 kilograms. The belly is round, like a ball full of fresh air and bulging. He walks like a king, with great air. He likes to play jokes on us very much. After class, we call him “Anzi” kindly.
What impressed me most was Mr. Wang’s dedication to his work and his humor in class.
I used to be afraid of writing. I thought writing was too difficult and boring. So this summer vacation, my mother reported to me the reading class taught by “Anzi” teacher. I went reluctantly. Mr. Wang teaches four reading classes a day for a total of eight hours. In order to make the students behind hear clearly, his voice is very loud, because the weather is too hot, coupled with continuous lectures, drinking less water, on the seventh day, Mr. Wang’s voice was hoarse, but he insisted on coming to class for us, the voice is still very loud. On the eighth day his voice became hoarse and he was almost speechless. On the ninth day, he couldn’t hold on and his voice finally went on strike – Mr. Wang lost his voice. Can not come to our class, can only invite other teachers to substitute for the class, see the teacher’s voice so, the students are in a hurry, have to give the teacher medicine. Under the care of my classmates, one day later the teacher’s voice was much better, and he came to our class again. When I saw that the teacher was well, I felt much happier.
Mr. Wang is also very humorous in his lectures. Once, I was sleepy in class, fighting with my upper and lower eyelids, and almost fell asleep. When the teacher saw that many students were sleepy, he told us a joke. I and other students have come to the spirit, I forgot sleepiness. But the teacher’s voice of telling jokes is getting smaller and smaller. I have to raise my ears and listen carefully. After a while, the teacher’s voice becomes smaller and smaller. We all concentrate on the teacher. After the joke is finished, the teacher looks at everyone’s spirit and begins to talk about the key content. Because Mr. Wang’s lecture was interesting, I began to like composition.
Mr. Wang is not only very dedicated in his work, but also skillful and methodological in his lectures.
In one lesson, the teacher told us the knowledge point of “one article, two lines”: the main line is love, the second line is scenery. In order to let us understand the knowledge point, the teacher gave us an example. The teacher said, “When I was a child, Ama was a very good friend, and we often played together. This is a story; there is a peach tree, peach blossom is particularly fragrant, this is a picture; with the fragrance of peach blossom to contrast my relationship with Ama. Later, Ama and I became enemies because of a little incident, which is a story; the peach blossom fell, snow, which is a picture; with the peach blossom fell to contrast Ama and I became enemies. Twenty years later, I met Ama again at a party, and we became friends again. It’s a story; a peach blossom fell on my nose, but I can’t smell it any more. This is a picture; using peach blossoms to contrast Ama and I are not as good as before. After telling the story, the students learned the knowledge of “one article, two lines”.
From then on, I was no longer afraid to write articles, and took the initiative to participate in the “commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Yuanmingyuan robbery” campaign organized by the Chinese Heritage Conservation Foundation.
Although the composition tutorial class is over, I will never forget Mr. Wang, because I like him and his class, I also like composition. He is such a dedicated, humorous and skilled teacher. Did you like the teacher very much after listening to my introduction?