Live broadcast by Yang Mi and Li Jiaqi

The live broadcast industry is becoming more and more popular, and many star artists have joined the live broadcast industry to help the network bring goods. Since April, Deng Lun, Jing Bolin, Zhang jianni and other star artists have all sat in the live broadcast room of Li Jiaqi, and Li Jiaqi has become the envy of netizens.
On April 28, Yang Mi, the “Queen with goods”, also landed in the live broadcast room. Even if the epidemic stopped at home, Yang Mi’s body was still the same thin. Some time ago, Yang Mi also shared the dynamic of home exercise. Today, it appears that the exercise effect is very obvious!
Yang Mi arrived at Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast room as promised. Yang Mi, who hadn’t appeared publicly for a long time, surprised everyone. Yang Mi wore a paint wrapped hip skirt suit, her hair was still fluffy and curly, and her feet were full of holes and shoes, which gave a fresh feeling of maturity.
Yang Mi measured the ankle circumference in the live broadcast, only 17.2cm. It’s too thin, isn’t it? Human leg essence. Because of her slender body and charming long legs, Yang Mi has been a goddess beauty of many netizens, although she has been divorced after 30 years old.
Later, Yang Mi and Li Jiaqi also measured the wrist circumference. Li Jiaqi was 15.5cm, and Yang Mi was only 13cm (power elder sister: No, it was 6.5cm). Yang Mi has always presented to the audience are slim body with a little plump image, I did not expect that the skeleton is so small, I really admire the star’s perseverance in controlling the body! Netizens all call it too thin.
In the live broadcast room, Yang Mi also started the “tongue” mode of accepting people. After a live broadcast, Yang Mi never stopped. He started the mode of accepting people and self congratulating. He directly accepted Li Jiaqi’s silence. At last, the effect of the live broadcast was not good. Li Jiaqi suspected that he was still crying. He wiped his tears nearby, but Yang Mi did not forget to mend his knife. The scene was once very embarrassing.
Netizens have also called Yang Mi over, and think Yang Mi has been very embarrassed. Do you like Yang Mi’s character?

Building Leishen mountain without permission

“Wang Deping, this time you go to support the construction of Wuhan leishenshan hospital is a voluntary act. We all praise you! However, it is against discipline not to ask for leave when you go out. Since you are out of public interest and have outstanding achievements, you will be given fault tolerance and exemption after the study and decision of the District Supervision Commission’s business committee. “
“Thanks for the understanding and concern of the organization. At the same time, I will learn from the lessons and abide by the discipline and rules. If the country needs me in the future, I will be bound to advance!”
Recently, in the conference room of Suining Chuanshan District Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision, Luo Zhongzhong, the leader of the discipline inspection and supervision team assigned to the district housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau, opened a wechat video conversation with Wang Deping, a staff member of the municipal public affairs center under the district housing and urban Rural Development Bureau at the isolation point.
In this online conversation, in addition to the care and greetings for Wang Deping’s health, it is more important to inform Wang Deping of his behavior of not going out on leave.
It turns out that on February 9, the discipline inspection and supervision team assigned to the district housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau received the clue of Wang Deping’s not going out. After the approval of the relevant leaders of the supervision committee of the District Commission for Discipline Inspection, the discipline inspection and supervision team assigned to the district housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau started the preliminary examination of Wang Deping’s problem.
According to the novel coronavirus pneumonia, the work of the new crown pneumonia prevention and control system was implemented. From February 3rd, the flexible working system was implemented in the Chuanshan district. But on the night, Wang Deping received an urgent invitation from his friend, and asked Wang Deping to set out for Wuhan to support the construction of Raytheon hill hospital. Time is tight. In response to the national call, Wang Deping simply packed his bags and drove to Wuhan with Xiong and others. When he arrived at the epidemic area, he put into work. It was not until the evening of February 8 that Wang Deping thought of reporting and asking for leave to the relevant leaders of the Bureau.
During the construction of Wuhan leishenshan hospital, Wang Deping’s team work was outstanding, successfully completed the ventilation system installation in the A3 ward of leishenshan hospital and the installation and commissioning of indoor electrical equipment in some ward, and the hospital successfully delivered and put into use. On February 13, Wang Deping successfully completed the construction assistance task, returned to the boat mountain area and consciously accepted isolation observation.
“Discipline enforcement requires both strength and temperature. In view of Wang Deping’s situation, I suggest to start a fault-tolerant audit procedure for him.”
“I agree!”
After discussion, the members of the investigation team reached an agreement and proposed to start the fault-tolerant audit procedure for Wang Deping’s disciplinary violations.
“Forced by the situation or for the benefit of the people, some breakthroughs have been made in the promotion of work, but the expected objectives have been achieved and good results have been achieved.” According to the implementation measures for fault tolerance and error correction audit of public officials in Chuanshan District of Suining City (Trial), Wang Deping’s behavior meets the fault tolerance conditions, and the fault tolerance audit procedure is officially launched.
The investigation team puts forward fault-tolerant suggestions, the unit provides a description of the actual performance, and the fault-tolerant audit team of the district supervision committee checks the relevant supporting materials On February 18, the Council of the District Supervision Committee decided to deal with Wang Deping’s violation of organizational discipline with fault tolerance and exemption, and to settle the clue of the problem.
“I believe that with the practical application of the measures for the implementation of fault tolerance audit, the cadres of the whole region can be further encouraged to take on the initiative and dare to charge. At the same time, we should remind the cadres of the whole region to keep discipline and rules in mind and make good deeds more perfect. ” She Guohua, deputy secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and deputy director of the Commission, said.