Student load reduction program

On December 11, the Department of education of Zhejiang Province officially released the implementation plan for reducing the burden of primary and secondary school students in Zhejiang Province (hereinafter referred to as the “reduction plan”). The reporter noted that the draft of the proposal was released on October 28, in which it was proposed that pupils and junior high school students could refuse to complete the remaining homework after 9:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. after being confirmed by their parents. In the new regulation, only the middle-level students in the class were required to refer to the length of homework. In addition, the new regulations require that no homework should be arranged in the parent group, and parents should not be required to check and correct homework.
“No one size fits all reduction of the burden.” Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education said in the interpretation document of the “load reduction program” released on December 11 that the focus of this load reduction work is to solve the outstanding problems such as excessive academic burden of primary and secondary school students inside and outside the school and deviation in the implementation of various specifications.
The program regulates school education and teaching, standardizes examination and evaluation, deepens the reform of education mode, standardizes the enrollment of primary and secondary schools, standardizes the training outside the school and the management of competitions and activities entering the primary and secondary schools, implements the responsibility of family education, and strengthens the responsibility of the government. The program will be implemented from January 10, 2020.
In terms of operation, the load reduction plan mentioned that the operation quality should be improved and the total amount of operation should be controlled as a whole. The total amount and time of homework in each subject are controlled by the school grade group. According to the requirements of the curriculum standard, the length of homework is controlled by the middle-level students in the class. All assignments assigned to students must be selected, done first, graded and approved by teachers. No punitive assignments are allowed.
In addition, homework should not be arranged in the parent group, parents should not be required to check and correct homework, parents should not be required to submit cultural discipline homework by typing, and students’ homework should not be turned into parents’ homework.

Double high plan list


The Ministry of education and the Ministry of Finance announced the list of planned construction units of high-level vocational schools with Chinese characteristics and major construction plan (referred to as “double high plan”) on Friday, with 197 vocational schools selected.
According to the list, 10 higher vocational schools, including Beijing Electronic Technology Vocational College and Jinhua Vocational and technical college, have been selected as high-level school construction units (file a), 20 higher vocational schools, including Beijing Industrial Vocational and technical college and Liaoning Transportation College, have been selected as high-level school construction units (file B), more than 20 vocational schools, including Beijing Finance and Trade Vocational College and Tianjin Light Industry Vocational and technical college. More than 20 vocational schools including Beijing Agricultural Vocational College and Beijing Information Vocational Technology College were selected as high-level professional group construction units (a), nearly 60 vocational schools including Beijing labor and social security Vocational College and Shandong Transportation Vocational College were selected as high-level professional group construction units (b), and Beijing Transportation Vocational College was selected as high-level professional group construction units (b). More than 50 vocational schools, such as Qinhuangdao vocational and technical college, have been selected as the construction unit of high-level professional group (file c).
According to the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of education, in terms of the layout of provinces, 197 proposed units publicized cover 29 provinces. From the perspective of specialty layout, the 389 specialty groups applied for cover 18 major categories of higher vocational education, and the five major categories with the most distribution are equipment manufacturing, transportation, electronic information, finance and commerce, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery. From the perspective of industrial layout, there are 113 professional groups for strategic emerging industries, 112 for modern services, 100 for advanced manufacturing, 32 for modern agriculture and 32 for others.
The person in charge also said that the selection work has made clear the basic conditions of three levels, namely, the provincial level, the school level and the major level, especially the nine landmark achievements at the school level, which are the major reform tasks promoted by the Ministry of education in recent years and facing the higher vocational front. They are all facing all higher vocational schools and have been selected through competition, highlighting fair opportunities and fair processes.
According to reports, “double high plan” fully implemented project performance management. The results of performance evaluation will be an important basis for adjusting the amount of project funds. We will increase support for projects with strong financing and remarkable construction results. For the projects with poor fund raising, slow implementation progress and limited construction effectiveness, we will give a warning and reduce the amount of fund support. For projects with major problems and no improvement after rectification, the project construction shall be suspended. The project units that suspend construction shall not apply for the “double high plan” project again.
What’s more, the “double high plan” has a support cycle every five years. It implements total amount control, dynamic management, annual evaluation and expiration assessment, and has a management mechanism of “in and out” and “survival of the fittest”. At the end of each support cycle of the “double high plan”, the project establishment and construction unit shall submit the acceptance report as required and submit it to the two departments for review after passing the provincial acceptance. The results of the review will be published as an important basis for the selection of projects in the next cycle.

Turkey has not shelled the US military

Capturing the US Special Forces? Turkey urgently denied!

The US Defense Department issued a statement saying that the US military stationed in Syria was attacked by Turkish artillery. Turkey: There was no attack on the US military. At that time, it was only a counterattack against the “terrorists.”

“Exclusive report: Turkey attacked the US special forces in Syria, but it is obviously wrong.” The US Newsweek reported on the 11th that a US special force was in the Kurdish majority of Syrian cities that day. Kobane was attacked by the Turkish military. The special forces did not respond, but retreated after the shelling stopped. There were no reports of casualties. However, the report said that the violent artillery of the Turkish army once allowed the US special forces to consider whether they should fight back for “self-defense.”

