Junsheng Intellectual Property Office was registered and established in Guangdong Province. Our company operates in the service-oriented mode of intellectual property; patent; trademark; copyright; double soft certification; national hi tech; Shenzhen hi tech; legal proceedings; technology transfer; foreign patents; international technology docking meeting; intellectual property management and training. The processing mode is service-oriented, with 300 employees and a registered capital of 1 million yuan. The office address of Junsheng Intellectual Property Office is Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. Its 深圳有快餐站街 headquarters 深圳可以kb is room 1001, Nanshan building, water group, 3033 Nanhai Avenue, Nanshan 海口桑拿 District, Shenzhen city. Its branch is room 308-309, Nanshan intellectual service building, No.1 Qilin Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen city. If you are interested in our products, technologies or services, you are welcome to call or visit us at any time.
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Full name: Junsheng Intellectual Property Office
Business address: Headquarters: room 1001, Nanshan building, water group, 3033 Nanhai Avenue, Nanshan District, Shenzhen; branch: room 308-309, Nanshan knowledge service building, No.1 Qilin Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Legal representative: Liu Wenqiu
Main products: intellectual property; patent; trademark; copyright; double soft certification; national hi tech; Shenzhen hi 深圳24小时保健按摩 tech; legal 福田推油 proceedings; technology transfer; foreign patents; international technology 太平洋桑拿中心 docking Conference; intellectual property management and training


Shenzhen dingchuang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd
Shenzhen dingchuang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the development, production and sales of IC smart card “all-in-one card” and RFID radio frequency system as well as infrared sensors, intelligent water-saving and power-saving products, providing customers with comprehensive solutions on smart card “one card” and RFID system. Xingbang develops and produces singbon? Brand “one card” series products, involving: enterprise card, campus card and community card. Its application system includes: canteen selling, water-saving management, access control management, attendance management, savings consumption, patrol system, member management, drinking water charges, laundry charges, air-conditioning charges and other application systems, and has been in a leading 海韵轩酒店公寓 position in technology among peers. The intelligent water and electricity saving products of Shenzhen dingchuang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. include: classroom energy-saving switch, human body induction switch, toilet water-saving device, induction water-saving faucet, air-conditioning energy-saving appliances, etc. The company focuses on R & D and sales of IC card, which is a high-tech enterprise. The company headquarters has software development department, hardware development department, technical support department, business department, customer service department, production factory, office, administration department and finance department. We are mainly responsible for market development, project construction and after-sales service in Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou and Hainan. We have 鸿丰酒店桑拿spa会所 our own trademarks and brands, and singbon? Has been registered and approved by the State Trademark Office of China. We have our own R & D team, the company’s products are our own research and development, with independent intellectual property rights, many of our products have applied for national patents, and have been approved. We launch more than 6 new products 皇马假日桑拿收费 every year to adapt to the fierce market competition. Our second-hand parts and components are not the same as the international brand, and the quality of our products is always guaranteed. We are a member of Alibaba Chengxin Tong. The company always adheres to the concept of “integrity” to provide professional services for customers. Our products provide two years of free warranty, higher than the industry’s one-year warranty period, to save you more after-sales 深圳名人俱乐部桑拿爽记 costs. We can provide you with all-in-one infrared card service according to your needs. Our customers are located in Chinese mainland except Tibet, including universities, colleges, primary school, government, hospital, financial institutions, factories, enterprises, catering and entertainment industries. Welcome to our company and our customers on-site 向西村永美姿有环保按摩不 investigation!
Shenzhen dingchuang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is highly recognized by the industry for its integrity, strength and product quality. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and business negotiation.
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Company name: Shenzhen dingchuang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd
Enterprise type: state owned enterprise
Business model: production type
Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong
Industry: China Security Network > Access Control Equipment > one card management system
Legal representative: Shenzhen dingchuang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd
Detailed address: 3 / F, torch venture building, 22 Yanshan Road, Shekou, Nanshan, Shenzhen
Main products: rice vending machine, access control, IC card water control machine, water dispenser controller, washing machine controller, toilet water 深圳桑拿环保论坛 saving


Shenzhen Ruida Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in design, production and sales of automatic industrial equipment, warehousing 深圳蒲神体验报告区 and logistics equipment. Since its establishment, it has been adhering to the concept of “integrity management, quality first, technology leading, service users”, relying on the advantages of a skilled professional design team, to provide customers 环宇桑拿9号 with complete logistics, operation space planning and Storage methods and other solutions.
Each link and production process of the company are strictly implemented according to ISO9001:2000 standard. Make the products have the characteristics of specialization, 深圳已验证kbflexibility, rationalization, unit, generalization and systematization, so as to ensure 深圳四大猛鬼之地 that we are always in the lead in product development and technology.
We always take the customer demand as the guidance, has absorbed the domestic and foreign advanced, the scientific logistics planning and the management idea, takes saves the space,深圳2020站街资源 enhances the efficiency, creates the profit, reduces the logistics cost, enhances the customer service level as the management objective, has developed the storage equipment, the work station apparatus, the logistics container, the handling equipment and 深圳修车资源2020 so on four
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Shenzhen Ruida Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd
Address: No.9, dongxinyixiang, Songgang street, Bao’an District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province
Contact person: Zhu Feng


