Pollutants in Tengger Desert

On the morning of November 29, Liu Youbin, spokesman of the Ministry of ecology and environment, responding to the pollution problem at the edge of Tengger Desert, Zhongwei, Ningxia, said at a regular press conference that as of 18:00 on November 25, 129264 tons of bags of pollutants had been cleared on the site. Of the 14 contaminated plots, 11 had been preliminarily cleared, 93.2% of the total amount of clean-up had been completed. At the same time, the investigation scheme of groundwater monitoring has been determined on the site, groundwater monitoring logging is under construction, and groundwater sampling monitoring analysis is carried out.
Since October this year, the Tengger desert has again exposed the incident of “desert pollution discharge”. On November 8, the media reported the incident; on November 9, the working group of the Ministry of ecological environment and the working group of Ningxia ecological environment department arrived and rushed to the scene overnight; on November 10, the ecological environment bureau of Zhongwei City filed a case investigation on Ningxia Meili Paper Group environmental protection and energy saving limited company suspected of environmental violations.
Liu Youbin said that after the preliminary investigation, on November 13, the Ministry of environment had carried out the Listing Supervision on the ecological environment pollution in Zhongwei city. After the Listing Supervision, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region attached great importance to it, and relevant leading comrades had rushed to the scene for investigation and disposal.
In order to eliminate the hidden dangers of environmental safety as soon as possible, Liu Youbin said that the Ministry of environment has instructed the Department of ecological environment of Ningxia Autonomous Region to urge the Zhongwei municipal government to continue to do the following work:
First, we will continue to clean up the pollutants on the site in a scientific way, accelerate the identification of soil pollution attributes, and formulate measures for soil pollution disposal, soil risk management and remediation;
Second, we need to conduct a comprehensive investigation and serious treatment, investigate the responsibilities of relevant responsible persons in accordance with the law and discipline, disclose the relevant information to the public, and carry out the work of compensation for ecological environment damage in accordance with the law and regulations;
Third, we should draw inferences from one instance to identify hidden dangers, carry out a major investigation of environmental pollution in the Tengger Desert and surrounding areas, resolutely crack down on environmental violations in accordance with the law, and ensure the safety of the ecological environment.

PCL all staff promotion

After three days of fierce competition, the first round group match of PGC in the global finals of “survival of the Jedi” officially ended. This group game consists of 32 teams divided into two groups: AB and ab. the top 8 teams can enter the semi-finals in the three-day competition. At present, all the teams representing the domestic PCL have been promoted. Here we congratulate them on their victory. Let’s take a look at the details of this group game.
PCL all promotion and 4am successful meeting, 16 semi-final PCL to make further efforts!
PGC in the fierce battle of two groups of games, the 16 teams are the first to enter the semi-finals. The 16 teams that lost in the group match played in the loser group today. In the end, the eight teams escaped from birth and won the final promotion quota. This includes VC, QM and ifty from PCL. In this way, with 4am advanced early, all teams in PCL are promoted and perform strongly in this PGC. AhQ and Gex from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, which fans call the provincial team, also entered the semi-finals. So far, all six teams of the Chinese team have been promoted!
After today’s knockout, the group game is over. The three Chinese PCL teams participating in the knockout will all be promoted to the semi-finals.
Looking back on the final one, ifty finally scares the explanation. Fortunately, the lone wolf finally stabilizes. It’s mainly the final time. Several opponents with threats are present. It’s not serious. It’s impossible. I can also thank QM for a small wave. It’s a perfect ending. All of them are promoted. Ming and the forum are very happy. We have to look forward to the semi-final.
After the game, the VC team members also accepted the interview, just the little sister, it seems to be a little serious!
I love to see the pictures of Chinese E-sports players in foreign countries receiving media interviews. It’s a sense of honor. The lol news is good, but it’s coming. Pubg can’t lose. Waiting for a PGC champion is the PCL team’s news.
4am, VC, ifty, QM, according to the present embodiment, these 4am and VC are a bit fierce. Eight platoons are going?

