One hundred million years old, lizards eat leprosy

On November 19, a team of Chinese and foreign scientists announced in Beijing that they had found a rare stomach volume specimen for the first time in Jianchang County, Liaoning Province, which is of great significance to people’s understanding of the feeding habits of small and medium-sized reptiles in the Cretaceous. The research is led by Xing Lida, associate professor of China University of Geosciences (Beijing), Niu Kecheng, executive director of Yingliang stone natural history museum, Susan E. Evans, Professor of University College London, UK and other scholars. The research paper was published in the Cretaceous study by Elsevier publishing group.
Gastric volume is a very rare and important fossil record, which is the direct evidence for people to understand the food habits of paleontology. The specimen of this study was found in the lower Cretaceous Jiufotang formation of Lamadong area, Jianchang County, Liaoning Province, China. It is an interesting sagittal dragon specimen with undigested stomach contents of crustaceans. It is currently collected in the newly opened Yingliang stone natural history museum.
Yabulong comes from the world-famous Rehe biota and the first lizard named for this biota. It is widely distributed in the strata of Yixian Formation and Jiufotang formation of the lower Cretaceous. Sagittal dragons are often found in association with wolf fin fish, Manchurian tortoises and a variety of insect fossils. The fossil was first discovered and named by Japanese scholars. The model specimen was lost during the Anti Japanese war. It contains three species: strong sagittal dragon, Yang’s sagittal dragon and bicuspid sagittal dragon. According to the analysis of body length and bone morphology, the new specimen should be classified as a juvenile strong sagittal dragon, with a nose hip length of 22 cm.
In the past, sagittal dinosaurs have recorded stomach contents containing fish remains, while large crustaceans have been found for the first time. When the specimen was collected by Yingliang stone natural history museum, it was in the state of mask not being cleaned. The stomach contents were gradually exposed under the exquisite cleaning and repairing skills of the technicians in the fossil mineral crystal cleaning and restoring laboratory under the museum. This large crustacean has preserved a pincerfoot covered with small particles, a long and thin fragment of steropod, an oral organ and a broken antennae, all of which are consistent with the features of sanguis.
The crayfish we often eat is called crayfish, which originated in the north coast of the Gulf of Mexico and Louisiana, so it is also called “Louisiana crayfish”. Later, it was introduced into China, and its edible value made the popular “pockmarks”. A large number of freshwater crayfish fossils have been found in the Jehol biota of China. About 130 million to 120 million years ago, Shen Yanbin, a researcher from Nanjing Institute of paleontology, studied these specimens, and speculated that crayfish originated in East Asia and then spread to Central Asia, Europe and North America.
Xing Lida said that the length and proportion of the pieces of crayfish found this time told us that the ancient Squilla that was preyed on was about 12 to 13 cm, which was a very rich meal for this sagittal dragon. Interestingly, there is no crustacean fragment in the stomach cavity of sagittal dragon, so this little lizard probably preyed on the molting Squilla on the river bank. “Based on all the gastric volume records, although sagittal dragons lack obvious morphological features of swimming, we still believe that sagittal dragons have the habit of riverbank predation.”

Yunnan Erhai car washing fine

Regulations on the protection and management of Erhai Lake in Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Province (Revised) and regulations on the protection and management of Cangshan Mountain in Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Province (Revised) will come into force on December 1.
Among them, the newly revised regulations on the protection and management of Erhai Lake make it clear that for cleaning vehicles and pets within the scope of Erhai Lake area and lakeside zone, if the circumstances are minor, a fine of not less than 200 yuan but not more than 1000 yuan shall be imposed; if the circumstances are serious, a fine of not less than 1000 yuan but not more than 5000 yuan shall be imposed.
Those who engage in business activities such as catering and accommodation within the Erhai Lake area and the lakeside zone shall be ordered to stop the illegal act and be fined not less than 10000 yuan but not more than 100000 yuan; those who set up shelters, stalls or set up sites for business within the Erhai Lake area and lakeside zone without authorization shall be ordered to stop the illegal act, have no illegal income, and may also be fined not less than 100 yuan but not more than 1000 yuan; those who are within the Erhai Lake area and lakeside zone shall be fined not less than 100 yuan but not more than 1000 yuan Those who have picnics, camping or fishing in the country shall be ordered to stop their illegal acts and may be fined not less than 100 yuan but not more than 1000 yuan.
In addition, in the first and second level protected areas, where cofferdams, net cages or purse seine are cultivated, the competent administrative department of ecological environment shall order to stop the illegal act and impose a fine of not less than 20000 yuan but not more than 100000 yuan; where the enterprise is engaged in business activities such as disinfection and washing of catering utensils and bedding, the competent administrative department of ecological environment shall order to stop the illegal act and impose a fine of not less than 10000 yuan but not more than 50000 yuan.
According to the newly revised regulations on the administration of Cangshan protection, in case of littering, depicting or smearing on scenery or facilities, Cangshan protection administration shall order the restoration or take other remedial measures and impose a fine of 50 yuan.

