One belt, one road, saves lives.

“One belt, one road” press cooperation alliance Secretariat issued a joint epidemic prevention line in Beijing on 25 May for global members. “One belt, one road, stand together through storm and stress”, the member of the alliance is actively playing the role of the media. It continues to report accurate and reliable information on epidemic prevention, convey information of solidarity and support to the public, uphold media responsibilities and human morality, and promote the “one belt and one road” building a country in the battle of the whole human race with the virus, sharing the same boat, working together and fighting together to win the final victory.
One belt, one road, is issued in the six language versions of the Chinese, British, French, western, Arab and Russian languages, and is issued in the English version of the alliance mobile terminal platform. According to the open letter, no country can be alone in the face of the epidemic. This battle proves once again that the fate of all countries in the world is linked and shared, and that human society is a community of shared destiny. The cooperation of “one belt, one road” emphasizes peace, cooperation, openness, tolerance, mutual learning and mutual benefit, and win-win. Both have long-term future and realistic urgency.
Since China novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak one belt, one road, one belt, one road news cooperation alliance governing unit, member unit and the media participating in the short term visiting class of “one belt and one road” news cooperation Union has paid great attention to it. In the report, they have actively evaluated the effective and effective measures taken by China to prevent and control the epidemic, and called for opposing all kinds of false statements to promote international cooperation in the prevention and control of epidemic.
The open letter hopes that the members of the alliance will continue to report accurate and reliable anti epidemic information, jointly crack down on rumors and false information, truly and rationally reflect the change of epidemic situation and the process of anti epidemic, provide objective and fair public opinion help for anti epidemic of all countries, and guide people of all countries to unite, help each other and respond scientifically.
Members of the open letter initiative alliance pay close attention to and report on the stories of countries around the world supporting each other and delivering warm news and positive energy to fight the epidemic together.
The open letter calls on alliance members to “safeguard the right to life, shoulder the responsibility of prevention and control, respect dedication and sacrifice, and pass on the values of people first and life first”.
The “one belt, one road” news cooperation Union held its first executive meeting in April 23, 2019 in people’s daily. At present, 205 media from 98 countries have become full members. The people’s daily is the chairman unit of the alliance.

Tranquility denies changing nationality

On the evening of March 8, tranquility sent a message denying the rumor of changing nationality: “I, tranquility, Chinese people, Chinese people, native born Chinese! The only nation of parents in this life! Behind the only motherland! China! It hasn’t changed in half a second!!! “
It is reported that there was a rumor that tranquility changed to American nationality because of marrying foreigners.

Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team won eight consecutive victories

Yesterday afternoon, China and the U.S. won the top contest of the much-watched 2019 Women’s Volleyball World Cup with the final victory of the Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team. This afternoon, the Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team won eight consecutive victories in the 2019 Women’s Volleyball World Cup, leading the World Cup with 8 wins, 0 losses and 23 points in the Sapporo Hokkaido Daoli Complex Stadium. It is a step closer to the championship.
Many netizens praised the women’s volleyball team, others said: This is the second team!
Why is it always the Chinese women’s volleyball team that wins?
It’s not easy for Chinese women’s volleyball team to win eight consecutive games. During the period, it also experienced ups and downs. Coach Lang Ping used her talent to minimize the ups and downs of the whole team. Before that, the whole team won 3-0 all the way. When the third set was 2-9 points behind Cameroon, Lang Ping calmly took the team to turn the situation around. The Russian women’s volleyball team and the Japanese women’s volleyball team won 3-0 matches perfectly. At the same time, when faced with a strong challenge from Brazil, the whole team eventually defeated Brazil 3-2. The most shocking thing is that the Chinese women’s volleyball team beat the United States 3-0. China’s women’s volleyball team has combined high speed with high speed, and its technology is comprehensive, especially the whole team has been speeded up in an all-round way.
Everyone will put their greatest energy into full play, and from the coach to every member of the coaching team, and then to every player and team worker, the Chinese women’s volleyball team has formed a huge collective force, which is called “momentum”. In this World Cup, the opponents all exclaim that they have been suppressed by the Chinese team. In fact, this is the current “momentum” of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, and this “momentum” is very strong. Osaka is the last stop of the World Cup. All the main Dutch team and the strong Serbia team are strong opponents. After losing to China, the United States team also maintained a complete victory. Chinese women’s volleyball team can not afford to take it lightly. No one will give you the world champion. As Lang Ping’s guide said, no matter what others do, the key is to make the best of yourself, and the fate is in your hands.
There is a spirit called women’s volleyball spirit!
On September 19, when the Chinese women’s volleyball team beat Japan 3-0, I believe that many Chinese can not help but think of the scene 38 years ago.
At that time, China had just been reforming and opening up. No matter its economic strength or sports level, there was a big gap between China and the world’s powerful countries. We must keep up with it.
On the evening of November 16, 1981, the people of the whole country nervously stood in front of black-and-white television and radio. At that time, the last match of the third women’s volleyball World Cup was being held in Osaka, Japan. The Chinese team played against the last champion, Japan, the host of the so-called “Oriental Devil Woman”.
“17:15! The Chinese team won! The players are all running together! China won the World Cup by 3:2, and Japan by 7 games and 7 wins! ___
With the commentator Song Shixiong’s voice hoarse and a little choking, from black-and-white television and radio, which are not very stable signals, to intermittent transmission, thousands of Chinese people can not help but shout and embrace with tears.