The temperature in many places drops by 10 °C

The temperature in many places drops by 10 °C, the temperature suddenly drops, and the temperature drops directly by 10 °C.

Yesterday, many places have experienced the three-in-one package of “Gale + Cooling + Rain”! In many places, the single-day drop is above 10 °C!
The highest temperatures in Harbin, Changchun and Shenyang were only about 10 °C yesterday, and the highest temperature in the second half of the year was set. The temperature in Hohhot and Tianjin dropped to 10 °C at 2 o’clock in the afternoon yesterday. Beijing also dropped to 15 °C, all from summer. Directly to late autumn. This made many netizens scream: I want to wear long trousers overnight!
If you go out this morning, it is estimated that wearing only the long pants is no longer useful! The lowest temperature in Harbin and Changchun in the northeast is only freezing point up and down. It is the first provincial capital city in the second half of this year, and the temperature in many cities in North China and Northwest China is only single digits in the morning…
Cold air is coming! The temperature in many places plummeted by 10 °C
According to the monitoring of the Central Meteorological Observatory, due to the influence of cold air, in the past two days, there have been strong winds or rain and snow in parts of northern China. It is expected that cold air will continue to affect China in the next two days.
According to the monitoring, on the 3rd, under the action of cold air, gusts of 6 to 8 appeared in parts of Inner Mongolia, Northeast China and northern North China. On the morning of the 4th, the above areas generally cooled 4-8 °C compared with the early morning of the 3rd. The temperature in Inner Mongolia Hetao, Hulunbeier, Chifeng and western Liaoning has dropped by 10-13 °C.
Beijing started from the evening of the 3rd, with strong winds and rainy weather. As of 8:00 am on the 4th, the average precipitation in Beijing was 26.4 mm, and the average precipitation in the urban area was 23.9 mm. The strongest rainfall occurred in the Mentougou water, the mouth, precipitation. The amount is 76. 3 mm.
The Central Meteorological Observatory predicts that by the 6th of this month, the average daily temperature in the southeastern part of Northeast China and the north of the Yangtze River to the south of the Yangtze River will fall by 6-8 °C. Among them, parts of central Henan and central Hubei will fall by more than 10 °C. There will be windy weather in some of the above areas. In addition, the southwestern part of the country, the southwestern part of Shaanxi, the western part of Huanghuai, the northwestern part of the Yangtze River, the northern part of Jianghan, and other places have cloudy and rainy weather. Some areas have moderate to heavy rain, southwestern Shaanxi, northeastern Sichuan Basin, central and western Chongqing, northwestern Guizhou and other places. There are heavy rains or heavy rains in some areas.

