2019 Hurun Rich List

This year, 266 people were on the list; in the past two years, one person fell into the list. In the past two years, a total of 722 people, or 40% of entrepreneurs, were on the list, and 68 of them were frozen.
192 newcomers were on the list, and two of them entered the top 100 for the first time in the list: Li Yongxin, 43-year-old public education, and his mother Lu Zhongfang, wealth of 60 billion yuan became the world’s new richest man in the education industry; new listing video Meeting software developer Zoom, 49-year-old Yuan Zheng, has a wealth of 36 billion yuan.
“Old Horse” Ma Yun became China’s richest man for the third time with 275 billion wealth; “Pony” Ma Huateng’s wealth rose 20 billion, returning to second with 206 billion. Real estate developer Xu Jiayin’s wealth has shrunk by 40 billion, and it has retired to the third with 210 billion.
The mental illness drug company Hansen Pharmaceutical landed in Hong Kong stocks to drive Sun Feiyang Zhong Huijuan’s wealth rose by 92.5 billion, ranking the fifth with 175 billion new top ten.
After the fight for a lot of jaundice became the first to enter the top ten from scratch, the wealth rose by 100 million a day, and the past year has risen by 40 billion, ranking 173 billion with the seventh. This year’s increase of 24 and 80 after the list, a total of 156.
The performance of the big food industry is outstanding: Qin Yinglin and Qian Qi, the “big pig kings” in Henan, the wealth has risen to nearly three times last year, reaching 100 billion, and the top 20 in the promotion; the “hot pot king” Haidilao Zhang Yong Shuping couples have doubled their wealth. 120 billion new into the top ten; “soy sauce king” Haitian flavor industry Pang Kang wealth increased by 63% to 85 billion.
The wealth of 19 people is hundreds of billions, a sudden increase of 7 people over last year, the highest in the calendar year; the top 50 thresholds increased by 10 billion to 52 billion yuan last year, and the average wealth increased by 10% to 9.8 billion over last year, the highest in history.
Two people started their careers in the list of 90: Chen Xiaoliang, 28-year-old user service platform, and Ge Yuejun, a 27-year-old shareholder of the mining giant Bit China.
Kechuang board contributed 22 entrepreneurs on the list, and Zhang Wenyuan, a founder of the flat-panel testing equipment company Huaxingyuan, became the richest person in the board of science and technology with 22 billion yuan.
Huawei’s Ren Zhengfei, which is at the focus of Sino-US trade friction, rose 24%, ranking 162nd with 21 billion yuan.
The proportion of the IT industry increased from 10.3% last year to 11.7%, surpassing the financial investment industry and becoming the third largest source of wealth for entrepreneurs on the list; the proportion of manufacturing industry fell from 24.1% last year to 24.5%, but it is still on the list. The main source of wealth for entrepreneurs.
The unicorn company contributed 52 people to the list, covering the artificial intelligence represented by Shangtang Technology, the robot represented by Dajiang, the blockchain represented by Bitian, the sharing economy represented by Youke Workshop and the new energy represented by Xiaopeng Automobile. Automobile and other industries.
Zhejiang University and Peking University Alumni Association is still the most successful alumni association in China, with 39 and 38 alumni on the list respectively; Shanghai Jiaotong University has the highest number of alumni, increasing 8 people and ranking sixth with 20 people; 12 newcomers to the top ten.
Sichuan has made remarkable progress, with 15 newcomers among the 46 listed entrepreneurs in Sichuan.
On October 10, 2019, Hurun Research Institute joined hands with LEXUS Lexus to jointly release the “2019 LEXUS Hurun China Rich List”. This year, Hurun Research Institute has released the “Hurun Report” for the 21st consecutive time since 1999. The list has been kept at 2 billion yuan for the seventh consecutive year. The deadline for the calculation of the wealth of entrepreneurs on the list is August 15 this year.

Hu Run, chairman and chief researcher of Hurun Report, said: “The 21-year history of Chinese companies and wealth development is not only meaningful to Chinese companies, but also of Hurun’s richest. Hurun Report Every year, we continue to improve on the basis of the previous year, and every year is a new starting point. We will see many innovative business models and new listed entrepreneurs emerge. Their common advantage is the ability to accurately preview. In the future, we will continue to care for our users. This concept is similar to our partner LEXUS Lexus, which has been working together for two years. We have an insight into the needs of our customers, and we are more passionate about our hospitality with sincerity. A luxurious lifestyle.”