Fire Hero plagiarism accused

According to the official microblog of Haidian District People’s Court of Beijing, Li Mou plagiarized and plagiarized the copyrighted work Flamingo for the expression of the movie “hero of fire” in the aspects of story background, character setting, character relationship, main plot setting, ending arrangement, etc., and Li Mou took Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd., the producer and distributor of the movie, for the reason of copyright infringement Eight companies, including Bona Film Group Co., Ltd. and Asia Pacific Huaying (Beijing) Film Co., Ltd., sued to the court. Recently, Haidian court accepted the case.

National table tennis women qualify for top 4

The 2019 table tennis team World Cup continues in Tokyo, Japan, with China’s women’s team competing against the United States in the quarter finals. Chen Meng / sun yingsha wins the doubles first, Liu Shiwen wins the singles, sun yingsha loses one game first and then pulls three games to lock in the victory. The total score of China team is 3-0, taking the United States team to the top four.
In the semi-finals, the Chinese team will compete between Hong Kong and Taipei.
Competition review
The defending champion Chinese women’s team beat Egypt and Ukraine 3-0 in two group matches. They won the first place in the group in a row and played the weak team America in the quarter finals. In the first doubles, Chen Meng / sun yingsha play Wang Amy / Zhang an. In the first game, both sides competed for the fierce score. Chen Meng / sun yingsha lost 2 points after 10-8, but they won 12-10 with 2 points in a row after 10 draws. In the second set, Chen Meng / sun yingsha once drew a gap in the middle game, but was overtaken by the opponent to get the point. After 9-10, they scored 3 points in a row to win another game 12-10. Chen Meng / sun yingsha took the lead in the third game, winning 11-7 and beating the opponent in three games in a row.
The second single, Liu Shiwen against Wu Yue. In the first round, Liu Shiwen quickly entered the stage. The first three boards were of high quality. He quickly gained an advantage while the opponent was not stable. He easily took the first sentence with 11-3. Liu Shiwen made more mistakes in the second set, playing a bit impatient. He fell behind 5-7 at one time in the middle, but he still resisted the opponent’s attack, took the initiative in the field with consecutive scores, and played the next set 11-8. Liu Shiwen took advantage of the victory in the third set and soon opened the difference. He won 11-4 and went straight to the third set to add another point for the Chinese team.
In the third singles, sun yingsha meets Zhang an. Sun yingsha had a bad start in the first game. Zhang an took the initiative to make more mistakes and lost the first game 8-11. In the second set, sun yingsha steadied the situation, resisted the gluing stage in the first half, and scored continuously in the second set, pulling back one set with 11-8. In the third set, sun yingsha completely took the initiative on the field, winning 2-1 by 11-5. In the fourth set, sun yingsha established an advantage in the middle game stage, winning again by 11-5 points in a row, and ended the battle by pulling three consecutive reversals.

California fire


The California mountain fire continued to wreak havoc, nearly 200,000 people evacuated and the state entered a state of emergency. Those who were forced to evacuate include many stars, such as NBA star LeBron James, Hollywood legend Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Marvel Craig, the actor of Marvel Shield.

living hell! 94 buildings in California fire were burned and nearly 200,000 people were forced to evacuate
According to CNN, the Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James sighed in the early hours of the 28th local time that “the Los Angeles fire is really noisy.” He said he had to evacuate to find another place to live, but The progress is not going well. ↓

living hell! 94 buildings in California fire were burned and nearly 200,000 people were forced to evacuate
“Man, the Los Angeles fire is really noisy. I have to evacuate from home, drive my family around to find a house, unfortunately I haven’t found it yet!”

But not long after, he updated a tweet to “report peace,” saying that he had found a place to live. ↓

living hell! 94 buildings in California fire were burned and nearly 200,000 people were forced to evacuate
“Finally found a place where we can stay, it was a crazy night, guys!”

In addition, many Hollywood star luxury homes are also located within the scope of emergency evacuation, they also had to evacuate their residence with the help and assistance of firefighters.

