Putin calendar Japan out of stock

In recent years, Putin calendar is out of stock in Japan. The calendar on the cover of Russian President Vladimir Putin is very popular in Japan. Why? Many people are interested in this issue. Apart from Putin’s handsome appearance, what’s the reason? Take a look at the details. Putin Putin
In 2016, Japanese businesses began to sell calendars with pictures of President Putin on the occasion of his visit to Japan, the Japanese Economic News reported Tuesday. In the coming 2020, Japanese businesses plan to produce another 5500 copies. It is reported that the annual sales volume of the calendar is basically the same, and some stores will be sold out before the first ten days of December. According to the report, pictures of Putin playing with small animals are mainly loved by women. A Japanese woman in her 20s said Mr Putin’s powerful image was “in contrast to the smile he showed when touching animals.”. For this reason, Japanese businesses also mainly choose pictures of Putin with animals in the 2020 calendar. In addition, Putin’s calendar is also loved by some middle-aged men. I didn’t expect that Putin’s beauty and temperament are all men and women. Do Japanese businesses pay for Putin’s portrait? Maybe it needs to be paid. However, now it seems that beauty itself is a scarce resource.

Bangkok or flooded

Recently, Thai media quoted the U.S. non-profit organization “climate central” as saying that in the next 31 years, more than one tenth of the Thai people will live in cities that are likely to be flooded, and Bangkok, the political and economic center of Thailand, will bear the brunt.
According to a recent report released by climate central, by 2050, nearly 300 million people are expected to face the threat of sea level rise, and about 150 million people living in the world will probably be submerged by sea water. The report is based on artificial intelligence technology and data. Among them, Asian countries are the most affected, with 237 million people under threat, mainly concentrated in India, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia and other countries. In addition, Asian cities such as Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore also face the threat of being submerged due to rising sea level.
Bangkok, Thailand, is also the fifth fastest sinking major city in the world, according to the international sea level organization. In 2018, a World Bank report predicted that by 2030, 40% of Bangkok’s land area will not reach sea level!
Recently, Thai Prime Minister Bayu even said that he would consider moving his capital from Bangkok due to population, pollution and traffic problems. This means that Thailand may become another Southeast Asian country considering moving capital after Burma and Indonesia.
If these coastal cities do not have enough coastal protection, they will face the possibility of being completely submerged, which will force millions of people to migrate, so it is urgent to formulate more stringent climate protection measures.

Fierce ancient birds millions of years ago


On October 30th, a team of Chinese and foreign scientists announced that a very special fossil of ancient birds was found in Burmese amber. The details are important for understanding the diversity of ancient birds and the evolution of feathers. The research was led by Xing Lida, an associate professor at China University of Geosciences (Beijing). Niu Kecheng, executive director of the Yingliang World Natural History Museum, and Zou Jingmei, an American researcher at the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and other scholars. The paper was published in the Science Report of the Nature Group.

The specimens of the study were from the famous amber producing area, the Hukang Valley in Kachin State in northern Myanmar. The amber here is about 100 million years old and provides a unique record of forest ecosystems.

The newly discovered ancient bird amber is collected by the Yingliang World Stone Natural History Museum in Quanzhou, Fujian Province. The Yingliang specimen does not store many bones of the foot, but the outline of the bird’s foot is recorded by the detailed skin, and the surface of the remaining ancient bird’s foot has a large amount of hair on the surface. In addition, the specimen is also preserved very much. A rare feather-dominant feather.

“Specifically, the Yingliang specimen has large, curved claws, flattened paws, and similar cross-sectional morphology to existing arboreal birds, unlike terrestrial species; secondly, the distal toe section of the specimen is relatively long. This is a characteristic of arboreal birds, while terrestrial birds have longer toe nodes,” Xing Lida explained.

The most interesting part of the new specimen is that its toes are very thick, unlike all the bird fossils previously found in the area. The outer toe, the fourth toe, has a laterally elongated toe pad that is very thick relative to the two inner toes (second and third toes). The strong toes with claws are similar to the current raptors, which may indicate that the Yingliang specimen is a small aerial insectivorous bird.

Paleontologists currently believe that the feather-dominant plume is a tool for information exchange within ancient birds. The main functions are courtship, species identification and visual communication. “The bone material was not found near the feather-dominant feathers we found earlier. The specimens found this time are the first evidence that the feather-dominant feathers directly correspond to the anti-bird remains.” Zou Jingmei told the reporter.

In short, the toe of Yingliang specimens is wider than any anti-birds previously observed in Burmese amber. This unique foot pattern reflects the difference in the way birds catch prey. This type of foot has not been found in local fossil records, indicating the diversity of birds in the dinosaur era. There is growing evidence that the Hugang bird fauna is unique compared to other Cretaceous fauna.

It is reported that the research of this subject has been funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and the National Geographic Society.