I wear long pants in the north, you are exposed in the south.
When the little friends in the north were frozen and shivering in the whistling winds and cold ice, the south was another scene. Yesterday, there were high temperatures in many places in the south. For example, the highest temperatures in Wuhan, Changsha and Nanchang reached 35°C or higher yesterday. Among them, Nanchang not only set a record for the highest temperature in October, but also tied the level. The record of the highest temperature in history, Wuhan and Changsha are simultaneously breaking the record of the latest high temperature day and the highest temperature in October. In short, it is a word: hot.
However, how can the cold air with such a strong strength be allowed to pass through the south, and today most of the southern part will have a great cooling. The highest temperature in Hefei and Nanjing yesterday is 32-33 °C. Today’s single-day drop will reach 10°C. Today, the highest temperature will drop to 20°C, and Wuhan and Changsha, which had high temperatures yesterday, will continue to cool down after two days. By the end of the day, the maximum temperature will drop to within 30 °C.
Xinjiang: sudden snowfall at Karasu port
On the 4th, the Karasu port in Xinjiang ushered in the first switch day during the National Day, and a heavy snowfall also brought significant impact on customs clearance vehicles.
The Karasu port, which is more than 4,000 meters above sea level, is the only land port opened between China and Tajikistan. It started on the evening of October 3, and a heavy snowfall lasted until the day of October 4th. Due to this, the visibility of the Karasu port was insufficient. At 50 meters, the temperature dropped by about 10 °C, and the temperature dropped to minus 8 °C.
Due to the National Day holiday, the port was closed for three days. Yesterday was the first day of the switch. More than 40 inbound and outbound vehicles were blocked due to wind and snow clearance. The Karasu Exit and Entry Frontier Inspection Station quickly launched the snowstorm emergency plan. Safely guide vehicles to ensure safe clearance of vehicles at the port. At 21 o’clock on the 4th, all the vehicles and personnel that were blocked were successfully cleared.
Jilin: affected by rainfall weather, Changbai Mountain main peak temporarily closed
On the 4th, a rainy weather in the Changbai Mountain area of ​​Jilin Province was affected. Due to this, the main peak of Changbai Mountain was temporarily closed.
On the 4th, there was a light rain in the Changbai Mountain Scenic Area, and the temperature dropped significantly. The minimum temperature during the day reached 2 °C, which still showed a downward trend. The average wind of the main peak of Changbai Mountain was 8-9, to prevent passengers from staying due to road freezing. The main peak of Changbai Mountain was temporarily closed.
Manager of Shanmen Management Department of Changbai Mountain North Scenic Area War Jiuzhou: Especially the main peak of Tianchi Lake, because the altitude is relatively high, if the rainfall continues, the temperature will drop, which may lead to ice on the road, which will seriously affect our transportation safety.
In order to meet the travel needs of tourists, in addition to the main peak, including Changbai Mountain waterfalls, hot springs and other scenic spots are still open to tourists. Although there was light rain in the sky, the temperature of the body was lower, but it did not affect the mood of the tourists.
According to the information released by the meteorological department, until the 5th, the main peak of Changbai Mountain has sleet or light snow, and there may be road freezing or snow. The scenic spot will also adjust the opening hours of the scenic spot according to the weather conditions.


Put more than three squirrels together

In response to the “Three Squirrels Statement: No official flagship store was opened in Pingduo, and no distributors or shops were authorized to sell in Pingduo”, Pingduo responded that the Department businessmen were forced to declare that “pressure is bound to be mountainous, which expresses understanding”. In 2017, the three squirrels were stationed as official flagship stores.


New Year’s Day activities

Looking forward to the stars, looking forward to the moon, and finally looking forward to New Year’s Day. Up to now, the happy and warm scenery often appears in front of me, which makes me unforgettable.
That afternoon, when I happily walked into the campus, the first place I saw was not the tall teaching building, but the warm classroom. First of all, the window decorations on the outside glass of the classroom show the students’attention to New Year’s Day, the lantern riddle party and their service to the class. Two red paper lanterns were hung on both sides of the classroom door. When I entered the classroom, I was amazed at everything I saw: many Pink Bows and bright ornaments hung on the clean wall like snow. Over the classroom, there are 360 large and small color lantern riddles. They look like a colorful ink painting. They are very beautiful. Then they turn their eyes to the blackboard and write seven vigorous and powerful characters: the celebration of New Year’s Day lantern riddle party, with a string of red firecrackers on both sides, and the lovely lambs and emerald green in the lower left corner. The grass in the blank is a pleasant little bow. In the middle above the blackboard, there is a bow with golden stripes on the side. This “sudden” scene makes many students can’t help wandering around in the classroom.
As soon as the bell rang, my dear teacher Wen came into the classroom with a big smile and announced the rules of riddles guessing: “You can leave your seat and guess these riddles, but you have to guess them first and check them with the students who have the answers. If you are right, you can tear them down. The more”trophies”you have, the better you will get. To the prize. Students who grasp the answer should sacrifice, let other students guess first, and now the activity officially begins! “At Mr. Wen’s command, students left their seats happily, eager to try to find their own”favorite”riddles, of course, I am no exception, also began the”search”. In a few moments, Zhang Zhang had guessed three riddles of lanterns, but I still got nothing. I was anxious to think: why are the riddles so difficult for my classmates? None of them could guess correctly. Just when I was depressed, a riddle filled with small stars attracted me. When I looked up, it said eight words, “The blind touch the elephant” (an idiom). Suddenly, I thought of an epilogue: the blind touch the elephant – not knowing the general, the answer should be ignoring the general. I quickly answered the questions with my classmates and quickly unveiled them. Harvest “After one, my confidence suddenly increased greatly, one, two… Five! I finally got five riddles right. Here, the teacher clapped his hands and said, “Okay, it’s time to get back to your seats. “After the students sat down, the teacher selected the students who guessed the most riddles and asked the students who answered the questions to give them prizes.
Next, it’s the students who have the answers to guess the riddles. They have worked hard for half a day and can only watch the students guess. Now, it’s their turn. Mr. Wen asked several classmates to hold the answers instead of them. The rest of the classroom were puzzles. Xu Yunshan turned around and failed to answer any of them. Suddenly, Xu Yunshan suddenly grabbed a riddle, put his index finger on his chin and turned his eyes around, and immediately came up with the answer. After a while, Xu Yunshan has found three…
Happy time is always very short, unconsciously, two classes have passed, I really look forward to the next such activities.

