Liushahe died

Liushahe, 88, died at 3:45pm on November 23 Please go, sir!
On this day, we experienced a long period of hours from the rumor of “Liusha river died” in the morning, to the family’s relief of “Liusha river did not die”, to the gripping heart of Liusha River, Chengdu cultural circle was praying for a miracle to protect Shalao. However, the last bad news that we would like to hear is coming. He failed to survive the difficult rescue in the end.
“At 3:45, my father left.” At 3:50 p.m., Yu Kun, Liushahe’s son, personally told the Red Star News reporter the fact and confirmed it again through wechat.
He said that Liusha river had unfinished regrets. What my father couldn’t let go of was the unfinished writing and research.
He said that his father fell into a deep coma at 10 a.m. on the 23rd. I haven’t had time to leave my last words. Father’s illness is not very sudden, in fact, he has been suffering from laryngeal cancer for a long time. He only found it a dozen days before his death, but it’s too late. Cancer cells have spread, causing complications.
Yu Kun’s tone is very heavy. I don’t know how to deal with the later affairs of Liusha river. I need to go back to discuss with my family. I hope that the outside world will give more quiet space to my family and not disturb them.
Liushahe (Contemporary Chinese poet)
Liushahe, formerly known as Yu xuntan, was born on November 11, 1931 in Jintang County, Chengdu. A famous poet, writer, scholar and calligrapher in modern China. His main works are Liushahe poetry collection, farewell to the hometown, whereabouts, twelve poets in Taiwan, talking about poetry across the sea
Twelve middle-aged poets in Taiwan, Liushahe poetry, zigzag and gnawing traces, Zhuangzi modern edition, Liushahe essays, quotations from Mr. y, Liushahe essays, recent works of Liushahe, etc. Many poems are included in middle school Chinese textbooks.
Liushahe entered the Department of agriculture and chemistry of Sichuan University in the autumn of 1949, determined to learn from literature. In 1950, he worked as the supplement editor of Western Sichuan Farmers Daily. In 1952, he was transferred to Sichuan Federation of literary and art circles. He was first a writer, then a mass editor and a poetry editor of star. Sawn wood for six years, nailed box for six years, and supervised labor for 20 years. In 1979, he was transferred back to Sichuan Federation of literary and art circles as the editor of star poetry magazine. He has been writing since 1985.
Liushahe is absolutely the real master of Chengdu culture. Master, this time I really left, leaving a sad sigh

