What a surprise!

My mother wears a pair of thick glasses. Behind the glasses are bulging eyes and glassless eyes. In my mind, these eyes are not beautiful. But it was such a pair of eyes that played a magical role in that time, which I really did not think of ah! _
Mother said, Sunday morning to participate in the TV “Sunshine Baby” competition, I heard, excitement, but also a little scared! I looked at her secretly, her eyes seem to say: “What’s the use of fear! As long as you go to practice, hard to practice, fear will disappear naturally!” After listening, I do not know why. Yes, I don’t feel afraid, and my spirits are shaking violently.
Okay, practice! I quickly wrapped my nails and sat in front of the zither. Mother sat in front of me, looking at my performance without blinking her eyes. What a surprise! Her eyes are so magical! From her eyes, I could see hope. At this moment, my heart is filled with the word “touched”. I think, my mother is so responsible to me, she patiently teaches me, accompanies me with her heart, with such a loving mother beside me, I should learn everything with passion! Think of here, I adjust my state, take a deep breath, and play carefully. Get up. At the end of the song, I didn’t miss a note! Mother praised me, my heart was full of flowers! Mum, I really want to thank you for that look of expectation! With it, I have the strength of struggle, the confidence of victory!
Guzheng is ready. It’s time to practice dancing. My mother and I came to the third floor of my house. There are clean floors, huge mirrors, like our dance classroom, the only thing missing is the cool air. But I had no complaint because I saw my mother’s expectant eyes. With my mother’s attention, I danced again and again with melodious music. At that time, my back was soaked with sweat and my hair was wet. My dear mother sweats all over her face, but she always smiles and looks at me silently. I practiced harder and practiced for an hour. Even I admired myself! I could not bear the burden of effort, so long dance was conquered by me! Mom’s attention was so important to me at that time! This was something I had never thought of before! __

With the confidence of victory, I entered the scene of “Sunshine Baby”. There are a lot of people, but I am not afraid, because there is such a sentence: life is for the prepared person! Yes, I am a prepared person!
At last it’s me! I straightened up and stepped onto the stage. As soon as I looked up, I met my mother’s warm eyes. In the surroundings of such eyes, I played a song “Spring to Lhasa” vigorously, and a section of “Auspicious” was full of applause! Perhaps I was infected by my dancing posture, and the lovely judge let me sing a song immediately! To tell the truth, at that time, I was full of applause. I was confused, my mind was blank, I was at a loss on the stage, and my mouth faltered. I threw my eyes to my mother for help. My mother’s eyes were so complicated. She was anxious and worried, but more encouraged. In a moment, my brain was awake, right! It was useless to be stunned like this. I had to be calm and calm. My brain was spinning rapidly and there! After singing, the lovely judge came to me. With a lot of praise, my self-confidence is “bursting shed”. I think all this is due to my mother’s encouraging eyes!
What a surprise! Mom’s eyes are so beautiful and magical to me now! I firmly believe that my life path will be wider and farther! Because these magical eyes have been branded in my mind!