Happy spring outing

On May 2nd, I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep at the thought of going on a spring outing tomorrow. The next day, she woke up at 6 o’clock and asked her grandmother in a hurry, “Did it rain?” Grandma said, “It didn’t rain.” As soon as I heard this, my heart finally fell down. I hope it won’t rain later. Get up, wash your face, brush your teeth, eat breakfast, carry your backpack, step out of the house and go to school.
“Get on the bus!” The students searched for seats for themselves one after another. After finding seats quietly, the car drove. My heart was very nervous. When I thought about the scenery later, my mood changed from nervous to exciting. On the bus, the students divided into two groups and began the singing competition. After singing “Cloud” and “Yong Goose” for a while, the car finally arrived.
We got off and lined up and went into the zoo. The teacher took us to the sea lion show. We started looking for seats again, so we sat down and waited for the sea lion show. After a long wait, the sea lion show began. We saw a little sea lion coming out of the door. Then, the host aunt began to introduce the little sea lion. After introducing the little sea lion, we began to watch the sea lion show. This little sea lion is terrific! It can catch circles and head the ball. What’s more, it can jump up and turn over a big thunderbolt heel. Finally, the host announced the end of the performance, and we all walked out of the stage reluctantly. The teacher took us to a place where there were Asian elephants. The teacher asked us to stop and look at Asian elephants. “What a big elephant!” I looked at it. The elephant was bigger than the big stone beside it. Elephants always shake their noses and stomp their feet as if they were exercising. After seeing the elephants, we also saw chickens, ostriches and geese-like animals. The teacher took us to a special place to see bears. There are two kinds of bears here: black bears and brown bears. Let’s watch the bears together. First we see a bear in a small house under a triangular glass. The bear keeps touching the railing, as if he wants to go out very much. We went up to another glass triangle room, and we were all scrambling to find a good place for ourselves to see the bears, but strangely there were no bears in it, and everyone went away disappointed. Everyone ran to the side of the railing and saw a wet land under the railing. There was a slide on the ground. There was a bear on the slide. The bear was drooling all the time. The slide was full of saliva. At this time, everyone looked at the land below and a black bear was climbing there. Suddenly the black bear on the slide slides down, as if to find his companion, and the teacher makes everyone queue up and move on.
However, we did not see any animals this time. Teachers took us to an open space to start eating. I surrounded Jiang Xinyang, Li Kexuan, Chen Xiaohan, Cai Ziyue and Lin Rong County with raincoats and laid a “small table”. We took out our own food and chatted while eating, and handed each other food. Eat. Just as we were about to finish eating, it suddenly rained in the sky. Some students shouted, “It’s raining! Close the stall soon.” Some students rushed to put the rest of the food in their backpacks. The teacher began to lead us. We got out of the zoo, got on the bus, and sat for about an hour. Finally, we arrived at school. Then we found that the light rain had turned into a heavy rain. The teacher asked us to put on our raincoats, get off the train and go back to the class. We began to count the number of people. After confirming that no one was lost, the teacher took us out of the classroom and sent us to the pick-up point. Finally, we went home.
The journey was over, and I recalled that everything I saw wanted to go to the zoo again, but next time I had to wait until autumn.