Goldmine Bombardment Football Association

Xuan Haowei, the former official of the Football Association, succeeded Hiddink as the executive coach of the National Olympic Games. Many outside statements point to Hiddink’s negligence. Gao Lei Changwen, a 39-year-old foreign player, bombarded the leadership of the Football Association. He said that the problem of Guoao had nothing to do with Hiddink, and inviting God to come could not save Chinese football.
Gao Leileilei Weibo is as follows
It really has nothing to do with Hiddink! God can’t save Chinese football!
You don’t have to be a coach to play football. You don’t have to be a coach to manage the Football Association. Professionals do professional work, but we don’t have professionals at all! Leaders do not understand, looking for a group of other projects to do football, and now find retired players or coaches to do the work of the Football Association, nominally as if professionals do professional work, in fact, do not know how to improve the level of football! They only focus on the national team. Nobody organizes youth training, let alone the youth training system. The level of youth coaches is low. Players and youth coaches are two fields at all. That’s not the case.
My former club owner in Spain was a professional player, lawyer, master of sports management, master of football management, master of economics, lecturer of a university and rich thief. But he appeared in the club stands every day from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. to watch a team training to each echelon training. A small club has young people. More than 1500 players a year, he often eats in clubs, but also to see other levels of competition charging!
Can Chinese club owners do it? Can the leaders of the Chinese Football Association do it? Ignorance, incompetence, not diligence, Chinese football to do, you let the world football reasoning? Leaders, do you wait for retired players to get a degree in sports management after years of further study? Wait until there’s no interpersonal relationship to go to the management? The essence of the problem is still in education, most of the players have not been to junior high school, how to write papers? Sports economic management is all digital. Can you understand it without foundation? Two kinds of disabled people: sports students and cultural students, both look down on each other and do not deal with each other! The species of the two worlds do not intersect each other!
Our educational philosophy and parents’perception are gifted to engage in a sport, and to judge the success of sport or not? There’s only one answer: Become a professional athlete! Ignoring the cultivation of talents around sports and closing most people out of the gate of sports from childhood, the people who love sports have no way to know what is in football, and the people inside have a slurry head. They don’t know anything except playing football. When do sports students have culture and culture students are top sportsmen, what else does football do? Just take it out and you can hang the world’s heroes!


The Shadow of Ruju

It was already late, and the cold wind blew loudly. Looking at the figure that had gone away, I just felt a warm current flowing into my heart.
She was just a stranger, met me that night, but left a deep impression on me, as if a fresh and elegant, pure chrysanthemum is blooming, so beautiful, so close.
On that day, my mother and father were still busy in the shop, but the night was late. In order to make me more energetic tomorrow, I had to go to sleep alone in the opposite house. The road became so long in front of me that my heart could not help but tighten and I still dared not go. I just felt that the darkness was swallowing up the light, and I would. With the light is swallowed up. But I went forward step by step.
At this time, a man came by and I hurried around. At this moment, I was really afraid that a stranger would take me away, so that I could never see my parents again. Where should I go? Time passed so slowly that I was walking slowly on the path, my feet became heavier and heavier, listening only to the rustle of leaves and other people. The sound of footsteps, just think of other bad people to take me away, and only fear accompanied me all the way.
After a long time, I stayed at home, but my fear did not stop. Although I had arrived at home, I still felt uneasy and stared at the door tightly. I always felt that someone would break in and look at the door. I regretted it. Why didn’t I come back with my parents? Why should I be afraid of it alone? No, I’m going to find my mother!
I rushed out and ran to the road in one breath, but, looking at the endless stream of cars, my legs couldn’t walk out. Mom, Dad, you guys are coming soon! It’s getting darker and darker, and I’m anxious and afraid, but I have to wait. Everyone rushes home, but I _. I couldn’t help standing alone by the road and crying, Mom, why don’t you come yet?
When I was sad and sad, she came to my side, bent down and gently asked, “What’s wrong, little boy? Do you miss your mother?”
At first, looking at this strange sister, I dared not say anything, just whispered, but looking at her friendly eyes, I nodded, “Hmm” a.
She touched my head, smiled and asked, “Where’s your mother?”
“I…” How did I remember my address when I was young?
“Well? Don’t you know? Never mind. Do you know your mother’s phone number? I’ll call her for you.” Say, she took out her cell phone to help me make a phone call, while waiting for my parents, she has been comforting me, teaching me: “In the future, do not run around, what if you meet bad people? Listen to my sister’s words, then stay at home, okay?” I watched her, a warm flow in my heart.
Dad came, which meant that my sister was leaving. I was reluctant to part with him.
Looking at her leaving behind, I suddenly felt the darkness dispersing and the warmth returning to my side. She was like a chrysanthemum that was about to blossom. Although it had not yet reached the most beautiful moment, it made people smell the fresh fragrance first, so they wanted to approach, so pure. If a person with impure soul, how can I deal with a strange child I don’t know? I can see her heart as transparent as a mirror, and like chrysanthemum stamens, how beautiful! That figure like chrysanthemum, I will never forget in my life.

