From now on

The story of talking about soldiers on paper must have been well known to all. Zhao Kuo, the ugly hero for thousands of years, has become the object of ridicule in history. It is well known to all women and children. Zhao Kuo’s powerful ability in speech is in contrast to his poor ability in behavior. His poor ability to say nothing has long been laughed at by countless people. We laugh at his incompetence and flaws, but we don’t notice that this scandal is still repeated even now. Many of us only know how to laugh at Zhao Kuo, but we don’t know what we should learn from Zhao Kuo. That is to remind ourselves of our ability to do.
To do, what is it? To do is to act and act. If you only know the skill on the tongue and don’t understand the practicality of doing, in the final analysis, it is only “a giant in speech, a dwarf in action”. Speaking pleasantly, as long as everyone can do it, but few people want to translate their words into actions and put fantasies into reality. If you want to succeed, it’s not enough to have a grand blueprint and a strict plan. If you don’t do it, the most sophisticated plan will be just a bamboo basket to catch water in the end. Do it now. This is the necessary factor for success and the golden key to opening the door of wisdom. Keep this in mind and Practice your actions to the end. Only in the end can we succeed.
Bill Gates, president of Microsoft, heard in college that a businessman had built a micro-computer. He had fully conceived a system that was close to people’s hearts, but he was worried that there was no suitable carrier for the system. Now, the ideal carrier appeared, and he immediately went to do it. He did not stop at the verbal declaration, but acted immediately, and this cross-century operating system, Windows, came into being. If Bill Gates only created Microsoft in his mind, but did not do it, I am afraid people will not understand the outstanding contribution of computers to human society, that is, because of the “do” idea, Bill Gates became the world’s richest man, pushing the Microsoft brand to the world.
If Edison only imagined a lighting tool, if the Brothers Letter only imagined flying into the sky, if Jobs only imagined changing the world, then there would be no lights after thousands of experiments, no planes that helped us soar in the clouds, no apples that really changed the world. If all this exists only in speech, in the brain, in a fleeting thought, can you imagine what the world will look like now? Thus, doing determines the changes of the world and the civilization of human evolution in life.
Maybe you don’t know how to do it or how to change the world. In fact, it’s very simple. When an idea flickers in your mind, it seems impossible, or even talks at night, but don’t let him go, don’t miss him, do it with all your strength, do it now, let the idea gradually become reality, and strive to attack. If we grasp this knowledge, solve this problem, do it with our heart and seize every minute and second to do it, then all impossibilities will eventually become possible and the world will probably change accordingly.
Just do it
Don’t think so badly about everything. Don’t just keep your thoughts in words or mind. Do it now. Do it with all your heart and soul. Step by step, achieve success. The world is changing because of you. Now, go ahead and do it.