According to Fox News, Hollywood legend and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger also pushed on the 28th to inform fans that he had evacuated safely and reminded fans not to stay in danger and evacuate as soon as possible. ↓

living hell! 94 buildings in California fire were burned and nearly 200,000 people were forced to evacuate
“We evacuated safely at 3.30am today. If you are in the evacuation area, don’t mess around and leave as soon as possible.” In the tweet, he also thanked the firefighters for praising them as the true heroes of the Californians.

Coincidentally, Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife and actor Maria Schlevo also said on the same day that he had safely evacuated from his family. ↓

living hell! 94 buildings in California fire were burned and nearly 200,000 people were forced to evacuate

“Thank you very much for the firefighters who have made a life for all of us. We have already evacuated, but we are safe and pray for our neighbors.”

Marvel movie star “Lucentine” Clark Greg also told fans on Twitter on the 28th that he and his family have safely evacuated. ↓

living hell! 94 buildings in California fire were burned and nearly 200,000 people were forced to evacuate
“And my family and dogs are safely in the hotel room, and the magical alarm system reminds us to evacuate.”

A number of large mountain fires have occurred in various parts of California in recent years, causing serious human and property damage. At least 86 people were killed and 14,000 buildings were destroyed in the Campo fire in California last November. The California mountain fire disaster that occurred on October 24 this year continued to spread. On the 27th, California Governor Newson said in a statement that the California government is using “all possible resources” to deal with wildfires.

Giant Royal cat in the Forbidden City


On October 27, 2019, in front of the Taobao Experience Hall of the Forbidden City near the Shenwu gate of the Imperial Palace in Beijing, the giant Royal cat statue is vivid and attractive. Attract tourists from nearby to take photos. To this end, some netizens sent out a friendly reminder: scientific cat, please do not climb!
Netizens commentary
Nine nine is me: it’s really a lovely wife. Everyone is very lifelike. I really want to take a picture with these kittens
Don’t get emotional Yuan Yuan: it’s estimated that it will be polished in a few days
Chongqing Normal University: it’s so dry and numb!
Time xingxu: how lovely! Can I buy it?
5go front: the expression is really cute and creative. There should be more art in the scenic spot to bring better experience to the tourists. What do you say?
FM walking and singing: you’re still wearing the Royal vest. Have a look
Scholar Lao Yang: well received by royal guards cat

Hunan Satellite TV drama series

Recently, the list of Hunan Satellite TV’s upcoming plays has been circulated on the Internet. The content of the film list is rich and colorful, and the lineup is luxurious. For example, Zhao Liying, who came back after childbirth, cooperated with Wang Yibo, a hot summer student, and another little Zodiac battle of Chen Qingmen’s group, with Yang Zi’s “please give me more advice for the rest of his life”. Even Wu Yifan and Yang Zi’s “Zan Zhonglu” are among them. From these, we can see that the ratings of mango stage next year must not worry!
The 14 dramas are dilireba’s “beautiful women”, Zhao Liying’s and Wang Yibo’s “have a jade”, Yang Zi’s and Xiao Zhan’s “please give me more advice for the rest of your life”, Wu Yifan’s and Yang Zi’s “record of Zan hairpin”, Tang Wei’s “Ming Fenghua”, Wang Kai’s and Jiang Shuying’s “isolated city closed”, song Qian’s song Weilong’s “next station is happiness”, Wang Kai’s “fox hunting” and Huang Xuan’s Tong Liya’s “finish” The relationship between beauty, Guan Xiaotong’s twenty puzzles, Tang Wei’s Zhu Yawen, Zhang Yixing’s Ming Fenghua, Liu Kaiwei’s Chen Turing’s this is life, Huang Bo’s Wang Xun’s alley celebrities, Wang Junkai’s Wu Lei’s ancient secret treaty of the classics of mountains and rivers.
Just look at the cast, the major strength of the cast plus a large number of small traffic students, are small audience experts. Yang Zi, Zhao Liying, Wang Yibo, Xiao Zhan, these popular stars really dominate the audience.


Spanish National Day parade

On the 12th of the Spanish National Day military parade, a scene took place. A paratrooper with a national flag descended from the sky, but accidentally hanged a lamppost, and the Spanish king was watching the whole journey…

According to the British “Mirror” report, the 12th is Spain’s National Day, a grand National Day military parade also played in the capital Madrid. However, just as a paratrooper with a national flag descended from the sky, he accidentally ran into the lamppost and was hung on the lamppost…

The sudden scene made a burst of exclamation in the crowd, followed by applause. The Spanish King Felipe VI, who watched the whole journey, also raised his hand.

