The gate of the community is 1.66M high

Mr. Zhou lives in a small community in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. He is seven or eight meters tall. When he comes home every day, he has an unavoidable trouble. He needs to bend down to pass through the unit door, because the door is only 1.66 meters tall.
“It’s inconvenient,” said Mr. Zhou, a resident. “You have to bow your head. Sometimes when you’re in a hurry, you hit your head with a bang.”
This unit has eight floors and sixteen households. Residents who are over one meter and seven in height have this trouble. The residents of the unit building feel uncomfortable when they walk in the door and bow down when they go out. According to the standard size of the unit door, the height of the door for people to pass is generally not less than two meters, and the height should not be more than two meters and four meters. There are four units in building 14 of Min’an community. Zhou Jinhe said that only the three units he lives in are one meter six and six high. Although the doors of other units are less than two meters, they are all over one meter seven.
What’s the matter? The reporter came to the property company responsible for the management of the community. The staff introduced that the community was a house in 1996. Since its completion, there has been the problem of “short gate”.
Tan Jingfeng, production manager of Min’an property station of Harbin pioneer Property Co., Ltd., said: “this is the ramp. The plane of the ramp is flat. It has not been raised. The unit door can be opened and closed normally. Maybe it’s the ceiling. It’s a little closer.”
Tan Jingfeng said that the unit is relatively thick in rain, which makes it close to the ground. The unit door is shorter. Moreover, there are two heating pipes on the rain roof. When they found that the door was short, they didn’t dare to move the structure of the house lightly. If the roof truss is removed or rebuilt, the unit door can be raised, but only if they find the designer to confirm that the whole structure of the house and the heating pipeline will not be affected after the renovation.