Shenzhen Nanshan District Jiacai printing and Design Co., Ltd. is a service-oriented enterprise specialized in photography, design and printing, color pages, picture books, instruction manuals, tags, handbags, posters, stickers, high-end business cards, recipes, forms and documents, stationery, letterhead, packaging boxes and logo design. Shenzhen Nanshan District Jiacai Printing Design Co., Ltd. has a team of employees who are enterprising, respect science, know technology and management, good at market development, honest and trustworthy, take customer requirements as their own responsibility, and fully 皇马假日桑拿收费 develop team spirit. The number of employees is up to. Since its establishment, Shenzhen Nanshan District 深圳什么酒店有浴缸 Jiacai Printing Design Co., Ltd. has been constantly studying and striving to be

Tel: 0755-26610755 stable. It has collected, 深圳spa桑拿论坛 sorted, counted, analyzed and comprehensively compared the advantages and disadvantages of a variety of service-oriented methods to optimize service. Choose us is to choose a major!
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Full name: Shenzhen Nanshan District Jiacai printing design company registration area: Guangdong Province business address: Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, Shenzhen City, China, No.6 Yuquan Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen business model: service type registration 深圳宝安桑拿按摩全套 place: Guangdong legal representative: Zhu Zhanxi processing method: service type zip code: 518052 福田按摩口kb main market: – main customer: – enterprise type: self-employed main industry: printing contact: Zhu Zhanxi 宝安浅海湾598是什么

Horton responds to Sun Yang’s suspension

The international sports arbitration court announced the arbitration result of the World Anti Doping Agency case against Sun Yang and fina, and imposed a suspension of eight years on Sun Yang. Once the punishment result is published, it has attracted the attention of all circles. Hoton, a famous Australian player who refused to accept the award with Sun Yang at the world championships in Guangzhou, and Dunn Scott, a British player, both expressed their views on Sun Yang’s suspension. Although they did not involve Sun Yang’s name, they both mentioned that their position was to uphold the innocence of swimming.
As Sun Yang’s main opponent in the 400m freestyle, Horton and Sun Yang had a tie up as early as the 2016 Rio Olympics. At that time, Horton attacked Sun Yang personally, calling him “doping player”, which caused great controversy. At last year’s Guangzhou World Championships, Horton once again “grabbed the mirror” and refused to take photos with Sun Yang at the award ceremony after the 400 meter freestyle final.
The result of Sun Yang’s hearing is undoubtedly “good news” for Horton. Unless Sun Yang appeals successfully, he will not compete with Sun Yang again in the Tokyo Olympic Games. “My position is that swimming should be a clean sport, which does not involve individuals or countries, and the result published today will not change my position.” Horton said simply that Sun Yang had been banned for eight years. And charlmouth, Horton’s Australian teammate and Rio’s 100m freestyle champion, naturally stood on Horton’s side, “I fully support mark, which may not be under our control, but I still want to support Mark’s position.”
At present, the Australian swimming team is training for the Tokyo Olympic Games. The head coach of Horton, Jacques verhallen, said his disciples are concentrating on training. Sun Yang’s verdict will not affect him, let alone the Australian swimming team. “Houghton is a very focused athlete, he will not be affected by things off the field, even this matter will not affect him.” Verhallen said, “he has experienced such a scene before and will not be affected. Because this case has nothing to do with him. He has stated his attitude on the international stage, and his attitude will not change. That’s enough. It’s not what we should do to comment on the judgments of athletes from other countries. For us, no matter what the result is, we will accept it. We also respect this process. Our focus is on the Olympic Games, not the Olympic Games Sun Yang’s case. “
In fact, Horton was not the only one who refused to receive the prize at last year’s Guangzhou World Championships. At the 200 meter freestyle award ceremony, Duncan Scott, a British swimmer, also imitated Horton and refused to take the podium to embarrass Sun Yang. At that time, Sun Yang even said excitedly, “you are the loser, I am the winner.” Scott also made a brief statement after Sun Yang was banned for eight years.
“I fully respect and support the decision announced by the international sports arbitration tribunal. I believe that only pure sports can provide a fair competition environment for all athletes. I also believe that the international sports arbitration tribunal and the World Anti Doping organization will uphold this concept.” Scott said.