Cai Yilin apologizes for the exam

Jolin Tsai will hold the “ugly beauty” concert in May next year. Tickets will be sold online on December 15. In order to prevent scalpers from buying tickets, it is necessary to answer the questions correctly. But because the title is too difficult, many fans can’t buy concert tickets.
On December 17, Cai Yilin apologized to her fans when she attended a bank spokesperson’s event, saying: “I got the wrong answer to the question of buying tickets in the last concert, because I thought it would be different this time. Even I don’t know the answer. It’s really hard for everyone. We should be scolded. ” When the reporter asked if there would be more concerts, Jolin said he would discuss with the team again.
It is understood that the examination questions in Taipei venue are “are the flowers, sticks, rolls or squid eaten in the MV of Cai Yilin’s strange beauty?”, “in the MV of Cai Yilin’s strange beauty, what is the color of the last scene after the defendant and the judge embrace and explode?”, and the answer is the flowers, blue.
As for Kaohsiung Arena, there are “several people who join Jolin and actors in the” negative break “MV. The options include 32, 9, 26 and 15 people, as well as” who is not Jolin’s alias for house tiger in instagram “. The options include pipi, pipi, handsome and fat bear. The correct answer is 15 people and Pipi.

Moutai shares broke 1200 yuan

Today, the stock price of Kweichow Moutai has risen against the market. It has risen nearly 2%. The stock price has reached a record high of 1202.68 yuan. The total market value exceeded 1.5 trillion yuan for the first time, second only to ICBC, China Construction Bank and China Ping An.

Kweichow Moutai will announce its third quarter results today.

In the first three quarters, the value of Kweichow Moutai increased by 734.549 billion yuan, ranking first in the two cities; the market value of Ping An was also more than 500 billion yuan. We must know that in the first half of this year, only 9 cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Wuhan have a GDP of more than 700 billion yuan, which means that the market value of Guizhou Moutai in the first three quarters exceeded the GDP of the first half of China’s 328 cities. The half-year GDP of first-tier cities and some new first-tier cities is above the value of Guizhou Moutai, and cities below the second and second tiers can only hope for their backs.

In the past six months (April-September), a total of 38 brokers issued 107 research reports recommending Kweichow Moutai. Among them, Dongxing Securities gave its highest target price of 1,424 yuan / share, Guoxin Securities gave its lowest target price of 1,150 yuan / share, as of October 8 closing, the current price of the stock has exceeded the minimum target price of 1167.1 yuan /share.

The recommendation logic of China Merchants Securities for Kweichow Moutai is: “Guizhou Moutai has introduced multiple measures to ensure stable price. Recently, Moutai policy has been frequent, allowing dealers to implement quotas in the fourth quarter in advance, and cooperating with e-commerce directly. Suppressing the rapid increase in the price of the approval, it is expected to benefit from real consumption. It is expected that the recent approval will be slightly lower, and the third-quarter report will be positive, and stable growth will be guaranteed. Considering the shortage of supply and demand, and e-commerce to open up new consumers, it is expected that At the end of the year, the pricing space will remain stable, and the high-end liquor will continue to be booming.”


my grandfather

My grandfather died in March 2008. When my grandfather passed away in his eighties, relatives and friends were in deep sorrow. Some even cried out. I saw many wreaths placed outside the Lingtang, and thought that I would never see Grandpa again, nor get his love any more. Tears could not help but rustle down. The screen of my heart is replaying the days I spent with my grandfather.
The screen of the soul flickered and became clear: a kind old man waved to me with a smile. He was 160 centimeters tall, wearing a black coat, grey trousers and wool slippers – that was my grandfather who loved me most. I shouted and threw myself into Grandpa’s broad arms. Grandpa put his arms around me and stroked my head with his thin hands. I grew up day by day under his touch.
When I was six years old, I went to my grandfather’s house to play. As soon as I entered the room, I saw my grandfather making wooden chairs. The chair I made was very smooth and smooth. I said in surprise, “Grandpa, your craftsmanship is great! Were you a carpenter before?” “No, I saw others do it, and I came back to learn to do it.” “Then why did you make so many chairs?” “Not for you? When I’m ready, give you five. Wooden chairs are economical and durable. While Grandpa was resting, I put my arms around Grandpa’s neck and said, “Grandpa, how kind you are!”
Now Grandpa is far away from me, I can’t see his busy figure any more, but the five chairs he gave to my family are intact and still in use. Whenever I sit in a chair to eat, I think of my diligent and thrifty grandpa.
Another thing that I will never forget. Grandpa taught me to do things from beginning to end.
It was a Saturday noon. My brother and I were going to take a bath. Because there was little water in the water tower, my brother pressed the power switch to pump water. Pumping water, we sat in the hall and watched TV. We were attracted by the wonderful plot. I wonder how long it took for the sound of “crash” to come from outside. We thought it was raining and my brother rushed out to see it. “Oh, no!” I ran out when I heard the cry. I saw the water flowing out of the bucket and out along the bungalow drain. To make matters worse, Grandpa was drying corn on the bungalow, and now he was afraid of getting wet. My brother pulled down the gate valve. As we climbed up the stairs to the roof, we saw that the corn was half wet. We hurried to tighten it. Grandpa happened to see the corn. Seeing that the corn was wet, he sighed and said, “You guys, just watch TV, forget what I said to you? Don’t lose everything, start and finish. This corn has been sun-dried for three days. It could have been bagged and put away today. Who expected it to be wasted by you two little guys? Alas… It’s going to have to be sunned for another day.” “Sorry, Grandpa, you’re busy again.” “Stop dawdling and get ready.” Grandpa talked to us while sweeping wet corn. I can’t remember what he said. It’s all about teaching us to be attentive and careful. Later, I developed the habit of being single-minded and having a beginning and an end, which benefited from my grandfather’s education.
Brother’s words interrupted my memory, I looked at Grandpa’s coffin, very sad, tears came again. On the funeral day, my grandfather’s relatives and I cried.
Grandpa left me, but his voice and smiles were fixed on the negative of my heart.