What’s the reason why the man hammered Ferrari?

It is said that money can make the ghost grind, but it is unexpected that money can also make the grinding and pushing ghosts. We all know that Ferrari is very expensive. Men hammer Ferrari, so arrogant because of lack of money!
For ordinary people, Ferrari encounters a luxury car with a fear of a little scratch and a cost of millions of dollars. Even a slight cost of scratch is amazing. If it is serious, it may cause the savings of ordinary people for many years or even a lifetime to burn. But recently, a man hit a Ferrari worth 3.68 million with a hammer, and was caught saying the motive was laughing and crying.
Recently, a car crash occurred in a Ferrari 4S shop in Changsha, Hunan Province. A man with a hammer broke into the 4S store and smashed a brand new Ferrari Portofino, causing damage to the hood, doors and windows of the car.
Then the 4S shop staff heard the noise and quickly stopped, grabbed the hammer in their hands and gave the alarm at the first time. After a preliminary inspection, the cost of repairing the damaged Ferrari sports car was as high as 500,000 yuan, which was a considerable expense.
Such a high maintenance fee is also justified. The Ferrari Portofino, released in September 2017, is an open GT sports car. The car used to be considered the cheapest Ferrari, but the price is still as high as 3.68 million yuan, which is generally a sky-high price!
Why did the man destroy such a good car? The man explained that he smashed the car in order to attract the attention of Ferrari’s boss, hoping he would raise money by himself. When he visited his hometown, he found a potential project, but more than 400 funds were needed to promote it. Since he did not have any collateral capital, he thought of the Ferrari 4S store and hoped that the owner could help him.
It has to be said that the man’s idea is really a little speechless, afraid not to confuse the content of the film with the reality, think that this will be appreciated by others, but do not know that they have committed a crime. Ask, even if such a person comes out, who dares to invest? So, what do you think about it?