25 years ago

“No matter where I served my sentence, I didn’t admit that I killed people. When Yuanmou’s murder happened, I worked in Yingjiang, 700 kilometers away. How could I appear at the scene of the crime? ” Recently, Li Jin, 54, a Yuanmou Man in Yunnan, told upstream journalists that he had entrusted a lawyer to file a retrial application with the Sichuan Higher People’s court.
Li Jin’s grievance is related to a robbery and murder in Yuanmou, a small town in northern Yunnan Province, in the early morning of October 14, 1994.
On November 7, 2019, in Yuanmou County, Yunnan Province, Li Jin wept bitterly when talking about what happened to him On December 26, 2002, Sichuan Higher People’s Court issued a final ruling (1999) cjzz No. 444, upholding the judgment of Chengdu Intermediate Court of railway transportation (hereinafter referred to as the iron middle court) that Li Jin was sentenced to commit robbery and life imprisonment, “Li Jin and others entered the room and used crowbars and daggers to Yao Suhua and Bai sleeping on the window and adjacent bed The head and chest of crane forest were beaten and assassinated, leading to the death of two victims.
After Li Jin was jailed, he went to three prisons to serve his sentence. On July 7, 2017, Li Jin, 52, left prison 22 years after losing his freedom.
Pu facheng and Pu Funeng brothers, who were prosecuted in the same case with Li Jin, were acquitted by the Chengtie middle court with “insufficient evidence”. Chengdu Railway Transportation Branch of Sichuan Provincial People’s Procuratorate (Chengdu Railway procuratorate branch) filed a protest against Sichuan Provincial High Court, which suspended the trial because the defendant “could not arrive on time”. 11 years later, when the brothers of the Pu family came to the case, the people’s Procuratorate of Sichuan Province withdrew their protest and the central court of Chengdu Railway made state compensation to the two brothers.
Yang Mingju and Zhang judui, Li Jin’s lawyers, found that when Li Jin worked in Yingjiang County, Yunnan Province in 1994, it was impossible for him to return to the scene of the original plot 700 kilometers away; in the effective judgment, the direct evidence of conviction was only Li Jin’s own confession, without any objective evidence; the Pu brothers’ acquittal made Li Jin’s accomplice a mystery Regiment.
On November 7, 2019, the robbery and murder at Yuanmou railway station took place in 1994 at the guesthouse of Yuanmou Public Works section, which made Li Jin, Pu facheng and Pu facheng fall into a long criminal lawsuit.
Yuanmou, Northern Yunnan: two murders in the hotel in the early morning
In the early morning of October 14, 1994, Yuanmou County, Yunnan Province, beside the Chengdu Kunming railway, a robbery and murder case called “1013 major case” occurred: Bai Helin and Yao Suhua, passengers, got off the train and checked into room 208 of the reception center of Yuanmou Public Works section. They were found to have been robbed and killed in the room in the early morning of the next day.
After the “1013” case happened in Yuanmou, a small town, it aroused great repercussions among the local people. Since the guest house of Yuanmou Public Works section was under the jurisdiction of Chengdu Railway Bureau, the investigation, public prosecution and trial of the whole case were all in the charge of the political and legal units of Chengdu railway system.
According to the criminal ruling of Sichuan Higher People’s Court (1999) CZZ No. 444, at about 15:30 on October 13, 1994, Li jinhou, together with others, followed the passengers baihelin and Yao Suhua who came down from the 548 train at Yuanmou railway station, and found out that they lived in room 208 of the reception of Yuanmou Public Works section. At about 1:00 a.m. on October 14, Li Jin and others carried tools such as crowbars and daggers and turned the door into the hostel. Li Jin ran into room 208, and entered the room with others. He used crowbars and daggers to hit and assassinate Yao Suhua, Bai Helin’s head and chest, who were sleeping on the window and adjacent bed. As a result, Bai Helin died immediately and Yao Suhua was seriously injured. Li Jin grabs one of Yao Suhua’s handbags and runs to the back wall with others to climb the wall and escape. At 5:50 a.m., the outsider reported Yao Suhua and Bai Helin were killed immediately. After the police arrived at the scene, they found that Yao Suhua was not dead, but he died of serious injuries on the way to the hospital.
The autopsy report confirmed that baihelin was stabbed to the heart with dagger and died of hemorrhagic shock of great vessels by others, and Yao Suhua was stabbed to the head with single blade sharp and blunt instruments for many times, which resulted in the death of cerebral contusion and great hemorrhagic shock.
According to the effective ruling, there was a footprint with a total length of 28cm, a width of 9.8cm in the forefoot and a width of 9.8cm in the heel at the scene of the crime. There were two fingerprints on the inside of the door frame of the room and one bedside table of the three beds in the room, but it could not be confirmed that it was left by Li Jin.
Li Jin, who was released from prison after commutation, said that the confession was made involuntarily. “At that time, the police asked me to admit the facts. If I turned over the confession in court and went back to the detention center, I would ‘clean up’ myself. I have never admitted these things since I entered the prison. The application for commutation is all prison You wrote it for me. “
On November 7, 2019, Li Jin returned to the old house where he lived before he was jailed, which was in ruins. No one present: the employer proved that Li Jin was 700 kilometers away from the time of the crime
Li Jin told the upstream news reporter that on September 30, 1995, he was taken into custody for examination because of his involvement in the case, so he proposed to the railway police investigators in charge of the investigation: when the case happened on October 13, 1994, I was still working in Yingjiang County, Yunnan Province, and I didn’t return to Yuanmou at all. “I proposed this to the police at that time, but no one paid any attention to me at all.”
After Li Jin was released from prison, he ran to Kunming lawyer Yang Mingqiao and Zhang judui to appeal.