Seventy Years of Great Traffic Change

Since the founding of New China 70 years ago, great changes have taken place in the field of transportation, connecting 9.6 million square kilometers of the land of Shenzhou, bringing about a growing sense of acquisition and happiness for nearly 1.4 billion Chinese people. The change of transportation means is not only the great change of science and technology, but also the testimony of the common struggle and dedication of countless people.
From the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic to the reform and opening up, the common people from “can walk” to “walk well”, from “there is a way to go” to “there is a car to ride” and “organic to ride”.
In the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, there were only 2783 kilometers of highways, 653 kilometers of railways, old and temporary airports left over from the War of Resistance, and only ferry and small fishing boats for civil aviation. 64% of the people’s travel and cargo transportation depended on manpower or animal power.
In 2018, Yunnan’s comprehensive transportation investment reached a new high of 219.613 billion yuan, ranking first in China. Yunnan Highway has a total mileage of 253,000 kilometers, including 5,198 kilometers of expressway, 82 expressways in 129 counties of Yunnan Province; the whole province has completed the construction of hardened roads through villages; Kunming to Dali, Dali to Lijiang, Kunming to Mongolia Automated Vehicles have all been opened and operated, and the railway operation mileage has reached 3856 kilometers (including 1026 kilometers of high-speed railway). The number of provincial airports has reached 15, and the number of navigation points to Southeast Asia and South Asia ranks the first in the country. The navigation distance of provincial waterways has reached 4339 kilometers.
Time goes on and on. With the glorious years since the founding of the People’s Republic of China 70 years ago, how does Chongqing present itself in this magnificent picture of the whole country?
The first railway built after the founding of New China – Chengdu-Chongqing Railway; Tianjin through Hankou to Chongqing, Tianjin through Hankou to Guangzhou routes opened, marking the formal opening of domestic routes of New China Civil Aviation..
In December 2004, the State Council passed the first national highway network planning, covering a total mileage of 85,000 kilometers, covering 1 billion people. As one of the hubs, Chongqing links the east-west highway to Shanghai in series and the north-south highway to Kunming longitudinally.
In 1929, there were airports in the main city of Chongqing. The Coral Dam Airport built in 1933 was the first land airport built by civil aviation in China. The Baishiyi Airport built in 1939 was the third airport put into use in China.
On December 26, 2015, the Chengdu-Chongqing High-speed Railway was officially opened and operated with a designed speed of 350 km/h and a total length of 308 km. According to the introduction of Chengdu Railway 12306, the Chengdu-Chongqing High-speed Railway is basically parallel to the Chengdu-Chongqing Railway. After passing through the main cities along the Chengdu-Chongqing Railway, it is no longer meandering along mountains and rivers, but cutting straight by high bridges or tunnels. After the opening of the Chengdu-Chongqing high-speed railway, the running time of the two places was reduced to 1.5 hours.
On September 24, a Rail Transit Line 2 train carrying 70 years of “traffic memory” of Shanghai City crossed Shanghai downtown, passing through two major airports and a high-speed railway station, to tell passengers about the vicissitudes of Shanghai traffic since the founding of New China 70 years ago.
Relevant data show that there are 17 rail transit lines in Shanghai, with a total mileage of 673 kilometers, ranking first in the world; Shanghai Expressway leaps from 0 kilometers to 829 kilometers from point to line and network; Shanghai Port container throughput reaches 420.01 million standard boxes in 2018, an increase of 4.4% over the same period of last nine years, and remains the world’s largest in the world. One. On March 24, 2018, Wusongkou International Cruise Port, Asia’s largest cruise home port, ushered in the first three ships to dock together. In 2019, Shanghai was approved to establish China’s first cruise tourism development demonstration zone. For three consecutive years, Shanghai’s cruise business ranked first in Asia, ranking fourth in the world for five years, accounting for 63% of the national cruise market.
In 2018, Shanghai’s two major airports completed an annual passenger throughput of 117,633,300 people, ranking fourth in the world’s cities; the annual cargo and postal throughput of 4,175,700 tons, ranking third in the world’s cities. At present, the largest single satellite office in the world, Pudong Airport Satellite Office, will be put into operation within the year, and the annual passenger support capacity of the airport will reach 80 million people.