Newsweek quoted an Iraqi Kurdish intelligence official and a senior Pentagon official as saying that the US special forces were on mission at Mashtenour hill. After the shelling stopped, the soldiers were evacuated. There are currently no reports of casualties. The report said that although senior Pentagon officials did not specify the exact number of soldiers present, he revealed that there were about 15 to 100 people.

Despite this, Newsweek said that the Pentagon has not yet issued an order to withdraw from Syria.

After the incident, the Turkish Ministry of Defence issued a statement on the matter saying that today (11th), the southern border post of Turkey (city) Suluqi encountered a hill from a hill about 1,000 meters southwest of an observation post in the United States. Mortar attack. “In order to defend itself, (Turkey) will fight back against the terrorist positions that launched the attack.”

The Ministry of National Defense said in a statement: “Turkey has not fired at any US observation post in any way. In order to prevent any harm to the US base, preventive measures are taken before the fire is opened.” “As one of the preventive measures, we are receiving from the United States.” The information was stopped immediately after the news, and we firmly opposed the argument that the US military or coalition forces were attacked.”

As for the United States, according to the latest news on the 12th of Russia Today (RT), the US Department of Defense issued a statement on the 11th local time to confirm that the US troops stationed in northern Syria were attacked by gunfire from nearby Turkish positions on the same day, but no one casualties.

70 years on the way to the moon

In addition to the Moon, China will also carry out asteroid exploration. Major scientific exploration missions, such as the Marginal Exploration of the Solar System, will be carried out in the future. More “solar system neighbors” will further unveil the mystery.
Globally, lunar exploration has once again become a global hot topic: the United States has returned its target to the moon in order to establish a lunar orbital base and become a springboard for landing on Mars. The European Aviation Administration also plans to land on the moon in 2025. Although the Indian Lunar Ship No. 2 declared its “end of life”, it did show us its bold attempt…


A good teacher in my mind

“The stars are shining in the quiet night, and the teacher’s window is bright all night.”
The stars are the long lights in the dark; the teachers are the engineers of the human soul. It’s him, it’s her, it’s him… These good teachers illuminated my growth path and guided my way forward. If you want to ask me who is the good teacher in my mind, I will tell you:
A good teacher in my mind! Like us, vigor, broad mind, solid work like foot on the ground, profound knowledge like steep mountains, innovative teaching methods, and intimate contact with classmates. Is she not our mother’s Chinese teacher, Mr. Dong?
A good teacher in my mind! He is as energetic as we are. The combination of humor and unrestrained will make us more friendly and close to him. His bold demeanor will make him gradually stand up in our hearts. He made serious math lessons a favorite among his classmates, made tense exams easy and easy, and gave full play to his true level. Is he not the same math teacher as our big brother, Mr. Zhang?
My idea of a good teacher! She has the same broad mind as the sky, so that the fear of students back to nature, her actions and hearts, will make the students who made mistakes blush, this is not our English teacher – Miss Zhao!
A good teacher in my mind will enlighten people with infinite wisdom. They strive to seek the law of teaching, while not forgetting to dig deep into the art of teaching. Let’s grasp the boring knowledge happily in a humorous atmosphere.
In my mind, a good teacher will not miss any chance to encourage us, because in our eyes, encouragement is the catalyst to regain self-confidence and success. Good teachers don’t care too much about our strengths and achievements. Encourage us as long as we make progress. Our courage and wisdom need you to set up a stage for exhibition.
In my mind, a good teacher will understand the child’s heart, some naive, some sensible, some strong, some fragile. They will never easily hurt or trample. When students encounter difficulties, they can talk to us heart-to-heart, with good-will action to support. A family visit to care about children, an encouragement in frustration, a greeting in sickness, a congratulations after success, and a cheering cry in long-distance running. These little touches will also be deeply branded in our hearts.
My idea of a good teacher, chalk dyed your black hair, homework boiled your eyes red, but your love and love for us is deep like the sea, high as the blue sky.
A good teacher in my mind, you are a bumpy boat, full of knowledge, sailing into the harbor of children’s hearts in the strong wind and waves.
My idea of a good teacher, ah, you are a red candle, usually forgotten, but whenever the power is cut off, you stand up, illuminate others, burning yourself.
The sea is blue and seabirds fly. The good teachers in our minds take us to walk on the sea of knowledge, the real connection between heart and heart, the fusion of laughter and laughter. Feeling on the body, expressing on paper. Every teacher writes the truth in the ordinary and the greatness in the true. Originally, every teacher who devotes love to students is a good teacher in our mind. They have noble personality and sentiment. Therefore, my idea of a good teacher is not a person, but a collective, this collective is the coordinates of the students’life path, regardless of which point we are, which straight line, will always be on the coordinates.
“The stars are shining in the quiet night, and the teacher’s window is bright all night.” The familiar song reminds me of it again in my ear…