Beauty with high beauty becomes a liar

On December 23, the cover story once reported that Shi Jia, a “beauty of high beauty” in Guizhou, had been listed as a dishonest person to be executed by the people’s Court of Shunchang County, Fujian Province. Because of her beautiful appearance and the amount of the subject matter of execution as high as 410000 yuan, it caused hot discussion among netizens.
With the woman also listed as “Lao Lai”, there is also a man named Du bin, two people live in the same place, and are currently in a state of non fulfillment.
On the morning of the 24th, the reporter got in touch with judge ye Songqing, the handling judge in charge of the execution of the two cases.
He told reporters that the reason why Shi Jia and Du bin were listed as dishonest executors by the court was that they were involved in a private lending case. Hu, the other party to the case, applied to the court for compulsory execution, but after the court’s judgment, Du bin and Shi Jia had the ability to perform and refused to perform the obligations of determining the effective legal documents.
After the cover story, netizens focused on the identity of Shi Jia and the relationship with Du bin. According to judge ye, when the Court seized the property of the two people, there was only one car left, but whether there were other specific properties is not specified in the current judgment.
As netizens call it, is it a conjugal relationship that two people have the same address? Judge ye told the cover news that the court’s judgment did not disclose the relationship between the two people. However, since the court listed the two people as dishonest executors, it has not received relevant information feedback, including high consumption reports from the masses, etc.
The reporter noted that at present, the people’s Court of Shunchang County has issued a “restraining order”, listing Shi Jia and Du bin as high consumption personnel.