Wang Junkai’s 20th Birthday

Today is Wang Junkai’s 20th birthday. He should be the happiest one. Unexpectedly, he has prepared so many surprises for his fans. During the day, Wang Junkai released 50 million and 60 million fans’benefits, which is enough to make fans happy. Unexpectedly, at dinner time, Wang Junkai launched a live broadcast. What treasure boy is this? It’s great for fans.
In the live broadcast, Wang Junkai also answered many questions from fans, but as soon as the fans spoke, Wang Junkai was disgusted. Because Wang Junkai released several benefits today, but did not release 70 million fans’benefits, so fans asked when the 70 million fans’ benefits would be issued when they were broadcast live. Wang Junkai was confused at that time: 70 million welfare is Growing, you are fake fans, fake fans please quit my live studio, I want to broadcast.
However, Xiao Kai said that he was going to broadcast, but he was reluctant to press the push button. While he said that his hands were sore, he was still watching the comments of fans. What a difference of heart. Fans asked him what to eat in the evening. Xiao Kai was also very happy to share. He did not talk about it, but took fans directly to the kitchen to see it.
I thought Xiao Kai was filmed in a hotel. Now it seems that Xiao Kai is in his home. It takes about 30 seconds to walk from his live room to the kitchen. The room is still quite large. The following picture is Wang Junkai’s birthday dinner tonight. You can see that the stove has been filled with Wang Junkai’s favorite food, green and red millet peppers. It is a good news for Xiaokai who likes spicy food.
In addition, there are eggs, onions, onions and garlic seedlings are being prepared. Xiao Kai also patted the ground. There are several bags of vegetables. It seems that today we will have a good meal. So who is the cook for Xiao Kai?
Wang Junkai generously shared with the people who cooked for him and gave him the right face. The first person who turned around was Brother Ma. He said that he would prepare a wonderful dinner for Xiaokai. It seems that this evening is Brother Ma’s chief knife. Xiaokai has a good fortune. And beside Brother Ma, it seems that Wang Junkai’s cousin, who is still beating eggs silently, is relatively low-key. So, Wang Junkai has a good luck tonight, so enjoy the hard-won happiness.
Every birthday, Wang Junkai has been tired! Because there will be a birthday party on the first day of his birthday, he can only eat a cake in a hurry on the first night, rehearse and stay up late, but this year is different. Wang Junkai will not hold a birthday party, but will hold a concert in October, so that he can relax his birthday and friends. Friends together.
Wang Junkai was also very naughty when he was on the live broadcast. He was asked to make a self portrait by the fans, so he wanted to make a screenshot in the live broadcast, and then sent it out. Fans did not agree. He said he turned off the live broadcast to send his self timer. Fans still disagreed.
Although fans are not satisfied, Wang Junkai still satisfies fans’demands by singing fans’ songs, “Garden Fair” and “Excuse”. After singing, he is shy, not at all like a 20-year-old boy.
Wang Junkai also revealed in the live broadcast that he is in Beijing today, Wang Yuan is a foreign country, can not accompany Xiaokai to celebrate his birthday, and Yi Shun Qianxi also goes to school in Beijing, I do not know if we can get together. Look at how many dishes Xiao Ma has prepared. The people in Xiao Kai’s studio can’t eat at all. Please close the thousand seals for help.


