Bill Gates guest star in American TV series

It home December 12 news today the sixth season of the American drama “Silicon Valley” ushered in the finale. Bill Gates guest starred in one of the important roles is himself. As the founder and former CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates expressed his confusion about the reasons for the failure of Piper’s entrepreneurship.
Silicon Valley describes four unsociable but brilliant computer programmers who are specially cared for by millionaires who depend on Internet sites to make their fortune. They can live in his home for free, but if their project is successful in the future, he will take a 10% stake. At first, these people failed to persuade a billionaire to invest in their project, so they returned to their original jobs. The billionaire and one of the company’s computer programmers soon realized that their new file compression algorithm had immeasurable business potential, and a heated battle began.
In November, Bill Gates recommended Silicon Valley in his blog. If you want to understand how Silicon Valley works, you should watch the HBO TV series, he said.
Silicon Valley tells the story of pied piper, an Internet start-up company, and how a group of people who are not good at working with others try to make their ideas come true and compete with technology giant Hooli. The venture touched gates.
“It’s satirical, so it exaggerates, but like all great satires, it captures a lot of substance.” “I feel familiar with most of the different personalities in the TV series,” Gates wrote
What gates felt the most was Richard Hendricks, the founder of pied piper. He was a first-class programmer, but he learned some painful lessons in management.
Of course, Gates also tucking aside one aspect of the play: Pied Piper is described with extraordinary ability, while Hooli, such as Google and Microsoft, has been described as incompetent.

Nanning old man supermarket hanging

At 7 p.m. on January 16, an old man hanged himself at the gate of a supermarket in shuangmajing, Nanning.
Ms. Wang, who runs a grocery store nearby, said that at about 7 p.m., she found someone hanging and immediately called the police for help.
When the police arrived at the scene, they cordoned off. According to the police, the dead man was an old lady hanging on the top rail of the supermarket passage. When they put the old lady down, they had no vital signs.
The place where the dead hanged themselves.
After on-site investigation and retrieval of monitoring video, the incident was restored:
Before the incident, the old man stood up from the nearby stone bench and walked along the steps to the guardrail position above the supermarket channel; at this time, the monitoring picture was blocked by the stairs; 30 seconds later, the old man appeared again and climbed out along the outer edge of the steps. According to the surveillance images and on-site analysis, the police preliminarily ruled out the possibility of homicide.
The old man sat on the stone bench near the crime scene.
The old man climbed out of the railing.
There was a trail of blood on the steps about 20 meters from the place where the accident happened. Nearby residents said that the old man had sat before the accident, probably after cutting his wrists.
There are rumors on the Internet that the old man had a dispute with the supermarket before he died. In response, the head of the supermarket said that the old man was not a supermarket employee and did not find her shopping in the supermarket on the same day and had a dispute.
At present, the police have identified the elderly and contacted their families to deal with the aftermath. The family members have no objection to the conclusion of the police investigation. Police are still investigating the cause of the suicide.

Wang Yibo sues the defamator

Wang Yibo, a well-known actor and host in China, attracted a lot of netizens’ attention in 2019 because of the petition. However, there are many popular people, and Wang Yibo has also been abused and rumored by many netizens after becoming popular. Recently, Wang Yibo finally sued these rumor makers. Let’s see what’s going on.
On November 7, Beijing Xingquan law firm issued a brief report on Wang Yibo’s reputation right case, saying that six Internet users involved in insulting and slandering Wang Yibo had been sued to Beijing Internet Court on October 30, requesting the court to order all defendants to publicly apologize to Wang Yibo and compensate for relevant economic losses and mental damages. Many netizens expressed their support for Wang’s decision, hoping that the rumor maker would be severely punished.
On October 30, 2019, our law firm entrusted Sina Weibo users with ① “Liyuan Jiangzhao” (uid: 5575822988), ② “want to kick the group leader out of group chat” (uid: 1711424053), ③ “handsome old mother” (uid: 5757999209), ④ “Xixi loves eating rabbit” (uid: 64700) in response to the insults and slanders on the Internet suspected of infringing Mr. Wang Yibo’s reputation 32761), ⑤ “- Demon zero – (uid: 6196126055), ⑥” just like 1 “(uid: 5505365974) sued to Beijing Internet court, requesting the court to order Beijing micro dream Network Technology Co., Ltd. to disclose the real name authentication information of the above-mentioned six micro blog users, and will be lazy to terminate the infringement or have other serious problems against the above-mentioned six micro blog users after the information disclosure The real name certification subject of the case sued, and asked the court to order the defendants to publicly apologize to Mr. Wang Yibo and compensate Mr. Wang Yibo for relevant economic losses, spiritual damages, etc.
Beijing Xingquan law firm has accepted the special entrustment of Beijing Lehua Yuanyu Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and will pay close attention to the Internet public opinion. Our law firm will continue to pay attention to, collect evidence and pursue legal responsibilities for the relevant subjects suspected of infringing the legitimate rights and interests of Mr. Wang Yibo, and will never tolerate.
The Internet is not a place outside the law, and it is not advisable to spread rumors. Wang Yibo’s practice is not only to protect his legitimate rights and interests, but also to give a powerful deterrent to those who want to spread rumors. It is normal for an artist to be disputed by the outside world, but this kind of dispute cannot be reflected in the personal insults and slanders to others, or he will be legally punished Severe punishment.
I also remind all netizens here that even if they have a big prejudice against a star, they should not choose the way of rumor. At the same time, I hope netizens can understand the artists in the circle more, so that everyone can understand each other and no unpleasant things will happen.

