2020 national examination results announced

On the evening of January 7, the results of written examination of public subjects for civil servants’ recruitment in 2020 by the central authorities and their directly affiliated institutions were officially announced. Candidates can check the written test scores and the minimum qualified score line on the website of 2020 annual examination and employment of civil servants of the central authority and its directly affiliated institutions.

It is reported that this “national examination” is the first recruitment of civil servants by central organs and their directly affiliated institutions after the implementation of the newly revised civil servants law. It is planned to recruit 24000 people, involving 86 units and 23 directly affiliated institutions of the central and state organs. A total of 1.142 million examinees have paid for the examination before the examination. 965000 people actually take the examination, with a reference rate of 84.5%. The ratio of the number of people taking the examination to the number of employment plans is about 40:1.

Netizens waiting for interview list

Candidates who want to enter the interview must meet the following conditions:

1. The written test result must be above the minimum qualified score line. 2. The ranking of written examination results in this position must be within the specified proportion.

Whether or not to enter the interview, in addition to passing the minimum qualified line of written examination, also need to see the candidates to apply for the position’s result ranking to decide.

We official civil service examination is not published ranking! Only the interview list and the lowest qualified score line of this position, then some examinees will ask: since the scores are all out, how long will the interview list be officially announced? According to the past practice, after the official written test results are announced, the first batch of interview list and adjustment announcement will be announced one after another the next day! That is to say, it is most likely to be announced on January 8, but it is not yet known when. So please wait patiently for a while.