Spurs 4-0 Crystal Palace beat their rivals

At 22:00 p.m. Beijing time on September 14, Spurs host Crystal Palace in the fifth round of the Premier League. In the first half of the match, Sun Xingtu scored twice with a cut shot and a volley, and contributed two good passes to create the goal, with Spurs leading 4-0. In the second half of the match, neither side made any progress. At the end of the game, Spurs won the first four rounds with a 4-0 victory at home.
Spurs 4-0 Crystal Palace beat their opponents to win the first four rounds
On the evening of September 14, Beijing time, Spurs play Crystal Palace at home in the 5th round of the Premier League. Sun Xingtu scored two yuan in the first half. Oliye’s cross caused Van Anholt Oolong. Kane assisted Lameira to break the door. Neither side made any progress in the second half, and Spurs finally won 4-0 at Crystal Palace. Relevant Reading: Blow! Sun Xingtu made four balls in the half! Mei Kai Two Degrees + Two Great Passes
In the first minute, a long shot from outside the Winks penalty area, the ball was above the beam. In the 6th minute, Kane received a long pass from Aldwell and shot in the penalty area, but was confiscated by the goalkeeper.
In the 10th minute, Aldwell’s long pass in the back court, Sun Xingtu cut the ball perfectly after stopping, shot hard with his left foot to break the deadlock, and Spurs led 1-0.
Premier League – Sun Xingpumei’s second-degree Ramela’s breakthrough at Spurs 4-0 Crystal Palace
In the 19th minute, Lori confiscated the low-angle shot near Ayu’s forbidden zone line. In the 21st minute, Sun Xingtu’s excellent pass in front of the restricted area and Oliye’s right pass in the middle resulted in Van Anholt Oolong, Spurs 2-0 ahead of Crystal Palace.
Premier League – Sun Xingpumei’s second-degree Ramela’s breakthrough at Spurs 4-0 Crystal Palace
In the 23rd minute, Oliye returned the peach and plum with an arc on the right. Sun Xingtu volleyed his left foot into the air to break the door and Spurs 3-0 Crystal Palace.
In the 36th minute, a long-range shot from outside the Winks penalty area, the ball deflected from the post. In the 42nd minute, Sun Xingtu counterattacked the long-distance attack and passed Cain again. The latter assisted Ramela in the right-hand pass, which led Spurs by four goals in the half.
Premier League – Sun Xingpumei’s second-degree Ramela’s breakthrough at Spurs 4-0 Crystal Palace
In the second half of the match, the two sides changed sides and fought again. In the 46th minute, a low shot in the Winks area was thrown out of the bottom line by the opposing goalkeeper. In the 51st minute, Crystal Palace scored a free kick on the right side of the front court. The free kick opened and Cahill headed the ball in the middle of the penalty area, which was released by Spurs goalkeeper Lolito. In the 63rd minute, Sun Xingtu took advantage of speed to eat Sarko and shot from a small angle on the right side of the restricted area on the side net. In the 69th minute, Sun Xingtu scored the ball to the left, Danny Ross crossed, and Oliye’s volley was blocked by the defender.
In the 79th minute, Sissoko’s mistake was broken, Crystal Palace counterattacked, Bentek’s left foot shot, but hit the Spurs player, and Lori finally threw him underneath. In the 87th minute, Zaha’s shot was powerless and was easily confiscated by Lori. At the end of the game, Spurs beat Crystal Palace 4-0 at home and won the first four rounds. Now they have eight points after five rounds.
Spurs start: 1-Lori, 24-Oriyer, 4-Aldwell, 5-Wilton Heng, 3-Danny-Ross (76’33-Ben-Davis), 17-Musa-Sissoko, 8-Winks (67’28-Ndonberai), 11-Ramera, 23-Eriksson, 7-Sun Xingbo, 10-Harry-Kane (85’27-Lucas-Mora)
Crystal Palace starters: 31-Guaita, 3-Van Anholt, 12-Sarko, 24-Gary-Cahill, 2-Ward, 15-Schlup, 8-Kuat (76’22-McCarthy), 4-Milivojevich, 10-Thomson (85’23-Camarasa), 9-Jordan-Ayo (71’17-Bentek), 11-Zaha