Learn to swim

Among the thousands of sports in the world, I only love swimming. Since I was a child, I especially liked swimming. At that time, I lived in the countryside with my grandparents. In the countryside where there were stinky ditches and bushes, there was seldom a dream and clear river. So, my desire for swimming could only be expressed by watching TV广州桑拿.
Turn on the TV to the sports channel and watch the players in the pool like muscular dolphins, and I’ll yell with excitement. Finally, the opportunity came. When I was ten years old, my parents gave me a gift – to take me to the newly opened Golden Fruit Paradise in the city to learn swimming.
I’m surprised and delighted, you know, this is the first time I’ve ever had a real swim in my life. When I arrived at my destination, I was as excited as a wild horse out of a cage. I changed my sky-blue swimsuit and rushed into the azure pool. The sun is shining, so is my heart. Everything is what I imagine, the wide pool, the blue sky as if wiped, and, one after another, lovely swimming circles.
Because I can’t swim yet, I also put on桑拿广州 a yellow swimming ring at first. I’m in shallow water and my feet can step on the ground. I pushed my body forward slightly, put the whole body’s center of gravity on my upper body, curled up my legs slightly, and swam forward with my hands floating vigorously. But I failed. This method of swimming is the most clumsy and primitive. I struggled like a duck in the water and swayed like a duck, but it didn’t work at all.
Looking around, I found that there were many children like me around. They all learned to swim under the guidance of their parents. Moreover, their movements were very relaxed and relaxed, which was not as hard as I did. I decided to try again. I really didn’t believe it and asked the teacher. So, I imitated the swimming strokes of several big brothers with excellent water quality beside me, leaning forward more, with two arms floating around and two legs tilting upward bit by bit… Suddenly, I just felt that my whole thin body was out of control, and before I could respond, I had lost my focus and plunged into the pool!
I just feel bad breathing and my mind is blank. Immediately struggling to emerge from the water, I breathed the fresh air greedily, my chest fluctuated sharply, and a very uncomfortable burning sensation came from my nose and throat, which made my whole body tremble. Even have the idea of giving up.
At this time, my father came over, gently took my hand and comforted me: “Who has not fallen more than a dozen times to learn swimming, it’s important to persevere! Come on, Dad is leading you!” With the support of Dad’s strong arm, I feel very reassured and courageous. My father held my legs and kept telling me the skills of swimming: grasp the center of gravity, use both hands and feet, don’t knock dead, work hard at a uniform speed. I meditated on these essentials in my mind, while using both hands to pat the surface of the pool with桑拿佛山 a watermark, and then, like a frog, vigorously pedaling both legs, putting all the strength together in their arms.
Finally, I swam up, and after my father let me go, I could barely swim a metre away! Although it was only a short metre, it was the biggest step in my life!
Learning to swim not only exercises my will, but also broadens my horizon, from which I also understand a very important point: do anything, not follow blindly, only down-to-earth efforts, is the king of success.