Zhang Yixing jumping square dance

On the morning of October 22, Zhang Yixing’s studio shared a video of Zhang Yixing’s square dance on the social platform with the following text: “which one is better than the square dance? Of course, it’s the moment when the two dancing spirits of our boss burn, and we can’t forget the crazy stampede! Follow the boss to move ~” in the video, Zhang Yixing wears a hat and carries a small bag, which is not against the sense of the square dance crowd, and the action is very standard. Lovely.
Fans also commented: “ha ha excellent take us to dance.” “You ask him, will he lead us when we are old?”


Fan Bingbing ring steals the mirror

Recently, Fan Bingbing’s ring grabs the mirror and attracts hot discussion. Recently, some netizens have photographed Fan Bingbing’s dinner in a restaurant. In the photo, Fan Bingbing’s ring finger ring has caused a lot of netizens’ attention. Is it true that Fan Bingbing has a new relationship?

On October 21st, Fan Bingbing grabbed the mirror and boarded the hot search. On the evening of the 19th, the master of cooking, Sun Zhaoguo, took a few photos with Fan Bingbing. Fan Bingbing recently appeared in Shanghai and had dinner with friends. In the photo, Fan Bingbing’s body is thin, although it is a simple beret to wear a simple beret, it is still difficult to conceal the temperament, the ring on the ring finger of the right hand has also attracted the attention of many people.

From the photos, you can clearly see the diamond ring on the right side of Fan Bingbing. Needless to say, everyone knows the meaning of the diamond ring on the ring finger, and it is still right-handed. It’s no wonder that netizens will pay special attention. Fan Bingbing has a new Love, and there has never been a real hammer. Now Fan Bingbing has generously displayed the ring finger on the right side of the ring finger. I don’t know if there is any new progress in my feelings.

Despite the negative comments, Fan Bingbing is very popular. The staff in the restaurant are vying to take a photo with her. Fan Bingbing is not a one to take a photo with the on-site staff. It is very grounded. In the photo, Fan Bingbing did not hide the ring on his right upper ring finger, especially stealing the mirror.

Sun Zhaoguo also showed a video of the dessert show on Weibo. In the video, most of the girls who participated in the dinner were all girlfriends. Fan Bingbing was also screamed by the surprise scene. He also voted for the celebrity chef Sun Zhaoguo. The eyes were caught by the camera. On October 20th, some netizens exposed the menu of Fan Bingbing’s dinner party on Weibo, and broke the news that Fan Bingbing spent a total of 400,000.

It took 400,000 for a meal, and even the users who broke the news sighed that it was good to have money. The netizen who participated in the dinner party also took a photo with Fan Bingbing. She also revealed that the meal was not paid by Fan Bingbing, but was bought by Sun Zhaoguo. At the same time, the netizen who participated in the dinner also indirectly opened up a fan for Fan Bingbing. The 400,000 menus exposed were not Fan Bingbing. The name of the restaurant on the menu and the name of the restaurant Sun Sunguo were not the same, because both stores are Sun Zhaoguo’s, so they were linked together, but the two stores are independent stores. This 400,000 menu is also sourced. Although this menu is from the hands of Sun Zhaoguo, it was last year. After this menu was exposed last year, it caused a heated discussion. Sun Zhaoguo also gained both fame and fortune.

Does Fan Bingbing have a new relationship?

On the evening of the 19th, a restaurant general manager took photos of Fan Bingbing’s visit to the restaurant and issued a message saying: “If it is not face to face, I really don’t know that such a thin Fan Bingbing loves food so much, and his appetite is super good, very real and very kind, and legend. It’s not the same thing at all. She is a very kind person! We have always tasted food.” In the photo, Fan Bingbing wore a striped sequined skirt with an oversized beret. The face is very delicate and the face is also very nice. Among them, Fan Bingbing’s right hand ring finger also put on the ring was guessed by the netizens suspected of having a new love.