Fishing record

It’s so hot and hot that people naturally like to go to places with water and trees to cool down. Of course, we are young and no exception. Who knows that we inadvertently enjoy the cool, unexpectedly made a surprising discovery: the artificial lake in the community actually lives wild fish! Therefore, a “fishing war” is inevitable.
The appointed time is up, and we are all armed to our destination. Huh! Look, it’s quite well equipped, ranging from a small fishing net to a mini flashlight. When we got to the lake, we saw that many people had started fishing there. Dense fishing nets have become a unique landscape in the community. “Well, we’re still late.” The sentimental Xiaocheng lamented. “Never mind, the latter is in the first place!” I comforted him, but I could hardly wait for him.
We went to a deserted place and did a carpet search. “There’s one!” cried Jurid, with a sharp eye, in surprise. Xiaocheng and I immediately joined up. The little fish was sitting quietly between the two stones at the moment, unaware that it had become someone else’s goal, still foolishly motionless. Xiaocheng and I each held a fishing net to block the fish’s exit. At this time, the little fish may feel bad and can only escape from the front, but it seems that it does not notice the fluctuation of the water surface, because Jured has been there “waiting for rabbits”. Xiao Zhu quickly blocked the front of the stone crack with a small net. At this moment, the little fish seemed to understand that it had become a turtle in the urn, and returned to the original road at a fast speed, rushing towards the direction of the small guard. Unfortunately, it’s too late, Xiaocheng said, this dizzy fish has become our “first battle product”.
Influenced by this “open door red”, we have great morale and high personality. We are anxious to fish all the small fish in the lake. It really took no effort. Just then another little fish came into our sight. We immediately implemented the capture plan. This little fish seems to be much smarter than the one just now. Just as soon as our fishing net touched the lake, it seemed to feel bad and fled immediately. I was deeply disappointed. At this time, Xiao Cheng suddenly said, “Who said the fish ran away, it’s in my net!” Originally, when the small fish fled, it was in Xiao Cheng’s pocket. “What a coincidence! It’s not a book!” we sighed one after another.
Time passed silently, and we kept fishing. But after a period of time, no fish was seen. We sighed and lost our hearts. Even Xiao Zhu, who is usually the most patient, is a little impatient. The flashlight in his hand flashed and seemed to be restless. Suddenly, Xiao Zhu shouted, “Red goldfish!” This simple three-word, like a time bomb suddenly pushed us to the climax. “Where is it?” I asked Xiaocheng in unison. We looked in the direction of Xiao Zhu’s finger. It was true that a red goldfish was swimming happily in the water. “Boy, this time you met this fishing expert and you’ve been mouldy for eight years. See where you’re going? Take your life!” Xiao Cheng cried excitedly. He was caught with a fishing net in his pocket in the water. We were thrilled by this great achievement.
In the next time, we caught several small fish one after another. Although the fish is very small, but this is the result of our united cooperation and hard work, there is a sense of pride!