Half banner in Wuhan

Novel coronavirus pneumonia and mourning for the dead were the deepest concern of the people of all ethnic groups in the fight against the new crown pneumonia. The State Council decided to hold a national mourning in April 4, 2020. During this period, the whole country and the embassies and consulates stationed abroad set flags at half mast to mourn and stop public entertainment activities nationwide. Since 10 o’clock on April 4, the people of the whole country have observed a three minute silence, with cars, trains, ships and air defense alarms sounding.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia building in Wuhan was built at the half day flag of the Jianghan building. The traffic lights of main roads and trunk roads in Wuhan were adjusted to red lights from 10 to 10, and 03 minutes, and all vehicles stopped for 3 minutes and whistled.

IKEA travel cup causes cancer

Cups are daily necessities. In daily life, they are widely used and can also be used as heat preservation cups and travel cups. They are mainly for convenience of carrying. However, all cups on the market are not safe and harmless. Recently, after the news of IKEA travel cup carcinogenesis was released, consumers are worried and panicked. At present, the official release of the global recall notice. Carcinogen detected in IKEA Mug carcinogen detected in IKEA Mug
IKEA is the world’s largest furniture and home furnishing enterprise. Its main products are mainly household products, such as sofa seats, wardrobes, tea tables and other furniture, or household products such as cups and refrigerators. I still remember that the glass exploded last year, causing a woman’s face disfigurement. In recent days, IKEA’s travel cup cancer news was released through the official website, saying that it is recalling the product Product. On January 15, the official website of IKEA China announced that the product of IKEA travel cup has been found to be carcinogenic, which is a “traigtvis travel cup”. To this end, the official issued a global recall notice. Any consumer who bought the travel cup can return the product to any IKEA store, and can get a full refund without a shopping voucher. It should be noted that IKEA travel cup is sold in IKEA stores in China. When customers purchase related products, they should pay attention to whether the travel cup products are still sold, because during the investigation, IKEA has stopped the sales of the travel cup. According to the monitoring report, IKEA travel cup is carcinogenic, and the migration of dibutyl phthalate exceeds the specified limit. At present, the official website of IKEA China has issued a global recall notice, which will recall this product from various countries and regions. According to the survey, the travel cup marked “made in India” may also be affected. Go to see if there is such a travel cup in your home, and if so, go to IKEA mall to return it.