On the 20th, Fan Bingbing and his mother Zhang Chuanmei appeared at Hongqiao Airport. Fan Bingbing wears a large beret with red lips, his face is more delicate and compact, wearing a blue velvet robe and luxurious atmosphere, cartoon Pikachu mobile phone shell cute stealing the mirror to show the girl’s heart. On the same day, Fan Bingbing’s mother and daughter were unveiled without accompanying the assistant. Fan Ye also intimately helped the mother to push the luggage. The sunglasses covered the corners of the mouth and smiled sweetly, without losing the gas field. Fan Bingbing’s right ring finger ring is very stealthy, I do not know whether it is for decoration or a new love, causing the majority of netizens to discuss.

Fan Bingbing’s feelings have been rumored after breaking up with Li Chen, and even Fan Bingbing’s pregnancy has been reported. Fan Bingbing’s birthday was followed by his own “Gossip Boyfriend” Zhang Shuai’s confession. Netizen’s guess. Not long ago, in Zhang Shuai’s fashion week, Fan Bingbing was also invited to be a stable C position to witness their relationship. Now Fan Bingbing himself has recovered his single status. Fan Bingbing said that he was trying to marry himself when he expressed his goal. As for the emotional situation of Fan Bingbing, I am afraid I still have to wait for her own response.


Seoul Hydrogen Taxi

According to Reuters, although the Korean government is promoting hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, if there is no government subsidy for operating costs, all hydrogenation stations will have no choice but to close.
Last September, Sung Won-young, a Korean citizen, opened a hydrogen fuel replenishment station in Ulsan to take advantage of South Korea’s opportunity to promote hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Only a year later, he was considering closing the hydrogen station.
In May this year, a hydrogen storage tank exploded in a government research project in Gangneung. The explosion destroyed a building the size of a football field, killing two people and injuring six others. Preliminary investigation revealed that the explosion was caused by sparks generated by oxygen entering the water tank.
Kong Gikwang, a lawyer for the deceased, said: “A victim was blown away by pressure and then shot dead by a stone.”
A month later, a hydrogen station in Norway exploded. Three workers were burned this week after a hydrogen leak and subsequent fire at a chemical plant in South Korea.
Such security concerns have sparked protests from South Korean residents who fear building hydrogen facilities in their own areas.
After the explosion, potential hydrogen station operators began to retreat.
In April, Pyeongtaek picked two gas stations to operate hydrogen refueling stations, but in less than three months, both operators decided to quit, forcing Pingze to look for operators of hydrogen refueling stations again.
A potential operator, who declined to be named, said: “At first, I was very interested. But when I looked closely, I realized that the government was pursuing something unprofitable. And I’m particularly worried about another explosion.”
To address this concern, the government is holding briefings for residents. Hyundai also said it was trying to convince consumers of the safety of hydrogen fuels through YouTube and social media.
This time, Seoul’s hydrogen taxi publicity campaign may also be a campaign for energy vehicles, as well as a campaign to convince consumers of the safety of hydrogen fuels.