Clean up the room

Every weekend, I spend half a day doing all my homework, watching the cartoons that I have saved for a week in half a day, and then I make an appointment with my little friends to go out for a day the next day. But the weather was not beautiful. It rained on Sunday. The animation is finished on Saturday, what can I do?
I couldn’t think of anything I could do, so I walked around the house boredly. The mother who was cleaning suddenly stopped her work and said to me helplessly, “Look at the ground, I just cleaned up and you stepped on all the footprints. It’s so boring to tidy up your room. It’s comfortable to live on your own. After listening to my mother’s words, I suddenly got interested, quickly prepared tools, and walked into my room.
My room is not big, but it looks comfortable because my mother cleans it for me every week. Because the table is often used, there is not much grey, the ground because my mother often sweeps, and can not see any garbage, so I quickly cleared up. But the thought that there was still more than half a day left me with a deep sense of boredom. I decided to give my room some different tidying.
The walls of my room are very white, but it looks so empty that it doesn’t look like a girl’s room at all. I found last year’s calendar and a pair of scissors and began to cut the colorful paintings in the middle of the calendar. I saw these paintings very early, just want to cut them out and have no place to use, and have been collecting them. I chose an orchid, a dog catching butterflies, and a colorful picture of a weeping willow pond. To avoid monotony, I also cut the edges of the paintings into wavy shapes.
After cutting the colour paintings, I found solid glue and pasted the three paintings side by side on the wall on the left side of the bed, so that I could get up every morning or go to bed at night and enjoy them beautifully. Although these paintings are not from famous artists, they are no worse than those paintings when they are affixed to the wall. They not only add color to the room, but also make the whole space warmer.
When the walls are finished, I’m going to start tidying up the most chaotic corner of my room, the desk. There are two penholders on my desk. Brushes and typesetting pens are inserted into the large pen barrel to draw watercolor paintings. Another small pencil holds pencils, neutral pens, rulers and rubbers, which are usually used for homework. These two penholders can be left alone. Some other books and materials can be arranged neatly. I decorate my desk with something new like a wall.
I found some white paper, cut it into a small rectangle, and then rolled up and tightened the two corners of the rectangle with the core of the pen, so that a petal would be ready. When I had almost made more than ten petals, I began to learn the method taught by the teachers in the engineering class. They stick together one by one and become a white peony flower. Then I painted them with water colours, which is similar to the real flowers. It makes people want to sniff the fragrance of the flowers.
When the flowers are ready, there is still a vase missing. Just in the corner of the table, a bottle of dew had run out. I tore the label clean, removed the cap, and a small cute and transparent vase was finished. The peony flower I made was inserted. It was very beautiful. It’s just right in the corner of the desk.
“Wow, how beautiful!” Mom’s voice came from behind me. It turned out that my mother had come out of the house for half a day to test my results. I can tell from my mother’s tone that she is satisfied with my results.
Originally, tidying up the room is also a very interesting and fulfilling thing.

My past 13 years

Thirteen years ago, in the summer, from the beginning of my life, I went through a toddler’s childhood, a happy and dreamy childhood, and a youngster with high spirits. Along the way, how many ravines have been crossed, but I found that the left hand is clasped by father’s warm and broad palm, the right hand is clasped by mother’s slender soft fingertips.
Over the past 13 years, I have been holding my parents’hands tightly in order to bravely go to this day, let go of their hands, do I dare to go down?
When I was 5 years old, I was still working in kindergarten. That summer, I had to go to the hospital to hang water because of my first high fever. Faced with the nurse aunt with a mask and a syringe in hand, I felt inexplicable fear. I pushed the nurse aside as hard as I could and swayed out. Mother followed me and patted me on the shoulder. As I turned around with tears on my face, my mother wiped the tears off my face with her soft hand and smiled and stretched out the other hand to me. I stared at my mother’s palm and my little hand. The two injured fingerprints were so similar. I did not hesitate to put my little hand on my mother’s hand. She held it tightly, but I felt a sense of security. I know that as long as I hold my mother’s hand, I won’t be afraid of anything. When the needle entered my vein, I trembled, but Dad came forward and held my other hand tightly and hugged me in his arms. At that moment, I felt satisfied.
Since then, I have tried my best to grasp the hands of my parents, never let go for a moment, so I walk on the path of life, gathering colorful flowers along the way, and went through five summers.
It was still a hot summer, and as I walked from the bus platform opposite the school to the school, a speeding truck flashed past me for only a second, but it seemed to have passed decades. My mind was blank for a moment, and the water cup in my hand had fallen on the asphalt road. The temperature was unusually high, and the ground gave off a pungent smell. There was a dull pain in my chest, as if something was tearing my body, and a thick liquid permeated my clothes. I forced myself to calm down, picked up the water cup on the ground and went to school step by step. I staggered into the school clinic, which was quiet and empty. I sat down powerlessly. Gradually the pain stopped, and I carefully wiped the blood with medical cotton, so I had to go back to the classroom. Sitting in my seat, I suddenly remembered my mother’s hands, those gentle hands. I don’t know how I got through that afternoon. I just remember my mother’s anxious and happy eyes.
From then on, I knew that if I let go of my parents’hands, I could go on.
In the past 13 years, it was my parents who propped up a blue sky with their hands and helped me through thirteen years of spring, summer, autumn and winter. But at the age of fourteen, I finally realized that the eagle’s wings were hard and full, and should fly into the clouds by itself. When I am hurt, I will calm my frightened heart bravely; when I fall, I will pat the dust off my body with my hands and stand up tenaciously. Let go of my parents’hands, I will walk all the way to the vast sea and sky. Then, like my parents holding my hand, I will hold their hands and walk into the beautiful spring together.