Happy Halloween

If you see a happy person in a real school, don’t worry. He or she hasn’t had any accident. Just ask the devil for sugar. What? You say it’s horrible? Hee-hee, in fact, today’s school held “The Second Real Little English Festival – Theme Halloween” activity. It is said that on 桑拿佛山 Halloween day, there will be demons in the school gate sugar. Sugar is a child’s nature, and I am no exception. So, there is the beginning of the scene. Let’s see how I’m doing today.
I wandered to the school and saw a sea of people shouting at the gate of the campus. I just found out that today is the legendary Halloween. Suddenly, there are many delicious candies floating in front of us… “The devil is there! He’s gone there again!” Hula a group of crazy children surrounded the devil. I also rushed to catch up with the devil, in spite of being crowded to the East and west by the crowd. The devil was forced to stop and turn around. I thought how terrible the devil was. He was originally played by a girl named Gao in Class 6 (8). She’s wearing a golden mask and a magic Cape decorated with N skulls. It’s cool! But it’s too cool to resist my love for candy. I stretched out my right hand and shouted a slogan with the children: “Trick or Treat!” This huge call attracted more sugar-loving children. Looking ahead, the crowd was gathering and the rush for sugar was going on like a raging fire. Lucky goddess visited me. When the devil saw me, he put a delicious chocolate sandwich candy into my hand. I was so surprised that I smiled gratefully at the devil. I squeezed out the candy troop and jumped happily towards the class. As soon as I stepped out about five meters, I heard the devil shout, “No sugar!” Looking at the children who didn’t want sugar, I felt even more lucky. I hope they don’t feel too sad.
The sweetness of candy accompanied me through a wonderful morning. After lunch, I heard the radio shouting: “After the production of pumpkin lanterns, the better pumpkin lanterns carefully selected for 桑拿广州 the students have been displayed at the school gate, please don’t touch them at will! Please enjoy them civilized!” I listened and hurried to the school gate with a group of people like Yu Zhaoyan. Sure enough, a circle of tables was full of strange pumpkin lights. These pumpkin lanterns are big or small, one even wears a hat and sunglasses, and family around it, stylish! There is also a tall pumpkin lantern, not only exquisite carving, but also the only long pumpkin lantern, and other flat and fat pumpkin lanterns in sharp contrast, really wonderful! The jack-o-lantern of teeth, the compact carving of teeth, as if grinding their teeth creakyly, cleverly! Exclaimed, admired, unconsciously read 广州桑拿 the bell ringing at noon, I waited like a dream to wake up and ran into the class…
The second and extended classes in the afternoon are dedicated to watching English movies for us. I inserted subtitles smoothly and the movies began. But until the end, I didn’t even see half of the Chinese movies. The whole movie was made up of English. Although it was original and full of humor, I admit that I didn’t understand the meaning of the characters’English at all. I spoke too fast, and I couldn’t keep up with my mind. So I had to follow my classmates who didn’t understand the animation. …
The good times always pass too fast. It sneaks into the evening. The experiences of the day come to mind from time to time, accompanying me into a sweet dream. It seems that the nose tip is still filled with the strong fragrance of the candy.

Mom, I want to tell you

I don’t like to call it “mom”, but like to call it “mom”, I think this can better express my love for you.
Mom, do you know? You are like that big tree, when there is a storm, give me shelter, so that I don’t feel like a helpless bird at a广州桑拿 loss. Like the sunshine of that spring, it always shines selflessly to me, not to let me have a trace of darkness and loneliness, but also like the beautiful boundless prairie, always shocked my heart. Let me feel the broad mind all the time.
Since I crawled to the ground, you have a heavy burden on your mother. You have to give me milk powder, and drink the best milk powder. You work harder and overtime than before. When I can murmur with you and call you “mom”, I can imagine that your smile must be as brilliant as chrysanthemum. When I can twist and stumble, you are always with me step by step, because photos can testify! When I can read aloud in class with my backpack, you are always early at the school gate, with my favorite food in hand, always using the familiar voice for the first time. Between shouts I: “Son, mother is here!” At that time you know Mom, you are my all, is my God! I grew up day by day, night, in the bedding always tell me some stories, let me know from there what is good and evil, know what is beautiful and ugly, know what efforts, know what is what. Love is selfless. But in my impression, why didn’t you tell me about the wolf? Mom, you’re afraid to frighten me, aren’t you? Hey hey.
Mom, remember the time when I was 8深圳桑拿网 years old? I went to Songshan with my eldest aunt. On the mountain, I only looked at the bustling crowds, the interesting things on both sides of the road, and the steps that seemed endless. I didn’t know where to go. There were fewer and fewer people. I couldn’t find my eldest aunt back. You heard the news. You’re working on “I don’t know until I hear people talk about it”. You went mad and begged the driver to come to Songshan as fast as you could. Mom! I don’t know how the rugged goat intestine path, the dog-teeth rocks, the interlaced branches and the vast night can’t stop you from climbing to the top of the mountain? When you heard that I was in the桑拿广州 crew’s duty room on the top of the mountain, when you first saw me, you hugged me like an old hen, holding me all over. In my arms, I feel, I feel your tears, I feel your heart beat!
Mom, sometimes I blame you for blaming you, even sometimes I blame you loudly. But you always answer me in a soft voice and use a smile to calm my unreasonable anger. When I am naughty, you always use a variety of people or things to teach me to correct myself. When I am complacent with my little achievements, you not only encourage me, but also make me guard against 桑拿佛山 arrogance and rashness. So I grew up day by day without worries.
Mom, I really hope to have the next life, then I want to be your father or mother, I will care for you like you do to me!
Mom, that’s what I want to tell you!