According to an official of the Spanish Ministry of Defence, the paratrooper is a veteran with 600 skydiving experiences. Fortunately, this accident did not bring him physical harm.

Afterwards, the Spanish king and queen also expressed comfort to the veteran.


Knowing Live Broadcasting Function

On October 11, it was reported that after a period of market research and internal testing, the live broadcast function was officially launched. In live broadcast scenarios, users can share knowledge, experience and opinions more easily and directly, start real-time discussions and exchanges, and get professional answers from the anchor.
Knowing about live broadcasting business can further enrich the use of scenarios and content forms, extend product depth, and also provide users with more rich creative tools. Some users who are good at speaking and writing can also become creators of new scenarios.
In the live broadcasting studio, users can interact with the host through various functions such as “comment screen”, “question” and “conversation”. Anchor can gain support and recognition from users by outputting content, and get corresponding benefits.
It is learnt that at present, we know that live broadcasting is still in the trial run stage. The host selection mainly adopts the invitation system. In the future, the host’s invitation scope will be gradually expanded. At the same time, I know I will control the type and quality of live content.

Typhoon Mina approaches Zhejiang

The center of the No. 18 typhoon Mina (typhoon level) this year (at 30th) is located on the east side of Taiwan, about 305 kilometers southeast of Taipei City, Taiwan, at 22.6 degrees north latitude and 122.8 degrees east longitude. The maximum wind force near the center is 12 (35 m / s), the lowest pressure in the center is 970 hectopascal, the radius of the seven-level wind circle is 220-300 km, the radius of the ten-level wind circle is 80 km, and the radius of the twelve-level wind circle is 30 km.

Fengyun 4 satellite (real-time typhoon path marking)
It is expected that “Mina” will move to the north-west direction at a speed of about 25 kilometers per hour, and the intensity will continue to increase, with the strongest typhoon level or strong typhoon level (12-14, 35-42 m/s). It will land or wipe the northern part of Taiwan Island today, and then turn to the north, and may land or wipe the north-south coast of Zhejiang on the afternoon of October 1 (strong tropical storm or typhoon level, level 10-12) , 28-33 m / s), then turned to the northeast, moving towards the southern part of the Korean peninsula, the intensity gradually weakened.

Source: Central Meteorological Observatory
Gale forecast: From 14:00 on the 30th to 14:00 on October 1st, there will be 6-8 winds in the Bashi Channel, the Taiwan Strait, the east of Taiwan, the northeastern part of the South China Sea, the East China Sea, the coast of Taiwan Island, the coast of Fujian, and the coast of Zhejiang. In some sea areas or areas, there will be 9-10 winds. The winds in the nearby waters of the Mina Center are 11-14, and the gusts are 15-16.

Source: Central Meteorological Observatory
Precipitation forecast: From 14:00 on the 30th to 14:00 on October 1st, there were heavy rains in parts of eastern Zhejiang, northeastern Fujian, and central and northern Taiwan. There were heavy rains or heavy rains (250-500 mm).

Source: Central Meteorological Observatory
At present, whether Mina is landing in China is still not completely certain. The path forecast issued by the Central Meteorological Observatory is biased to land, while the forecast of the Japan Meteorological Agency is biased towards landing in China.

Source: Japan Meteorological Agency
From the path forecast given by ECMWF (European Central Numerical Forecast), ECMWF is biased to land. On the other side, the forecast path of GFS (US numerical forecast) indicates that the probability is not logged in. Therefore, it is still doubtful whether Mina will land in China.

▲ECMWF forecast biased landing

▲ GFS forecast bias does not land
According to the analysis of Xinxin, a meteorologist of the China Meteorological Channel, whether the typhoon will land in the future depends mainly on whether the high-pressure area on the north side of the typhoon is westward or eastward. If you go west during the day, then the typhoon may land in northern Taiwan tonight, and the probability of landing in Zhejiang later is relatively large. However, if the high-pressure zone on the north side retreats, so that Mina will bypass the island of Taiwan, the probability of landing in Zhejiang later will be relatively small. But whether it is landing or wiping, the path deviation is about 100 kilometers from the east and west, so the impact of wind and rain can’t escape.

▲Analysis by meteorologist Xin Xin
In the next three days, the typhoon “Mina” will bring wind and rain to Shanghai, Zhejiang, Taiwan and other places! In the early days of the 11th holiday, the friends in the above-mentioned areas are still honestly at home.