Dai Zhikang surrendered himself

Dai Zhikang, chairman of Securities and Exchange Group, once said publicly that in all directions of development in the financial system, he preferred P2P.
Another big man planted on P2P.
According to Titanium media, Dai Zhikang, chairman of Zhengda Group, surrendered himself to the case and his company was suspected of illegal fund-raising. At present, 41 people have been detained in prison and the assets involved have been seized.
According to 21st century economic reports, the total capital involved in Dai Zhikang’s platform of “fishing for treasure” and “securing great wealth” reached 5 billion yuan.
Dai Zhikang surrendered on suspicion of illegal fund-raising
On September 1, the Pudong Branch of Shanghai Public Security Bureau issued the “Information Bulletin on the Investigation and Handling of”Certificate Companies”.
According to the circular, since August 12, 2019, the police have accepted investigations into allegations of illegal fund-raising by the company’s “treasure-fishing” platform and “treasure-fishing” company.
On August 29, 2019, Dai Moukang, the legal representative of the Grand Duke of Certification, and Dai Mouxin, the general manager, surrendered themselves to the police, claiming that there were illegal and irregular acts such as setting up a pool of funds and misappropriating funds in the operation of the company, and that they could not be paid.
Shanghai police also said in the briefing that without the approval of the relevant financial qualifications of the state, the company through its online financial management platform (Shanghai Securities Da Aite Financial Information Service Co., Ltd.) and off-line financial management stores (Shanghai Securities Da Thumb Wealth Management Co., Ltd.) to the Shanghai Securities Da Aite Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. At present, the case of illegal deposit absorption by the unspecified public is under further investigation.
It is understood that Lucaibao was established in 2014, headquartered in Shanghai, with shareholders as the major group, and Dai Zhikang as the actual controller.
According to official website Xinpi data, as of the end of July 2019, the platform had a total transaction value of 29.638 billion yuan, a loan balance of 4.966 billion yuan, and the current lending data of 28,031 people.
But these data are forever history.
On August 12, Lucaibao announced on its official website that due to the unilateral termination of cooperation between the depository bank, Huarui Bank, the platform stopped adding new business and the payment channel was closed at the same time.
On the same day, another company under Dai Zhikang, Shanghai Securities Investment Consulting Co., Ltd., issued a notice to all employees to terminate the labor contract relationship in advance. According to the notice, the company suspended all new loans and business from now on, retained the normal collection after the loan, and decided to terminate the labor contracts of all the employees of the company’s headquarters and all its subsidiaries in advance, in accordance with the requirements of government supervision.
As soon as the news came out, it aroused heated discussion among the public.
On August 13, Shanghai Securities Real Estate Co., Ltd. (00755.HK) announced that its main business is the development, operation and management of real estate construction. Its business scope does not have any intersection and business contacts with the consulting companies mentioned in relevant media reports. On February 13, 2015, Dai Zhikang completed the transfer of its controlling shares in the company.
In response to the growing “thunder” of P2P, Dai Zhikang has sent an open letter to users of treasure salvage, indicating that treasure salvage will quit benignly.
On August 26, Dai Zhikang made it clear in his second open letter that he would not throw off the pot, run away or lose touch with others. In the future, he would focus on repayment management and collection of creditor’s rights and assets.
Less than three days later, however, Dai Zhikang chose to surrender.
Dai Zhikang has said publicly that in all directions of development in the financial system, he is most optimistic about P2P. Today, he is in the quagmire of P2P for suspected illegal fund-raising. I don’t know how he feels now.


Moving and Memories Belonging to Us

Counting the years, there are always some touches, such as the wind coming, caressing the voice of the heart inadvertently. Blow transparent sincerity, light memory, feel the passing years, laugh at the prosperous moments in life. With the purple motherland, have a warm feeling 深圳桑拿网 and feelings.
—— The inscription is perishable, and I am lonely, aloof and arrogant. Always like back to the sun, back to warmth, no matter how warm the sun is, I always refuse to raise my head, only in their own corner to enjoy their loneliness. In junior high school, I realized that I had started a new journey in my life. But I’m still the same person. I haven’t changed at all. I never thought about how I feel when I have friends.
Because of my eccentric character, I have lived for 5 or 6 years in junior high school. Until my girl appeared beside me, my world awakened my lonely dream which had been sleeping for many years. That summer, it was extremely hot. The school held an unprecedented summer camp activity. Under the guidance of our teacher, we came to a dense forest. The sunlight shined through the cracks in the leaves on my face, making my forehead covered with sweat.
As I took out the tissue from my jacket pocket and was about to wipe it, a pair of hands holding an ice cream reached out to me. I narrowed my eyes and looked up. I scorned the coldness and said, “What’s the matter?” She answered me in a gentle tone and said, “The teacher just bought an ice-cream and sent you a piece. It’s so hot that you can relieve the heat.” I looked at him with a strange eye, and she smiled at me. Then we sat on the grass and talked for a long time. But despite this, I still regard him as a stranger.
Until that evening, after self-study, the students left the classroom in a hurry and rushed to the dormitory. Suddenly 桑拿广州 I felt uncomfortable in my stomach and went straight to the toilet before I could wash. I didn’t go back until all the lights in my dormitory went out, because I was so painful and numb that I couldn’t even stand up. Then something that I never thought of happened again. I heard a rush of footsteps coming toward me. She raised her head hard. It turned out to be her again. She gently asked me, “What’s wrong with my classmates, can I help you?” I did not speak. She disappeared in my eyes as if she knew something. Front.
In a moment, she appeared in front of me again, and she was holding a hot water bag in her arms. Unfortunately, today’s hot water is not at all warm and cold, just like cold water. She took off her cotton-padded jacket and put it on me. Then I borrowed my dormitory teacher’s mobile phone to 桑拿佛山 call my family and let me wait for a moment with the heating. Her busy figure and kind words were deeply imprinted in my mind that night. My heart told me that she was your good friend for life! It was her that made me understand the touching between others. I pulled myself out of loneliness. Thought of here, my tears have run across my face.
The next morning, I came to class from home, but she kept dozing off after listening carefully. I saw her, and I couldn’t say how moved she was. Last night, she stayed up late for me and didn’t have a good rest. Friendship, in the hearts of both of us planted a seed, it is slowly growing, efforts to blossom. In life, it is enough to have a confidant.