Wearing a mask, fainting, no one dare to help

According to foreign media reported on March 13, a woman fainted in a Singapore shopping mall because she was wearing a mask. Under the instruction of the security guard, no one came to see her and helped her, but she was eating calmly.
At 2:30 p.m. on March 11, a woman wearing a mask fainted at the table of the fast-food restaurant. She was not a customer of the fast-food restaurant, nor did she buy anything from the fast-food restaurant. Apparently, she just finished shopping at the next inexpensive restaurant and had a rest in the fast-food restaurant.
The scene of women fainting
On March 13, customers in fast food restaurants posted videos on social networking sites. In the video, the woman lies motionless on the floor. In addition to someone reaching half a meter away and taking her temperature with a thermometer, other customers continue to eat unconsciously or calmly in the restaurant, and others carefully stand aside, indifferent to the situation of the woman.
However, staff at the store said that when she fainted, a nearby customer immediately called an ambulance, and the store manager also contacted the security guard to maintain order. At that time, the security guard asked that no one be allowed to touch the lady and no customers be allowed to approach her.
Many people criticize the indifference of diners and photographers
The video went viral on the Internet and was forwarded 3200 times in two hours. At the same time, it also aroused the strong anger of many social media users, who denounced the people behind the camera for just taking photos without any help.
However, there are other social media users who think they are not guilty because security orders prohibit access and they are already waiting for an ambulance.
It is also mentioned that everyone should be cautious in front of the virus
Others added very objectively that, given the outbreak of the new coronavirus, people without proper protective equipment should not approach the woman, and they should let professional front-line staff deal with such matters.
Fortunately, before long, a medical team arrived, and the woman regained consciousness and was taken away by an ambulance. Since then, the restaurant has been disinfected twice. If the woman’s nucleic acid test is positive, the Ministry of health will inform the store and fast food restaurant to isolate.