National Day 10 years later

This year, the sixty-fourth anniversary of the founding of the motherland, in another ten years, the motherland will usher in the 74th birthday. I can’t help but begin to imagine what the National Day will be like then.
National Day parade. At the beginning of the parade celebration, the bright March of the volunteers sounded throughout the square, and the bright five-star red flag burned like a flame in the sky. The chairman stood in the hall and said hello to the army. Chairman’s greetings, such as warm spring breeze, warm military heart.
The military parade celebrations on the seventy-fourth anniversary have aroused our hearts and minds. Ah! What a splendid nation you have nurtured, along the Yellow River and the Yangtze River! Five thousand years of glorious history and the Chinese civilization, which is well-known all over the world, are impressive enough. Oh, motherland, you have treasures all over the mountains, you have beautiful landscapes, you have a magnificent palace, you have the winding Great Wall stretching across the ages, there are eight wastes. You have a lot more… On your vast land, generation after generation, the descendants of Yan and Huang have created brilliant oriental literature with their own hands.
First of all, a division of the Navy, which formed a triangular array, dressed in naval uniforms, came slowly at a vigorous pace. The blue and white “sea soul suit” is particularly noticeable. Then there was a division of the Army. They wore helmet and yellow-green army uniforms and marched on Tiananmen Square, showing people the appearance of the “mighty division”. Behind them were artillery divisions and cavalry divisions. All of the above teams passed the rostrum with dignity and dignity at the same pace and at the same distance. Then came the army cadet team composed of the mechanical armed infantry academy, wearing the 07 desert camouflage, holding the 05-type micro-sound submachine gun, for the first time in the National Day parade in the capital. Navy cadet squadron, pilot squadron, airborne squadron, strategic missile troop hiking squadron, 378 women’s squadron, reserve squadron, robot squadron, and other walking squadron appeared in turn.
Subsequently, various types of tanks and armored vehicles, and aircraft squadrons, navy, missiles and other military parades, the people are more excited. This is our motherland’s own pride, in a word, “I am proud!”
Next came the flower carts and squadrons made up of the masses of the people. There are “Shenzhou Feitian” phalanx, “Beijing Olympic Games” lottery car, “all aspirations into the city” phalanx, “one world” phalanx, “united and striving” phalanx, as well as on behalf of all ethnic groups and regions of the lottery car, one by one through. The last parade, which lasted more than two hours, ended in excitement and festivity, but that excitement accompanied us all the time. This is a new page of our great motherland. As the host said, 60 years ago, we witnessed the birth of the new China. Today, we witness the birth of the new China. This is a great moment in history, and it is the voice of 1.3 billion people. This is the strength of the motherland!
Students, although this is imagination, but I believe that our country will stand in the future among the strongest of the forest of celebrities. Students, only if we study hard and strive for strength, the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation will be realized in our hands. Motherland, mother! Please believe that we will not fail the heavy trust of history, the new “Chinese Symphony” will play a more brilliant movement in our hands!

Model around us

People are all born with inertia. It is precisely the inherent inertia that restricts the steps of most people. So only a few people defeat their inertia with strong perseverance, and get the fruits of the season on the road of life.
I am very glad that there are a lot of perseverance, down-to-earth and hard-working colleagues in the collective of my work. It is precisely because of them that our collective is full of positive energy. In this silent but never-ending positive energy shining like gold, I dare not slacken for a moment. Often tired, dizzy and exhausted, but such a day makes me feel full and happy.
I think the reason why I can persist is that these examples around me are always pushing me and touching me.
I am often touched by the leadership of our collective. They set an example everywhere, are pragmatic and diligent, treat their subordinates warmly and peacefully, and win our respect and trust with a respect, understanding and tolerance.
I am often touched by our collective team of old teachers. Although retirement is imminent, but the work is still vigorous, independent. Teacher Zhang Gui’e’s smile made the winter morning warm; Teachers Dong Xiuying and Pan Ying’s persistence and earnestness for decades made people awe-inspiring; Teachers Jia Jia’e and Gao Yumei built a monument of their teachers’soul with their endless patience and love; Teachers Su Meirong and Xu Guimei poured out like silkworms in spring all their lives. My love for education. Looking at their diligent figures, looking at their old backs, I saw a kind of silent greatness.
I am often touched by those platoon leaders of our collective, who have brought back the glittering and sweaty trophies one by one. This is their credit. It is their credit that they have brought back their proud achievements one after another. Gao Wenying, Bian Rongmei, Yang Lan, Dong Mei, Yang Hongmei, Shang Chunhong, Han Mei, Gao Ruiqin, Gao Jiaoqin, Zhang Rong, He Jinhua, Li Jiefang, Zhuangyan and Wang Qiaoling. They are the gold of our collective, because of them, our collective shines brightly.
I am often touched by every unknown colleague in our collective. They have no halo on their heads and no applause in their lives. What makes them consistently willing to contribute? What makes them never stop rushing? I think it’s responsibility, responsibility and conscience. There are many special students in Chang Zhi’s class, but she seldom complains. She teaches children knowledge steadfastly and cares for every child’s growth peacefully. Teacher Chai Xudong’s eyes are not good, so many compositions, diaries, homework to be corrected, she often has no intention, but she always feels that the school language teachers are in short supply, and has been gritting her teeth. Teacher Liu Fenglian has an indescribable tenacity in her work. Her work is always so orderly and effective. Teacher Zhang Wenying’s patience, carefulness and ingenuity in his work often make me feel inferior to myself. As a math teacher, Ms. Su Lixia can teach children knowledge and at the same time, as a head teacher, strictly require children’s behavior and habits. I’m really happy to work with her. Teacher Li Xianfeng is both a head teacher and a math teacher. I can’t help envying her vigorous and popular work.
Looking at Linhe five small posts, there are inspiring examples. A single flower is not spring, a hundred flowers blossom in spring, I would like to blossom in such a large garden, I would like to leave a touch of fragrance in such a large garden.