New Year’s Day

Time is like a river that never stops, passing by people in a hurry and quietly. Unconsciously, a memorable 2017广州桑拿 hurried away, ushered in a new era, began another journey of people.
At night, sleeping with the sound of firecrackers to welcome the New Year. “Happy new year!” The next morning, with a New Year’s greeting, I opened my eyes to look for 2018. Open the calendar, open the new year, open a wonderful story. I lay in bed thinking about my past year, sweat, happiness and sadness. All this seems to be happening right now. I couldn’t help laughing softly.
In the past, I was not an excellent student in my class. I envied the class cadres. They study well and have many friends. I want to be like them. So I began to move towards the locked door. I sweat twice as much as others. In class, I listen carefully and speak actively. At the end of class, when my little friends are playing happily on the playground, I read quietly in the classroom. After class, I finished the assignment on time and earnestly, and tried to be as accurate as possible. I also enrolled in the school lecture class according to my hobbies. Eventually, the effort pays off, and the sweat I put in has been harvested. My academic performance has improved. In an election in the new semester, I was honored to be the monitor by my classmates. Since then, in order to live up to the expectations of桑拿广州 teachers, classmates and parents, I have worked harder. Now, I am the captain of the school squadron, all of which need the help and encouragement of teachers, classmates and parents. On the occasion of the New Year, I wish them all the best.
Farewell to the old year, we entered a new year. There seems to be a new runway in front of me. Maybe I will fall on this runway, but I will still stand up tenaciously and challenge many difficulties tenaciously. I firmly believe that after a storm, there will always be a beautiful rainbow.
At this moment, the crackling of firecrackers outside the window, which is people’s reluctance to bid farewell to the old year, but also people’s beautiful vision of the New Year.
“New Year!” “New Year!” New Year’s dolls come to the world and offer the most heartfelt wishes to the people. Make people happier in the new year! Live a better year!
Look, the azure blue sky suddenly turned red, red and full of joy, people look really happy! That asphalt path at this time also seems to become a gorgeous carpet, carpet with flowers on both sides, walking on it really has a feeling of being in fairyland, the world for a while. Son has become a paradise! People have hung red lanterns in front of their doors, in neat rows, red, beautiful!
Listen, the “New Year’s song” came from afar. People listened as if they were intoxicated, not intoxicated in this song, but intoxicated in this fairyland on earth. The red sky, colorful earth, happy lanterns, 桑拿佛山and pleasant “New Year’s song” are really a beautiful scenery.
People put on their new clothes and had a happy smile on their faces. They go from house to house and wish each other good luck.
However, on this happy day, is everyone so carefree? The New Year’s Doll saw that many poor people who survived the disaster did not have the same food and drink as others, as well as new clothes. They still lived in cold and hunger. New Year’s doll dropped a tear of true feelings, which drifted to those poor disaster areas. In a twinkling of an eye, the victims also had a good life. Their faces were no longer sad and painful, but happy and comfortable. New Year’s doll showed a lovely smile and quietly left.
New Year dolls are a valuable gift for the New Year. They are not only good wishes, but also a good life for the victims. It’s gone, but its blessings remain in people’s hearts forever. “Here, always be happier.” As long as everyone gives a little love and stretches out their loving hands to help those who need help, the world will be filled with laughter, happiness and light everywhere!

I am becoming more and more sensible

With the passage of time, everyone is growing and changing; with the alternation of years, the rise of grades, you are struggling, but also harvesting. With the growth of age, the maturity of appearance, 广州桑拿the change of personality… I grew up to be a mature, sensible and collective person.
When I was young, my parents always worked outside all the year round, so they entrusted me to my grandparents. Lack of father’s love and mother’s care, I developed many bad problems. I think living at my grandparents’home is much better than living with my parents. This is because the old people always prefer the next generation. They hope that the next generation can live a better life than them. So, I am like a “young master” in my grandparents’house. They always leave the best things for me, but what about them? They are just eating some ordinary things. Now think about it and feel sour. In addition, my grandparents’education is relaxed. Every time my grandparents’friends come to visit me, I always talk to them. Grandpa and Grandma have no face, but Grandpa just calmly said to me, “Grandson, you have to be polite.” After that, Grandpa touched my桑拿广州 head and left. Now I still haven’t understood what Grandpa meant.
When I got older, when I got to school, I began to go to the first grade of primary school. Teachers in schools often teach us to say, “Students should respect teachers, respect the old and help the old.” So, I began to understand gradually from then on. When I got home from school, I asked Grandpa to take off his socks and go to the sanitation to wash Grandpa’s feet indirectly. Grandpa said to me doubtfully, “What’s wrong with you today? The sun is coming out in the west? You’ll be a little wrong later.” I said to Grandpa, “What’s strange about Grandpa and your grandson washing your feet? You put your heart in your stomach. You’re not a Tang monk.” After that, Grandpa laughed. Well, today I’m going to see what you do. After washing, Grandpa still did not give up his mind, and continued to ask me, “What’s wrong with you?” When I saw Grandpa persevering in asking me, I truthfully said to Grandpa: “Actually, today the teacher assigned a homework, that is, to wash the feet of his relatives, so I will wash your feet.” Grandpa laughed after listening, touched my head and said to me, “My grandson, you finally understand.” 桑拿佛山At this time, I felt a strong feeling in my heart. I finally realized the sensible feeling.
Now, I have grown up to be an adolescent. Now I know what I should do, and now my grandparents are getting older. Once Grandpa was in hospital, and I took care of him all the time. Grandpa said to me, “Your grandson and I really don’t have any pain in vain. At this time, I suddenly felt that I had become a sensible and grateful person.
Time has honed me. It has made me understand gratitude. It has also made me more and more sensible. It has made me a qualified student.